View Full Version : Shoulder/arm problem?

04-12-2008, 03:22 AM
Hey guys, I started to weight lift again back in December after being pretty lazy from August-December. I never had a problem before December when i hit up the gym, but ever since January, I've noticed problems. I started off with reps of lighter weights in December, and by the time I was working my way up the weights, I noticed something wrong. For example, I'd be doing a set and my left arm would bring the weight up and back like usual...but when I tried to lift my right arm within the same set I felt like I had no control of the strength in my arm. I'd have to swing my body up and use the momentum to lift the weight up when I could lift the other arm up pretty easily. Instead of a feeling of "It's too heavy to lift" I couldn't even attempt to make my biceps work. I ignored this at first, but it haunts me every time i go to the gym. Even in lighter reps, i feel like my joints are doing most of the work on my right arm rather than my bicep. Basically I feel like my right bicep is "deactivated".

I work at a chiropractor's office (i'm 17), and I told my story. My chiropractor said it's probably a joint problem: my elbow or my shoulder. He adjusted my elbow, no improvement. He adjusted my shoulder a couple times before being stumped about it and telling me to go to a specialist. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and we took an x-ray. Every thing's normal on the x-ray, but i have to go through weeks of PT before my insurance company will pay for an MRI. I've already been doing my own PT with light weights at home.

And still, I don't even know if the problem is in my shoulder, as I've begun to think it's a problem with something in my neck or back or something. I honestly don't care about surgery at this point, it'd take it...even though my doctor says I probably don't need it. It's just really nerve wrecking having to go through this crap with insurance and the medical system before knowing what's wrong with me. As I started going to the gym frequently my left bicep got way bigger than my right one. I don't really go often anymore and don't push myself to the limit, and yet my left bicep is still a bit bigger than my right.

Currently I feel no pain in my arm or shoulder, but with certain movements and excercises I can make my right shoulder pop in various different places in various different ways. For example when I do a shoulder excercise with a light weight lifting my arm straight out in front of me and straight back down, on the way down my shoulder (as well as my whole upper arm it feels like) pops hard. There's never any pain, but the loudness of the pops is pretty scary. It should be noted that I have "lax" bones and I can move my arms in really weird ways...I can also dislocate my LEFT shoulder at will (which I haven't done for a year after my doctor told me I can cause nerve damage).

I've also noticed this problem come into play when I was helping my friend move, lifting other stuff, etc. I've almost ceased going to the gym completely for the last month. I go about once a week now because i'm afraid of one of my arms getting stronger than my other.

If anyone has any knowledge of what can be wrong, what I have to expect, and if there's anything I can do to help solve the problem...please let me know! I'm desperate T_T