View Full Version : Cheat once a week while cutting?

08-20-2008, 02:21 PM
may i ask if its good to Cheat once a week while cutting?
for me it sounds like a good way to burn more calories..
my Example goes like that:
if i get in one day 10 Calories.. My body is trying to burn these 10 calories.. and ofc will not burn them all.. lets say it will burn 2.. the 2nd day it will try harder and will burn a total of 3.. if I cheat Once a week and i do eat 30 calories that day my body will try to burn now these 30 calories .. then the next day ill eat back 10 calories.. my point is that my body burn Goal Will be at 30 so if im eating 10 it may burn them all ;p

I understand almost everything i read in english but i really sux explaining smth.. so dont flame my english please ;p

08-20-2008, 02:26 PM
Cheating is an exellent way to kick-start your metabolism after dieting for a while.
For the first 4 weeks of dieting, cheat every weekend (one meal of course)
For the next 4 weeks, cheat every 10 days
For the following 4 weeks, Cheat every 14 days.

Rest for a week (keep it clean, but eat more)

Start again :)

By the way: ENJOY YOUR CHEAT, don't every feel guilty. If you've stuck with your diet, then you've EARNED it. In fact, don't call it a cheat, call it your reward meal. Dieting is hard, so you need something to look forward to.
Good luck friend!

08-20-2008, 02:45 PM
thanks bro..
i was Cutting in these 2 last weeks without cheats.. i cheated the last night and i was So fkin mad with my self xD.. OMFG tomorrow my Bf will be higher Though xD
and by the way.. ill not cut for that much.. since i have a good diet and a nice Training program.. it will be really quickly in my opinion..
actually i want to be in the proper Weight and bf% be4 the Winter starts so i will start putting some mass on ;p