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08-06-2008, 05:16 PM
Well first off i used to play football in high school so I used to eat like a machine and still be bulky because of the amount of training i did. After 5 years of doing nothing and basically keeping the same eating habits, i find myself at 260 pounds (5'9") and im looking to go back down to 210 and see where i go from there. Right now im just looking for some help on my diet, and i was hoping someone can give me a guide. I'm not looking to count exact calories and what not cause that quickly turns me off, but just something in general. Basically life style change is the way to go so im not looking for a quick fix. This is what i've been doin the past week:

Morning cardio- 1 hour
Breakfast- Shake (2 cups of low fat milk "100 calories 12g carbs 8g prot 2.5g fat- each cup" 1cup for strawberries, or a whole banana, 25g whey protein) 2 whole eggs with 2 egg whites with like 25g of soy chorizo
Lunch- This varies a lot but i try to cut back on the carbs and eat a alot of meat (usually a pound of red meat with some random veggies on the side mostly onions and mushrooms, or 3 chicken legs with 3 chicken wings grilled)
Afternoon- Weights, not very intense since my main goal is to lose weight but lifting never hurt anybody :P
Dinner- Assorted Sashimi or a bunch of cooked fish (love fish)

throughout the day i usually sneak in some fruit juices i make with my blender and also i make myself another one of those shakes i described above.
One problem i am having is the craving for sushi, i love sushi. Not the rolls, but the raw fish on top of rice, but im kind of scared of the sushi rice (heared a cup has like 90g of carbs).

any input will be greatly appreciated.. i just want to be pointed towards the right track

08-06-2008, 06:09 PM
taking this time to bump but also to ask what do is the bottom line with diet cokes? I mean i try to drink as much water as i can (around 3 liters a day) but sometimes when i have a very salty meal i love my diet coke or when i go to the movies, so im wondering how bad is it? I mean i know it has no nutritional values, but is it bad?