View Full Version : Is this diet good for me?

10-26-2008, 12:49 PM
Okay, well you guys are obviously the masters of bulking/cutting and I need some input on my diet. Right now I'm really scrawny, 5'10, 125 lbs and I'm looking to gain some weight. I don't want to bulk up a ton but I do want to put on healthy mass. I want to be about 5'10, 150 lbs by June, I would try to gain more then 25 lbs in that long time but I know realistically I do far too much cardio for it to ever happen. Anyway, here's the diet, any change/advice is really appreciated:

Eating Schedule

2 Whole Wheat Toast w/ 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter (330 cals)
1 Banana (120 cals)

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla w/ 125 grams of Chicken/Turkey Strips (300 cals)
1 Protein Bar (140 cals)
1 Banana (120 cals)

Snack 1
1 Protein Bar (140 cals)

Snack 2
1 1/2 Cup of Skim Milk w/ 2 Cups of Cereal (400 cals)
Handful of Nuts (180 cals)

125 grams of Chicken/Turkey Strips (175 cals)
Side Dish of Rice (400 cals)

Snack 3
Apple/Pear (100 cals)

Totals (not 100% exact)

2420 Calories
459 Calories of Fat (~20%)
596 Calories Protein (~25%)
1365 Calories Carbohydrates (~55%)

Also, I'm not going to be taking in protein shakes/whey powder because I am a mid-long distance runner in track and I run year long and putting on too much muscle mass will only hurt me. I also don't really need them because I get 145-155 grams of protein a day without them.