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02-02-2009, 03:59 PM
OK so i already know a lot about lifting b ut i heard this is a very reputable site so i figured might as well join and add to the pool of knowledge here and also gain something out of the experience. Because atleast 5% of you guys are probably at my level or better. Anyway I am about 130lbs 5'7" pretty ripped. solid 15% bodyfat and my health teacher says thats ideal for guys so yea pretty proud you know. Been lifting for about 5 years so pretty proud of that too. My big three lifts are bench: 105X8 BBcurls 60X8 and db tricep overhead extensions 40X8. My workout is usualy 5 minutes cardio then 10lb dumbell curls till i cant do em anymore. so usually around 100. and then 10lb tricep overhead extension X100. and 45lb bench X50. then i do the lifts i said above. then obviously abs because core is most imp muscle in body. so 400 crunches. I dont take supps because they can mess with liver and kidneys. protein is around .5grams per kilogram. And calories around a solid 1.5k cals a day. Yea i know amazing that i can eat that much and maintain my low bf% you would expect someone wit 1.5k to be fat. SO ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU GUYS HAVE. WANA KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LIFTING OR EVEN TELL ME A THING OR TWO YOU KNOW. ASK AWAY.

02-02-2009, 04:38 PM
Obvstrollisobvs, we are not oblivious to your ways.

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