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07-20-2008, 11:18 AM
Good Afternoon everyone. I was going to direct this question towards medical professionals but i figured i'd leave it open for anyone who might have experience with this. I'll give you a little background first.

One of my best friends was just in the hospital for a week and was released yesterday. He was diagnosed with 2 issues. 1 his gall bladder, is not working, he goes back in 2 weeks for surgery to have it removed. He also was diagnosed with pancreatitis. They said it was so inflammed that it has suffered permanent damage. They couldn't figure out the cause to either of these things. Upon leaving the hospital they issued him a prescription for digestive enzymes because of the pancreas. They also said that he can never drink alcohol again as well as being put on a low-fat diet. The problem is they never discussed with him what he can and cannot have. He has no insurance and no primary doctor, even though he asked countless times to speak to someone about nutrition he was discharged without information.

On to my question. If any of you have any experience with this, can you tell me some more of the stuff he can and cannot eat. He's looking for any information he can get about nutrition until he can get in to see someone about this. He was told mixed things and doesn't know which to follow, for example, no oils, no greasy foods, he can have milk but not cheese...etc!? We've done some research ourselves but we are still finding conflicting information. Any info would be a great help. Thanks all.