View Full Version : Alternate Chest Exercises

10-01-2008, 02:41 PM
How you guys doing, I suffer from posterior shoulder subluxation ( and other shoulder problems due to not getting this fixed over last few years, and probaly over at LEAST 100+ times sliding out. ) Overhead exercises are out of the question, As are pullups and what not.

One thing that this has caused, Is were your pec connects to your chest is extremely weak/ possibly damaged. I have given it rest in the past, but i think its soemthing ill have to deal with. Anyways, I cant do Flys at all due to this. Crossovers are iffy as well. I need some exercises i can do to expand my chest, My upper body is pretty solid, Other then my Chest wich i barely have =/. Incline is doable but i cant realy push to the max as i t is sort of overhead.

Help on some exercises i can do that also isolate the chest ( Specifically inner chest wich is terible, As well as upper. Would be great. Also an alternatoive to benching would be nice also , Anyone have expirience with the hammer machines?

Help is much appreciated.