View Full Version : Back from a while ago !

02-26-2009, 06:07 PM
hey everyone.. i know its been a long time since ive been around here, i had a lot going on with work and had to take a break from working out and put a lot of hours into work.
I have got myself back to a normal schedule and able to get back into things.. except i know i have a lot of work to do ! I have not gained any weight since i was here last, but i did loose all my muscle and it just turned to fat !
Ive been reading all of my Mens Health magazines and they finally got me to get back into everything. I have been running about 20min every other day for a week or so again, 3miles, and have been eating healthy every since i started a while ago.. i just need more motivation and help. One thing i need right now is to help with a "snack/meal" that i can have before work. Sometime before work I know i wont be able to get a good lunch in so I was thinking about a shake or something to make to eat before i go in that can help crave my stomach, be nutritious, keep me going and not crash.
I have a blender and found some recipes with peanut butter but wanted some other options that included and excluded peanut butter? maybe some oats or fruit.. im not sure whats good to keep me full for 6hours ?