View Full Version : Good nutrition on a tight budget

05-26-2008, 11:33 AM
Hello all, it's summer so I want to get as serious as possible since I have more time than ever to really get into weight training. I'm in the middle of creating a program to get tied to, but that's only half of the work. I know a balanced diet is equally as important and my current one is very lacking. I live at home and I'm on a very tight budget so I need to know some foods that I can prepare that isn't staggering in price.

Goals: Strength training
Program: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=108098231
Weight: approx 140
Height 5'4
Age: 20

When I read articles and posts suggesting that I have to eat the number of grams of protein equal to my body weight every single day doesn't seem that possible for me. I have protein bars, but I don't like relaying on them because I feel they are disrupting my eating habits and they promote stomach aches and constipation. I want to try natural with fewer supplements.

I know the big protein gains come from whole white tuna, turkey, chicken, eggs and milk. Just what should I be eating and how much each day for me to be getting an adequate diet and for my meals not to be come stale?

I've been thinking of purchasing 2 pounds of turkey every week, whole wheat bread, a carton of eggs, a head of lettace (to make a turkey salad), miscellaneous fruits and vegies, a pint of milk (hate the taste unless chocolate is added) and a few other items. I don't really know how much that is going to come down to, but I also have to pay bills, transportation, other groceries (yes, for mommy) and worry that other people will obviously take part in my food (mommy, daddy and bro).

Any suggestions on what I should do? My paycheck is on average 370 every two weeks and I live in New York City. Thanx.