View Full Version : Seasons over....lose 21 to 14 on the road

11-16-2008, 03:43 PM
If they could have found a way to win it they could have forced a Friday Night Lights type coin toss but it was not meant to be.......the team fought their heart out against a team that was just dominating other teams this year and had a chance with 14 seconds left on the opponent 5 yard line to either force overtime or win with a two point conversion. Threw the pick and it was over.

My son will be a senior this next season. The team is going to lose starters to graduation at QB, OL, DT, TE, RB, and WR. We do have some promising younger players to fill those slots

The HC is going to players like my son and the starting FB from this year asking them to play OL positions and neither of them like the idea very much. It is their senior year they would be undersized at those spots even if they are strong enough to play them. I am staying totally out of this one and am not giving my opinion to either my son or the HC as I see both sides of it. He wanted to play TE this year and was going to work on those weaknesses in the offseaon. Hopefully some other kids will step up into those OL spots and give him the opportunity to compete for that spot.

On the DE side of the ball.....it is pretty much 100 percent that he will play that spot as our school doesn't really value size at the OLB spot.....they play small guys there. He has got to work on his technique this offseason as he is so raw.....his swim move was starting to improve towards the end but he just allows himself to get tied up by the OL too much on a bullrush and didn't reach his double digit sack total that he wanted. I am going to try to find a good technique camp to get him out to while he continues on his body.

The good news is for the first time in 2 years he is actually healthier body wise then when the season started......probably will take about a week off and then start hitting it again.

11-16-2008, 04:12 PM
How far did you make it into the playoffs?

11-16-2008, 08:26 PM
How far did you make it into the playoffs?

We didn't make it. If we had won this last game it would have forced a 3 way coin toss in our division to get in at least giving the team a chance.

It was just not to be......truthfully while the officiating sucked the team has nobody to blame but themselves with their slow start. We lost to the 3 teams that made it by a total of 14 points combined.