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04-09-2008, 11:55 AM
This is my recipe for Salmon and leaks with cabbage

To taste / water needs.
Fresh cracked sea salt
Fresh cracked black pepper

1tbs olive oil

1 1/2 cup vegetable stock?not veggy soup broth

1 leak

1 cabbage portioned to equal the weight/volume of your leak

2 gloves of garlic

1/4 cup mushroom (I used ****aki-more full body flavor and less earthy-dirt tasting)

1 lemon

8-10oz salmon

Salt, pepper, lemon now, so it has a little time to marinate. I like to use the zest?or peal of the lemon as well as the juice. So you can even out the seasoning hold and sprinkle everything at eye to nose level while you move your hand the length of the fish. Season both sides.

Gee wiz:
the only part on the leak that is going to be used is the white to yellowish green stalk. The thick green leafy parts are cut off, thrown away, or frozen until you have enough scrap veggies to make a stock. To get to most out of your leak when you cut the leafs pull them away from the stalk, when you get to the point that the leaf is starting to tear, place your knife in line, with the stalk and slice leaving a V shape on the leak, repeat until all dark green is removed.

Cut the leak in half leaving the root on. Without this the leak will fall apart when you wash it. There is going to be a fare amount of dirt in the layers of the leak so clean it good under running cold water. give it a strong shake out, and check for any left over dirt.

Lay the flat of the leak on your cutting board and slice as thick as a piece of linguine. When the leak gets hard to hold place the side that?s contacting the blade on the cutting board and continue. Once your done with your leaks match that pile with some cabbage.

Garlic?If you have a press, then use it :) if not then chop the garlic into little pieces.

Mushrooms?I used dried pre-sliced ****aki mushrooms. If you don?t have any just slice your favorite ones to a bite size.

????Time to cook????
Use a medium size saute / frying pan, place over high heat and add your 1tbs of olive oil.

As soon as you do that add your garlic. Once the garlic is almost golden add your vegetable stock, lower to medium high heat.

when this starts to boil add your cabbage. cabbage takes longer to cook so in order to match the textures we start it first.

Once the color on your cabbage has changed add your leaks. Let that simmer for about 1-2minutes. If your stock is reducing too much add a little more, if not place your salmon on top of your veggies, cover lower heat to medium. Let cook for 10 minutes, checking from time to time on stock level.

The fish is cooked when you can push with your finger on the thickest part and feel a firm yet soft push back. You?ll also notice that the flesh is moist but flaky and will separate when you do this. If it?s not darker on the inside then the outside you?re good. Just don?t over cook it or it will be tough and dry, like canned tuna fish.

last thing is for show, but it?s also very tasty, take a cheese grader, use the second smallest slicer and run the outside of the lemon over it. Take those shavings and sprinkle over everything.

I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think of if when you?re done eating.


I forgot to add that when this dish is done there will be very little if any stock remaining.