View Full Version : Bicep Tendinitis

06-23-2008, 07:40 AM
I have been diagnosed with bicep tendinitis for about 10 months, i have had 2 steroid shots into my shoulder to try and reduce the inflammation, but im not sure if the docs doing the injecting are putting it in the right spot, so im not sure i want to get another one. I was wondering if anyone knows anything else that might help reduce the inflammation and work towards healing it. i have had a MRI and my shoulder looks great, as the docs say, but i have some docs tell me i need to take a couple weeks off from sports and working out, and a couple that tell me almost 2 months from sports or any activity that will tweak it. If anyone could throw there insight on this it would be greatly appreciated.

I work in a pretty physical job so makes it hard to stay away from most heavy lifting. i do my best though.