View Full Version : Advice on how to improve my diet

11-16-2008, 02:06 PM
so I just started a diet and exercise about a week ago and am trying to lose weight and gain muscle, I wake up at 5:45 and exercise until about 7:30 and go to sleep at 9:30 pm, my diet usualyl goes as follows but since I am a sophomore in college eating dorm food it is sometimes hard to follow 100% but this is what I got.

5:45 am eat Banana as I wake up and head over to work out, drink water

8:30 am eat breakfast of either some eggs or omelet, with a bowl of oatmeal and maybe bacon once a week, drink cup of water, orange juice

12:05 pm lunch time after class, eat whatever meat they have, whatever veggies they have, and just eat a plate full of the meat and veggies drink water

2:30 pm eat yogurt and a little carton of milk that I take from the dorm place

5:15 pm eat dinner same deal as lunch, eat what meat and veggies they have

stop eating after that until I fall asleep at 9:30pm

I know I am extremely vague but they switch up the meals everyday so I have to eat what I have an option of basically and stick to it the best I can. I know I am supposed to eat lots of smalls meals and snacks spaced out 2-3 hours, lots of protein. But I am short on money and living on a meal plan so I am following it the best I can, I take the yogurt, banana and milk from the meal area in order to attempt to create the mini meals, it is the best I can do in that regards because it is free from the mealplan. That is my diet during the week M-F. Saturday I have a cheat day and basically eat anything want but I am attempting to phase out the unhealthy food since I eat mostly fast food on Saturday, and I know cutting it out and just eating healthier good foor or even healthier fast food could help. And sundays I go to a grocery store and make myself some wheat sandwiches for myself and try and space the sandwiches. So based on what I have said is there any advice that people can give me, I know it is vague but its the best I can describe it, thanks for the help!