View Full Version : Nutrition + exercise beginner help?

11-02-2008, 10:07 PM
Part of this has to do with nutrition but I'm going to throw in some other questions too...

When I was 17 (I'm now 22) I was quite overweight and lost 50 pounds fairly quickly... 4 weeks I think. I'm assuming that messed up my metabolism and whatever else but would I still be feeling the effects of that?

I'm just finishing school and don't have a lot of money, so I'm wondering what kinds of foods I should eat/how many times a day to increase metabolism and generally eat healthier. I wouldn't say my diet is bad now, but it isn't good. I try to drink a lot of water and juice (v8) and watch what I eat but it could improve. I usually only eat once or twice a day and I'm sure I'm not getting everything I need and this probably isn't good for getting in shape either... I should also mention that I feel kind of tired and sluggish often... which is worst around 4pm if it's been a busy day. I drink coffee sometimes but not always and I could cut it out completely if I had to. Also, I might have a pint of beer once or twice during the week, or drink a bit on weekends, is it important to cut out drinking entirely?

I'm about 6'5'', 200-205lbs. I'm comfortable with my weight now but would eventually like to gain weight (muscle) once I tone up. The most irritating thing for me right now is that when I lost all the weight I wasn't exercising properly, and now that I'm at a weight I'm happy with my skin is kind of loose and saggy on my chest and stomach. I don't have a gym nearby but I use dumbbells at home and do things like sit ups... I don't do much for cardio because I have a bit of a back/knee problem and would rather not be running outside (treadmills, bikes, skating, things like that are usually fine though).
What is the best way to tone up my chest and stomach without being able to go to a gym? Is cardio exercise the best way to do this?

My ultimate goal once I start toning and increase my physical health is to be able to participate in some recreational sport such as hockey, or try a martial art or something... just to enjoy things a little more. Also, strengthening is important to me because I'd like to take some of the stress off my back (I have a slipped/cracked vertebrae in my lower back. The chiropractor said this is common with football players so I'm hoping it's something that wont limit my participation in certain things. And I should mention that I haven't seen a doctor yet who can give me a straight answer about my back... Doctors frown on chiropractors or just try to give me painkillers, chiropractors all say something different and most of them seem like they don't know what they're talking about.)

Also, I was wondering how important sleeping patterns are (and especially getting up early) is for physical wellness.

Sorry this is so scattered but I have a lot of questions and haven't had the opportunity to go to a gym or talk to a trainer/nutritionist.
Any help would be appreciated.