View Full Version : Imitator surpassing original... ON vs Bodyt*ch

07-19-2008, 10:42 AM
I don't know what the rules are about talking about products unsupported by bb.com but here goes.

I bought a 5lb tub of Bodyt*ch's Whey Tech 24 protein powder when they had a 50% off sale (34.99 down to 17.99). It has the same ingredient profile as ON's 100% whey. I got it and was so surprised, tasted great, worked great and was cheap! I was even told it was made by ON. Now they sell it for 42.99, more expensive than ON. Why would you sell a copy for more than the original...I wish i would've bought 20lbs of the stuff.

Edit: ON is a better product, but if they sold it for 34.99 i would choose the Pro 24.