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  2. The Interview Prep Guide
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  11. Ask a former Wall Street investment banker (almost) anything
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  14. Misc Penny Trader Stock Thread! V2
  15. General Forum Rules
  16. ***The Official Affiliate Marketing/Make Money Online Thread Part 9***
  17. 👻**OFFICIAL Amazon FBA Thread**- AmazonBrah
  18. **OFFICIAL** Trading and Investing Thread- Part -IX-
  19. Your looks do not define your relationship!
  20. I've conducted over 500 job interviews, AMA
  21. We're all gonna fukkin make it brahs (GTFIH for motivation)(pics)(21k reps for all)
  22. **REMINDER**This isn't a section to troll in**REMINDER**
  23. ●●● ECF Crew 》v.1 Proud Discipline ●●●
  24. srs should I switch to biochem or continue chem BS
  25. Business Majors - The most obscure major?
  26. *** OFFICIAL ECF Entrepreneur Thread ***
  27. Ruined credit, I want to get it back, first steps?
  28. 2000 dollars to spend. Investing help.
  29. How much to spend on a house?
  30. ***Interview Tips***
  31. Finally!!!
  32. inb4 10000000 "come read my e-book" threads
  33. Anyone need a $50 Bing Ads coupon?
  34. Thinking of buying a house? Check this out...
  35. ITT: post/discuss BOOKS useful for career/education/finance
  36. So happy that this section has been implemented!
  37. Explain credit cards to a potato
  38. Focus
  39. **Official Accounting Major Thread** GTFIH
  40. HDB's business log- 3 fitness ventures, experiences, failures, accomplishments
  41. Which field is more rewarding?
  42. <!DOCTYPE misc 1.0>
  43. Is a job in finance a soul-sucking career?? (Risk mgmt, financial analyst/advisor)
  44. Supply Chain Management Major Worth It? (srs)
  45. **OFFICIAL** Dividend Growth Investing Thread!
  46. **OFFICIAL** Closed-Ended Funds (CEF) Thread
  47. ntrepreneur & Passive Income Resource Thread
  48. Basic life skills every man should know in the 21st century
  49. ***E-Commerce Thread***
  50. Anyone interested in a forex thread?
  51. Best health insurance provider? (10k)
  52. Misc Grad Student Crew/support group - The hunt for Funding
  53. ***Forex Crew***
  54. ***Official Lawyers/Law School Thread***
  55. Guys over 27, Post Career and finance tips ITT
  56. *** OFFICIAL Technology/IT Thread ***
  57. How to email a potentially strong connection?
  58. best books about money for teenagers/college kids?
  59. 🛢🛢🛢OFFICIAL Oil&Gas/Energy Discussion Thread 🛢🛢🛢
  60. Online buying and selling.
  61. The official life insurance thread
  62. If i plan on saving 8-10k a year, what should i do with it?
  63. Getting followers on Social Media: Lets discuss bros
  64. University: Opinion's on the dreaded "W"
  65. Canadian Banking Thread
  66. june 2016 CFA level 1 thread
  67. *** OFFICIAL Misc MBA Crew Thread ***
  68. I Will Pay Someone To Setup Hosting Of My Website
  69. Looking for people with public figure/entertainer pages on Facebook with 600+ likes
  70. Earning Money Online? Legit Ways.
  71. *** OFFICIAL Sales Thread; Coffee is for Closers ***
  72. Business Management or Business Management & Marketing?
  73. Investment Advisor AMA Thread
  74. Quick post of the day
  75. Econ/finance brah seeking alternatives to finance industry
  76. Guys I have terrible credit, what steps should I take to turn it around?
  77. high GPA brahs, what are some of your best study tips?
  78. What is your worst financial mistake?
  79. Philosophy brahs, GTFIH (reps)
  80. If you're young & single .. This is the move
  81. Anybody an Amazon/Ebay reseller?
  82. I'm 26 and have now been laid off twice, wut do Misc?
  83. Interview for 6 figure sales job (srs) looking for advice
  84. Getting out of the Army soon, need college advice.(reps for answers)
  85. Should I major in Finance or Management Information Systems?
  86. Robinhood - Free Smartphone Trading App
  87. Any Economics Majors here? What field would you suggest for a Master's Degree?
  88. Worst Excuses you have heard for people missing/being late for work?
  89. I plan to retire before i am 35 [AMA]
  90. Any books/magazines recommendations?
  91. Can you start an online business without a degree?
  92. Money as Debt
  93. Holy fack this sub finally came true!
  94. Fellow Investment advisers, Are Robo-Advisers are a threat ?
  95. Renting Out Mortgaged House (srs)
  96. Went from underachiever in HS to making 6 figs out of college AMA
  97. Good idea to do CMA before CFA?
  98. Just set up an appointment with a Financial Advisor
  99. ETSY Brahs check in
  100. Unemployed and no idea what to do (reps)
  101. Anyone a technician/engineer on a boat?
  102. Want to get into trading stocks
  103. Ask a Patent Attorney brah anything ...
  104. Looking for a tutor for Statistical Mechanics. Will pay for Skype lessons.
  105. "rewards" app?
  106. Misc pls help - recruiters / professionals please GTFIH
  107. what can i do with a finance degree from a state school
  108. Took modafinial for the first time
  109. Access to 30k loan with low interest, where to invest ? SRS
  110. Career after military
  111. Dividend reinvestment?
  112. Best course/certification/degree to get a banking job?
  113. Any 3D Artists/ Visualisers here? Need help getting a Junior Role.
  114. Is it worth requesting credit limit increase if its a hard pull
  115. Considering BComm w/ BArts (Media major prolly)
  116. 3 months into job.. still not doing much
  117. Dumb CC Question
  118. How do you answer the "what's your current salary" question?
  119. Finally pulling my plan together
  120. Why do people think STEM is the only worthwhile major? (SRS)
  121. Desperately need help in finding a job!
  122. PPC (Adwords, Bing, Facebook ads) guy here to answer your questions
  123. 34yo senior HR generalist, AMA about work, careers, resumes, switching jobs etc
  124. Investment Brahs, is a Roth IRA a good idea? Poverty Reps
  125. Ljmu 2016?
  126. Math vs mechE
  127. what can i do with a mechE degree?
  128. CS brahs, best way to learn programming/get good at it?
  129. say you have $50k cash from flipping items online, how do u lodge it in your account?
  130. Starting your business- things you regret doing?
  131. Engineer ---> M7 MBA Program, AMA
  132. Whats the best buy high/sell low category?
  133. Blog and Personal Website for Your Career
  134. Avenues to make money online (with having lots of free time + energy) [reps]
  135. Anyone a Power engineer here? need some advice.
  136. HR and hiring manager bros, how "creative" can you get with negotiations?
  137. Looking for credit score advise please
  138. Switching careers?? GM of a retail place
  139. Should I Move to Vegas?
  140. Success correlating to happiness
  141. Graduate early or internship + graduate 1 semester later? Need advice
  142. Passive Income Sources?
  143. Job prospects with a CMA qualification?
  144. Youtuber [CS, Software Development, Career & Personal Growth, Alpha, Lifter]
  145. uk brahs, accidental landlords?
  146. Ask an equity research analyst brah anything
  147. Good tools/websites for Creating Agendas/planning? [Reps] !
  148. Underwater diving/welding as a career?
  149. 36 years old, I want to get out of PC Support & a career change, what are my options?
  150. **Useful Links For Creating A Business**
  151. What red tape is there in the UK for selling consumables online?
  152. Anyone take their PE exam yet?
  153. Any advice for this broke college student?
  154. should i just drop out of college?
  155. Need Guidance
  156. First business, Custom Socks *** Reps for advice and feedback***
  157. What benefits (non-salary) do you get at your job?
  158. I'm 20 years old and need some life advice (Job, Future, Education)(SRS)
  159. Advice/Recommended books on starting to invest?
  160. 25 Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2016
  161. *** Job fair ***
  162. Has Anyone Tried Starting a Clothing Line?
  163. Working at a Call Center? (fast misc) (pls) (ty)
  164. bioengineering brahs
  165. Goal is to be a YouTuber. Advice?
  166. How to trade in Canada
  167. You guys aware of Amazon to Ebay dropshipping? Anyone already doing it and CEOn?
  168. CPA, work in corporate accounting
  169. Is a header for cover letters necessary?
  170. Everyone GTFIH and help me on career path. I HATE engineering. thinking pharm srs
  171. Where are people finding these high paying job.. srs
  172. About a year ago, I was tired of low interest checking/savings...invested in 2 stocks
  173. Can you brahs recommend me some ebooks?
  174. Help me with college major/ career (3k reps)
  175. I want to start making sub-prime loans
  176. IT Brahs , What other IT websites do you visit?
  177. Help me choose my major misc
  178. Where to Invest my Roth IRA
  179. Anyone gone back for their second degree in a STEM field?
  180. Choosing a college
  181. What to do this summer? (overly zealous high schooler)
  182. First Business - Pool Service (6 months in so far)
  183. Post-interview steps, manager is deciding. Anything to do, or sit and wait/rot?
  184. is this legit?
  185. "Practical" business knowledge vs theory
  186. Need 60 semester or 90 quarter units from an accredited college. What are my options
  187. Don't start/continue in business until you read this book
  188. There seems to be a lot of threads in here about "what to do"...
  189. TFW you see job postings after you started a job
  190. want to spend this next week figuring out exactly what I want to do career wise help
  191. Any HR guys around?
  192. I am a manager at a large staffing firm in Atlanta. Ask me anything. Serious.
  193. New but maybe moving to a more senior position. How to ask for the raise?
  194. Who here has a website? (profits)
  195. I Published a Book on Kindle - Would Love Your Reviews
  196. Do you prepare your own taxes?
  197. The ABSOLUTE best advice I have ever known. Feel free to share yours
  198. Where to Start for Investing?
  199. Valeant Pharmaceuticals might be the trade of the year
  200. What is a good second part-time Job for a Salaried Full-time Web Developer
  201. Anyone doing or done commission only?
  202. What would you do in this financial situation?
  203. Work overtime, pay more taxes and actually earn less?
  204. Any benefits to having a LinkedIn profile?
  205. At what time, do you know to fold your cards at your job and leave?
  206. Website advice needed
  207. WallStreet Prep or Breaking into Wall Street ?
  208. Getting into Freelancing
  209. I like to solve problems. (what should i major in)
  210. What software do you use to manage your finances?
  211. What are your thoughts of foregoing a savings account for less liquid investing?
  212. How to know when a book is reputable?
  213. Houston vs San Fran (international student) (TX/CA brah GTFIH)
  214. No idea what I want to do after college
  215. Didn't get the job
  216. New Job, FT, No benefits?
  217. contract work for 2 years, or 1 company for 2?
  218. How much to expect if I sell website + social media page for it?
  219. changing to new major for graduate school
  220. ITT:OP gives you financial advice on a VARIETY of topics (retirement, saving, invest)
  221. I want to make money - I don't know how
  222. what type of busines news article/magazine do you guys read?
  223. Haven't Heard back from HR since Friday :(
  224. Dropping college and doing a trade instead. Thoughts?
  225. Healthcare and Fitness Supply Survey 5-10 mins - No personal information required.
  226. How to Make $50/Day by Publishing an Amazon Kindle Book
  227. ITT: The key to work/life happiness
  228. Give My Business A Second Chance? (srs)
  229. Should i pick up another major? Help me decide misc
  230. Email Etiquette Help
  231. Martin Shkreli Investing and Finance Lesson
  232. Education advice sought. Finance with international concentration?
  233. Career change at 27
  234. Retire Early Abroad On Passive Income
  235. June CFA People
  236. ITT: OP gives you some options for high interest savings option to BEAT inflation
  237. How long should I wait until I open a new credit card?
  238. 21 yo student looking for passive income during summer internship
  239. Mind = Blown why more people do not get into SALES CAREERS
  240. Debt Repayment Advice Need please [POLL]
  241. Web Developers...what technologies do you utilize?
  242. How to get noticed at work or by prospective employers?
  243. New data driven fitness app looking for idea validation
  244. 100k AUD to my name. What to do with it?
  245. Opinion on federal government jobs?
  246. 22 year old seeking CAREER CHANGE from ENGINEERING to SALES. Need Advice!
  247. Best undergrad to make that ceo10k/day
  248. future superstar
  249. Web Designer here. Offering to Create Portfolio / CV websites for fellow miscers
  250. Construction Management or Construction Science Major