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06-12-2008, 08:02 PM
Off night & getting musings, questions off my chest.

Many of you advanced BB'ers tout flexing, posing ....was thinking, even noobs or above could do the following:

Can't do a dip? Get in the top position anyway (arms straight) and hold as long as you can for 5-10 'timed' reps.

Can't do a pushup? Same as above, get in the top position & hold as long as you can.

Can't do a chin/pullup? - start with dead hangs

Tried doing a pushup with arms locked at the top and close handspacing and hold til gave out....no, didn't time:rolleyes:. Whole chest, arms get to feeling taxed real soon.

There's got to be something to these 'non moving' weighted isometric, flexed exercises.