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11-16-2008, 08:23 PM
I have another month left to finish up my HST routine, and would like to eat as clean as possible while reaching around 2600 calories. I would like some help with what to eat.

I'm 6ft 1in, 188lb, around 20% ish BF (i'll cut after christmas)

i have school from 8:45-3:05

Here is my list of supps that i currently have

ON whey
Muscle Milk
Micro Creatine
ON Opti-men

if you have any suggestions for supps, please let me know, or if one of these is not necessary let me know.

Here's a typical day of mon-fri for me

meal 1-
1 cup oatmeal
2 tbsp PB
1 scoop whey
5g creatine
1 optimen

around 600 cal
--35g pro 70 carbs 13g fat--

meal 2 -
usually fast food from school, and it varies
monday - pizzahut - 2 slices from a large pizza
tue - chik fila - chikkin sandwich
wed - whataburger either grilled chicken on wheat, or breakfast on wheat bun
thurs - wherever we want - i try to keep it generally clean
fri - wing stop - some nasty ass wings

all these usually go around 400-500 cal
--25g protein 70-80 carbs 15+g fat--

about 4 hours later
- afterschool workout -

2 scoops whey
5g creatine

440 cal
--50g pro 50-ish carbs low fat--

meal 3 (45min - 1 hour later) -
either 10oz grilled chicken or meat
some white/brown rice or 2 medium baked potatoes with 1 slice of cheese

400-450 cal
--51g protein 70-80 carbs 8g fat--

meal 4 -
kind of the same as meal 3, but i keep it low on the carbs

400-450 cal
--50g pro 40g carb 8g fat--

pre-bed -
1 serving Muscle Milk

300 cal
--32g pro 16g carb(5g fiber) 12g fat--

i dont really do cardio, only about 10-15 minutes of low intensity after i lift. i workout mon/wed/fri

kinesiology on teu. and thursday which consists of a 10 minute jog/run, and then sports for 45 minutes

on the weekends i try to keep it clean, but not always guaranteed.

so if anyone could help me with some more variety, as most of the stuff in my fridge/pantry is boring and plain.

I want to know what would be good to add to my diet, or some recommendations on what i should keep in there and what to take out, or if i'm not eating enough, what to add.

Thanks for the read. -Manbear