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  1. estimate my body fat %?
  2. What am I and what do i need to do?
  3. Wish to enter a competition in the future
  4. Anyone here who has done upper/lower routine
  5. Need advice from PT
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  8. Body fat percentage
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  10. Do you think I could compete and win a Men's Physique?
  11. Dairy Intolerance ----- What now?
  12. 2018 WNBF/INBF Tri-State BB, Figure, Fit Body, Bikini, Physique Championships
  13. WVU bodybuilding/Fitness club
  14. Need Posing coach/mentor in Seattle, WA
  15. 26 year old man with 50 year old energy
  16. Ab muscles coming in weird during cut.
  17. Opinions and advice on my next steps needed
  18. One shoulder Higher and Longer than the other?
  19. Shoulder has gap beside top of deltoid.
  20. 6ft 185lbs Bulk or Cut? (Serious)
  21. How wide could I potentially get as a newbie? 20 inches atm with ****ed up shoulders.
  22. Posing for Uneven Lats
  23. Quick question about having wide hips.
  24. Should I start cutting?
  25. Building muscle from skinny fat base
  26. Want to start training, should I cut first?
  27. What is this gap that in the middle of both pecs
  28. Lost 9kgs in just 3 weeks!
  29. My 5.5 year transformation - IFBB Men's Physique - Mr NZ 2017
  30. Cutting since December
  31. 6'4" 192 lbs. Still keep bulking?
  32. Big belly but no fat ! HELP
  33. Critique and pointers for newbie
  34. Going from skinny-fat to aesthetically cut in 7 months? Help plz
  35. Am I supposed to be buff by now?
  36. A question to men 6'3" or taller...
  37. Man boobs syndrome... How to improve chest shape
  38. Not having progress when sick. Is it normal?
  39. Working out every single day for almost 2 whole months with very little results
  40. Big 19 year old
  41. Measurements for competing?
  42. Stuck in the bulk cut cycle of doom!
  43. Uneven shoulder+chest (right side) and right scapula pain
  44. Is Men's Physique getting too Big?
  45. How to reduce fat and more muscle?
  46. Does Arnold Schwarzenegger had fat in his chest muscles?
  47. Very Poor Inner Pec Development
  48. Need advice... on BF and what to do .
  49. Personal trainer
  50. Advice on where to go from here? Should I cut?
  51. How to shrink lower stomach after massive weight loss?
  52. Back Looks Flat
  53. How much do I need to cut
  54. Bulk or cut , Height growth wise help.
  55. Should I bulk or cut?
  56. I think I have tendonitis?
  57. Is this excess skin? And what can i do to improve?