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01-25-2002, 05:15 PM
I get huge breaks every day at school so i hit the treadmill and some days the stairmaster, also on some mornings when i dont have to get out early ill walk briskly on an empty stomach, and some nights ill go for a 12 minute HIGH intensity jog.

What do i eat after? Any recommendation apprecieated as long as all of them are not supplements, which i wont be able to get in the short term.

And anyway im trying to improve my heart, i started with my vo2 max at 49.5 last october, fell to 47 during exams 2 months ago and im at 58 now. What do i need to run a marathon an 85? Whats median for an 18 year old 180 lbs male? top 10%?

01-25-2002, 05:57 PM
You ask this exact same question in the Nutrition forum, so I'll give you the same answer I gave you there:
After cardio you want to take in some simple carbs and some protein immediately, just like after a weight training workout. Ideal would be a mixture of 50g whey protein and 50g dextrose. However, you said that supplements aren't avaible to you. I guess you could improvise by drinking juice and eating a can of tuna with it. That way you are getting both protein and simple sugars. However, a liquid carb/whey mix would probably be a little bit better.