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03-07-2008, 06:02 AM
Whipped this together bored and I really enjoyed this
note - measurements are an estimate I did not record the amounts really but from what I remember thats the amounts I used

What I used

4 ounce Cream cheese organic
1 ounce Walnuts crushed in ziploc by hand
3 tblspns Lemon Juice
1 tblspns Splenda
( approx 10 tablets dissolved in lemon juice 1st not packets - add more
carbs in if packets )
3 tblspn Heavy Whipping Cream

I placed the cream cheese in the small mixing bowl while I let the Splenda tabs soak in the lemon juice in a small dish while I crushed the Walnuts .
approx 10 minutes - figured the cream cheese was not softened so nuked it 45 seconds ..
Mixed all the ingredients into the bowl and got a big fork and proceeded to fold everything together then WHIPPED it up ;-)
That took quite some time yes but well worth it was quite the tastiness indeed .
Would make for (2) " Tasty Lil Deserts " I ate it all though of course as desert after a baked fish and broc****/cheese dinner to compensate for lack of fats

Maybe top it with some sour cream or Philly Cream swirls for a little fruit flavor ( 2 tblspn = 2-3g carbs )
or walden farms carb free fruit toppings

macros - Protein ~ 13g / Carbs ~ 7.5g / ~ Fat 75g
** Calories - 756 **

needless to say went over my macros for the day fat wise

03-08-2008, 04:42 PM
hahah thats tons of fat. I am thinking of making some sort of cream desert siliar to this but utilizing cocoa powder.