View Full Version : Newbie here....

03-16-2003, 10:25 AM
Ok I've been reading and reading and I'm learning.
Im currently dieting with a low carb diet because I wanted to loose weight and this has worked best for me I now weigh 175 LB's and did weight 235 LB's and lost what I have in 9 weeks.
Ill be returning home in 8 weeks and when I do I want to start bodybuilding so I'm trying to work everything out before I do.
Im trying to work out what the best diet would be to gain mass apart from using supplements because I think the best way to get bigger is to eat a lot off food and I'm lucky because I can loose weight easy and also gain it if need be.
I have read articles on this site but I cant actually find any that have a good dietary plan laid out and I'm wanting to try find one that I can amend slightly to fit what I like to eat and don't like to eat.
All advice on this is appreciated.
Im 21, 5" 11 and weigh 175lb's.

Thanks, Mental