View Full Version : How much Protein/Calories to eat? For bulk.

06-02-2008, 08:14 PM
So, from what I gather... what your supposed to do to figure out how many calories to eat: BWx15 +500 or BWx20, or something similar.

So, 180x15 +500 = 3200, BWx20 = 3600... So I should be eating somewhere between 3200-3600

So, knowing that:
1g fat = 9 calories
1g carb = 4 calories
1g prot = 4 calories

And, saying I'm on a 40/40/20 diet would mean

Eating 1g protein per pound (keeping with 40/40/20)=
180g protein (180x4= 720calories)
180g carbs (180x4= 720calories)
90g fat (90x9 = 810calories)
...which totals 2250 calories (NOT ENOUGH)

SO... trying 1.5g protein per pound=
270g prot (270x4=1080)
270g carbs (270x4=1080)
135g fat (135x9=1215)
...which totals 3375 calories (pretty good)

Sorry about that if anyone found it confusing, but I basically want to know if it is around correct I should basically be eating this...

1.5xBW for Protein and Carbs, & .75xBW for Fats
(270g Protein and Carbs, & 135g Fats)

This is IDEALLY of course, this is what I am trying to shoot for. Thanks in advance for any help.

06-02-2008, 08:23 PM
everyones body responds differently to different macronutrients. dont be afraid of carbs. trying the 40/40/20 works for some, personally, i feel a lot better with more carbs, and more fat. I do more of a 40/30/30 (c/p/f) and it works great.

06-03-2008, 05:16 AM