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10-29-2008, 10:11 PM
This is my first post, but I have been reading the threads here for a couple months or so.. lots of useful information.

So here's the deal. Late May of this year an old friend made it a point to tell me how big i had gotten. I was an athlete in HS and stayed pretty slim in college but have since gotten married and divorced, found buffets and booze and about 70lbs. I'm 6' tall and weighed about 240. I didnt carry it well and i was pretty thick.

So, now its late october, I'm 185 and unfortunately feel a bit "plateaued". In those months I counted virtually every calorie and kept a "pretty" strict training program.

Started at 2400 clean calories per day and am now down to about 2000.

Everyday i ride my recumbant bike in the morning while watching sportscenter or the news for about 30 mins and have kept a log of how many miles and calories the meter on the bike spits out and my cardio health is much much better.

I quit smoking

I work every major muscle group once every five days.

I havent used a trainer but have used a lot of info i've found online and mostly here.

I have some questions. I want to break the plateau and get to sub 10% body fat.

I dont drink a lot, but i do drink some. I know it affects my appetite and adds excess calories that i dont need. Should i quit? At least until i reach my cutting goal?

I'm currently eating an honest four small meals with a snack or two in between. Consists of equal parts carbs and proteins with maybe 15 percent of calories from fat. Should i adjust my diet a bit? How important will eating 6 small meals be... I love cereal (Wheaties, shredded wheat, something similar and this usually accounts for one or two meals a day) Should i cut this out and how important is switching to 6 meals a day? I dont take any supplements or shakes or anything like that... should I?

I read a lot about HIIT. I will jump rope for about 10 minutes three times a week with varying degrees of intensity. Should i do more HIIT?

Obviously i dont want to lose mass but I also understand that its sometimes the tradeoff to achieving desired BF levels. I dont think i've lost any, but i guess i really have no way to be sure. I never really thought of myself as muscular at all but am beginning to think of myself that way. Whatever thats worth.

I'm excited about the progress but i really want to get over this final hump and really lean down. Then i'll probably just strive for maintenance on the BF end and continue to weight train. This has been a lot of fun. And i love how i feel. I remember being able to dunk easily in highschool and back in may i couldnt get half way up the net. I threw one down in a game the other day and it felt great.

Thats my story... sorry such a long post but I appreciate all the help and information i've gotten from so many of you and look forward to hear some suggestions. I posted some pics on my profile but didnt have any befores. I'll see if I can find some candid pics at least... Thanks again.

10-29-2008, 11:13 PM
First off congrats on the weight you've lost. I'm trying to break under 10% myself so I'm usually thinking about a lot of the things you're asking. I was there, but had to take time off b/c of a car accident. Anyway, getting that low is pretty serious, serious enough that every calorie counts and empty cals are the last thing you need - I would definately lose the alcohol if you want to break under 10% Are you doing your cardio on an empty stomach? I'm a big fan of doing cardio first thing in the AM with only protein on my stomach, it seems to work for me. I would recommend a high quality isolate to avoid a full feeling but to get some protein in your system to prevent muscle breakdown. Hope this helps some.

10-30-2008, 04:58 AM
I do normally do the a.m. cardio on a completely empty stomach... Any suggestions on an Isolate? Use it during or before cardio?

10-31-2008, 08:51 AM
Also curious about my training. I've been doing everything in a spare bedroom at home.. I have a basic bench and an assortment of free weights and dumbells... Should i join a gym or upgrade my home equipment? Benefits of gym?