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12-30-2008, 01:01 AM
Hey brahs. I'm going to be training hard for my BJJ tournament in march.(NO-GI). I have been doing BJJ for about 4 months now and my gym is going down to Thunder Bay,Ontario for a BJJ tournament. There is teen devisions and weight devisions so I shouldn't feel out of place.

I have been a bit off for about a month now (Havn't lifted much and havn't went to class much) so this friday, saturday and sunday I will be going to the gym to get in 3 full body workouts. I will be pretty much just going from machine to maching to kind of kickstart me back. I will be doing some jogging and sprints and other cardio also. After that I will be doing the "Westside for skinny bastards" workout routine and also cleaning up my diet.

I will be taking a multi vitamin, fish oils and whey as a post workout drink. Maybe even No-Explode? I have a tub of it...Should I use?

I will keep posting on here every day starting friday. Advice would be appreciated :D


12-30-2008, 01:06 AM
why do they keep moving these

12-30-2008, 01:08 AM
why do they keep moving these
if everyone makes on it would use up like all the space on the first pages of the MMA section....this is why we need a MMA journal sub-sub section

01-02-2009, 07:39 AM
Friday the 2nd.

Morning - It's about 9:40 right now, just had me a muffin, a banana, some milk, my multi and my fish oils. Getting ready to go to work for 10:00 until 2:00 then hitting the gym afterwards.

Will post later on tonight.

01-02-2009, 02:23 PM
4:20 PM

Just got back from the gym. For lunch earlier at work I had some plain chicken breast, 100 calorie pack of craisins and some pine nuts(they're pretty good :D) Everything went well at the gym. Got a good full body workout in including some cardio(sprinting and jogging) and some plyometrics (box jumps) in the aerobic room. I went in the TKD room for a bit because it wasn't in use and did some bag work. Im starting my new strenght routine on monday but as of now im just getting used to the weights again (been off for a month).

Will report back after...

Some tips would be helpfull :D

01-02-2009, 02:38 PM
what weight you cutting to for the toruney?

what are your goals for from 4months from time?

01-02-2009, 02:41 PM
what weight you cutting to for the toruney?

what are your goals for from 4months from time?

Im gunna try to make 195, the tournament is the 20th of march im pretty sure.

My goals are to get stronger, roll alot at BJJ class , learn more technique, improve on endurence ,cut a bit of weight and just be ready for the tournament so I can give it my all.

01-02-2009, 06:26 PM

Had supper a while ago. 2 Slices of pizza and 6 chicken wings (half of the usual) and an orange.

Also I drank a ton of water today.