View Full Version : HI I'm new and trying to get of the eternal off..

02-19-2009, 01:05 PM
post your opinions please, they will probably help me.
my diet:
08:00 - 50gr of carb and 50 gr of protein(meat ,ham)
10:00 - some kind of fruit ( most like banana/orange)
12:00 - brown rice and chiken breast
14:00 - natural iorgute
16:00 - another fruit
18:00 - brown bread and lean ham(before training)
22:00 - another fruit or brown bread again(after training)
all within the limit of 2000 calories.
my cal rate without working out is 2400 with the workout goes to 3500cal.
my training:
lift wheights every day and 30 min of cardio.
wheight lift with intensity at least one hour, two muscular groups per day.
and my cardio i do this way: 10 min walking 06km/h, 05 min running 11 km/h, 10 min walking 06 km/h and 05 min running 11km/h.

my body wheight now is 255 and my goal is 205 so it's 50 pounds its not gonna be easy but this time i'm really determined.