View Full Version : Help with Lacrosse(defense)

03-18-2008, 04:17 PM
This is my first year, im playing longstick Defense and yeah I don't really know much at all. Any tips, instructional videos etc would be helpful

03-18-2008, 09:51 PM
1) PLAY DEFENSE WITH YOUR FEET NOT YOUR STICK. u need to be able to move your feet to be good.
2) if u cant find ur man, backpedal towards the crease and look for him
3) put yourself in a position where you'll be able to see the man in your area and the guy who has the ball
4) don't nap...

uhh all i can think of right now and im kinda tired, so if i get anything else i'll show it to u

03-18-2008, 09:52 PM
oh for ur stick i recommend a nice soft mesh net. always helps a bit

EDIT: DUDE YOU LISTEN TO TECH N9NE?!?!. first time i've seen someone besides me listen to him haha, then again he is kinda wierd

03-18-2008, 10:39 PM
5'8, 160 is pretty small for a defense build wise

but if you have great footwork and peripheral vision, you should do fine