View Full Version : Help me Fix my Meals(Clean bulk)

02-12-2009, 04:58 AM
i been having some trouble bulking over 170, ill get up too 172 or so and then drop back down

so i think i need to fix my diet but i dont know what else would be good to add

this is on my work days so i only get about 15 minutes to eat on breaks, on my days off i usually eat more

Meal 1 - 2 cups of oats + 1 scoop of whey
Meal 2 - Tuna(1can) sandwich or Another shake same as above
Meal 3 - Peanut butter sandwich or chicken breast
Meal 4 - Tuna(1can) sandwich
Meal 5 - 1 cup Cottage cheese

anyways if i could get some suggestions of what i could add to my meals that would be quick to eat and add the extra calories and protein that i need to put on some mass.

thanks for your help

02-12-2009, 05:10 AM
try working in red meat, chicken, rice and take in about 70gm carbs every meals but I would try to get about 350-400 gm of carbs on my lifting days but on my off days I would drop then about 60% and increase your intake on essential fats.