View Full Version : Need Help. Starting a cycle.

09-29-2008, 01:07 AM
Hey everyone, this is my first cycle of its kind and I would appreciate all of the help I can get from the people with more experience who are looking to share their knowledge.

I have Phera Plex and Perfect Cycle Liver Support, both obviously made by Anabolic Xtreme. I plan on taking the PC one week before the Phera Plex, and throughout the cycle.

I know I need a PCT and a Estrogen suppressor. Do you have any recommendations on a good PCT and EST Suppressor, or should I simply go with PCT by Anabolic Extreme and Rebound XT? Also, what would a good schedule be?

Week 1-PCL+PP 15 mg
Week 2-PCL+PP 20 mg
Week 3-PCL+PP25 mg+ ?????

Thanks everyone. I'd like to stay on topic and not rants. Basically, a proper schedule as well as suggestions for supplements I'll never other than the PP and PCL, Protein, and NO Explode. Thanks!