View Full Version : Bodybuilding diet and routine, please review guys

11-01-2008, 04:54 PM
Yeah I've been doing this routine for like 4 months now, had been doing exercise before but not the whole schbang yyah.

So anyways exercise plan goes like this :

Monday : WEIGHTS ( BICEPS/SHOULDERS + TRAPS) for 1hr 20m

Tuesday : Cardio (RUNNING (2-2.5km in 15mins) BIKING (2.5-3km in 15 mins) abdominal exercises for 15 mins)

Wednesday : WEIGHTS (CHEST + TRICEPS) for 1hr 20m

Thursday : Cardio (SAME AS ABOVE)

Friday : WEIGHTS (LEGS + BACK) for 1hr 20m

BICEP : (ALL 3/4 sets with 8 - 12 reps, PYRAMID TRAINING)

Concentration curls, Standing bicep curls, hammer curls, barbell curl


Tricep pulldown, Tricep kickback, skullcrushers/french press, don't know the name of this one but like a kickback but holding weight above head and lowering towards opposite shoulder :P


Barbell bench press and incline, dumbell press and incline, dumbell flyes and incline


Leg press, don't know the rest of the machine names but basically quad push(quads), hamstring pull, abductor and adductor.


Vertical traction, Lat pulldown and deadlifts ( think I need more variation here)


Arnold shoulder press, shoulder press, dumbell shrug (and once again need more variation)

I'll be very surprised if you've read up to here, anyways diet wise....

1st Meal: 50g of Scottish whole meal oats + water, 30g of whey protein made up with milk, green tea, and fish oil supplements ( possibly creatine also throughout day if in cycle)

2nd Meal : 2/3 poached eggs, 100/150g of cheese, apple

3rd Meal : Chicken sandwhich (30g worth of protein of chicken) and just plain oat bar

PRE WORKOUT : 30g of Whey protein made up with milk

POST WORKOUT : 30g of Whey protein made up with milk, and 30g of dextrose and 50/60g of maltodextrin (plus L-Glutamine supplementation)

4th meal : Usually an assortment of high protein meat and a decent variation of vegetable (I'm 16... I don't decide my dinner :P, will hit the 30g of protein margin though)

5th meal :150/200g of cottage cheese, possibly a glass of milk

Yeah I'm 16 and in sixth form (college), so it's quite difficult to like get all the right foods, also have a reaction to nuts I think... was fine with them and then suddenly started reacting... anyways I don't really though if this is a bulking diet but I wouldn't say it's a cutting one but I have seen some significant improvement in strength and definition although was just wondering if I need to change anything?

Goal is to gain lean muscle really but I may be doing the complete wrong thing but so far this routine's benefiting me

Any guys if you've reached this sentence... Well Done! Bored the crap outta ya, thanks if anyone does reply!

Much appreciated,