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02-28-2003, 06:37 PM
I"m going to post this in fat loss too, but:
I'm going on spring break, and have been lowering my calories, cycling carbs (low, between 150 and 250/day) - my cals i'm still dropping and am between 1800 and 2200 (i weigh 150, about 12% BF, lift 4 days/week, do cardio 4-5 days a week - cardio=20 min. after lifting, + 20 min in morning 4 days/week). Anyway, i'm very active, and have historically had a fast metabolism, could eat whatever I want - I actually haven't seen results as drastic as i thought i would cleaning up my diet, i was lean before, and not much more now - anyway...
When I get back from spring break in a couple weeks, i want to start to eat more (especially carbs), to add some muscle, w/ minimum fat gain (obviously, like a very clean bulking) - how much and often should I start adding carbs/cals, like, how many per day should i increase up to X# of cals, so as to not gain fat - i plan on continuing post-lifting cardio, do dissipate as much fat as possible when i do gain - thanks for any input (any at all) - peace

02-28-2003, 10:57 PM
I would go for a 40 40 20 ratio carbs pro fat, this for starters, then slowly add more carbs as you desire. I personally have never bulked but 40 40 20 seems to be the standar for a healthy individual, and you can up from there

02-28-2003, 11:02 PM
I here all this talk about carbing up, but what about proteining up? any one try this, I like to overfeed on protein every other week or so, and I feel that this the wuickest way to get into an anabolic state without getting unwanted fat. I understand that carbing up is great for recovery, and replenishing glycogen, but what about giving your body an extra amount of aminos, and since protein is the least likely of all the nutrients to be stored as fat, why not go for the double chicken breast salad, or the two cans of tuna tango, as I like to call it. Protein up baby

03-01-2003, 08:05 AM
That's quality, J-Dog. However, in the face of a caloric deficit for any extended period of time, carbs will have the most potent effect on: peformance, fat loss and psychology.

Performance. Carbs will refill muscle glycogen stores and allow for one to train harder and longer.

Fat Loss. Carbing up will spike leptin levels, which in turn will result in fat loss that may have plateaued as a result of leptin levels that were diminished. Elevate leptin levels will also signal satiety.

Psychological. This goes with the previous explanation. Carbs are also most satisfying for those who are on a calorie-restricted, carb-restricted diet.

03-01-2003, 10:03 AM
Thanks Timbo, I hear you on that carb deal, I just find it interesting the personla satisfaction and increase in performance due to my own experiencing "proteining up" I read that article on Leptin and refeeding this morning, and I found it quite interesting, I am definately going to be looking more in depth into this area, as it can only enhance both my mental and physical state. Thanks bro.