View Full Version : Question about figuring BMR

12-16-2008, 06:00 PM
Just a quick question. I don't know why I'm confused about this but I am. So when using a BMR calculator, you get your base number. Mine for example is about 1700. This is assuming you basically are a motionless being. Some of the ones you find online will also factor in your activity level. So I have figured in my activity level on http://www.bmi-calculator.net and it comes to a little over 2600 calories total for my BMR. I took 1700 x 1.55.

So my question is, when they get that final number, are they already figuring in your total burned calories from exercise or does being an active person just raise your BMR to that number automatically, which I do know that being active will yield a higher metabolic rate.

So let's say my BMR after factoring in the activity level and everything is 2600 like I mentioned before, then I go exercise today and burn off 500 calories. I'm now burning off 3100 calories for that day, correct? I'm assuming that's why they call it BMR lol.

Whew I just made that difficult.