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  1. The JVA appreciation thread
  2. Egg farts
  3. Chewing Tobacco
  4. What happened to this forum??!!!
  5. **BODYMEDIA FIT/ BODYBUGG** OFFICIAL THREAD. is this real life?
  6. How many of you suffer from "protein farts"
  7. Official "Gimmie a Nutritional Misc Section" Thread
  8. About time!!
  9. WWE Superstars vs 2 Grizzly Bears
  10. I have created the 4th thread to ever grace this sub-forum. BOW TO ME
  11. I eat 6 meals a day to speed up metabolism and post in nutr misc in between :)
  12. A potato versus an onion
  13. What are your other obsessions?
  14. Ask a guy who enjoys eating whey in its powdered form
  15. Who are your favorite Nutrition regulars (past or present)?
  16. <Official NMisc Roll-Call Thread> (GTFIH)(Pics)
  17. Treadmill Confessions
  18. I'm so essited for teh NMisc to take off!
  19. Pics Editing Now: Volume 1
  20. Ven's National Gym Tour Ridiculousness Tracker
  21. Currently 19.5 lbs wanting to cut to 18 lbs.
  22. Things you do that no one else does
  23. NMisc, was my cheat justified? (story, cliffs)
  24. Who will post in the nut. section now we have misc?
  25. Formal thanks to ForumAdmin + Bodybuilding.com for this new forum.
  26. U Racist Bro?
  27. Do you nut'ers even lift?
  28. Forks Over Knives
  29. ITT Post your ideal guy/gal
  30. ITT Post Inspirational Videos/Pics/Quotes
  31. I hate it when.....
  32. ITT: Things we love that are supposedly giving us cancer
  33. Hip Hop/Rap; Post Songs and General Discssuion
  34. Ask Chris Aceto
  35. ITT we talk about or past life as bros.
  36. Juliachen & Lovingit's Dirt on Clean Eating....
  37. There is no freakin way I got an 80 on my nutrition test...is this real life?
  38. Is it wrong for me to..
  39. CellTech. (srs)
  40. Oil~
  41. iphone and droid people-GTFIH
  42. ITT post your favourite rock/metal workout songs
  43. Anyone ever get messages like this?
  44. Seriously stop closing threads
  45. What do you watch on TV, NutMiscers?
  46. Shoot me some luck.
  47. Nutmisc. Dat DUBSTEP thread.
  48. Shoes that look like feet!
  49. Ima go there. ITT we post Country Music tunes!!
  50. squat fom check
  51. Flu shots have arrived early - you getting one or wearing the tin foil hat?
  52. Ask a guy who's had 4 cups of coffee & 3 Monsters Anything
  53. Dear dukend/phisig
  54. ITT We Grow Facial Hair
  55. Massive power outage here. FUUUUuuuuuu!
  56. Official Nut Misc NFL 2011 Season Thread 1
  57. 5 lbs of chicken wings (srs)
  58. Alan Aragon Appreciation Thread
  59. NutMisc: What do you do for a living/studying now?
  60. Witnessed a fatal wreck tonight
  61. Red Lobster Endless Shrimp
  62. NMisc, what's your favourite alcoholic drink if you drink occasionally?
  63. Official Nut Misc NCAA College Football 2011 Season Thread!
  64. Who has schweddy balls? Ben and Jerry
  65. *** 9/11/2001 - Where were you/what were you doing? ***
  66. Any you NutMiscers doing the Spartan Sprint?!?
  67. I don't understand...
  68. Ruined my weekend
  69. What do you want to have accomplished by this time next year?
  70. Negatron - Journey to Mercian - A Prime Industries motion picture
  71. NMisc should I hit it? (pics)
  72. How has this forum changed how you act?! (non-nutrition and fitness related)
  73. i just took it hard in my mouth (srs) (pics)
  74. Looking back and realizing...
  75. ITT: You post your current lifting routine
  76. How often do you shop at Dollar stores?
  77. You eat 12k calories on your cheat? I eat 1,500 and eat 10 pounds of food.
  78. I have a stalker on bb.com
  79. ITT: App discussion
  80. Good job, IIFYM people.
  81. Males: Do you urinate seated or standing?
  82. Breakfast buffet calorie count?
  83. Males: Do you poop seated or standing?
  84. Bodybugg users
  85. Nut misc, help me choose a new (used)car
  86. Do any of you read/poston other websites that are about nutrition?
  87. Burping Fluff...
  88. is lovingit single and ready to mingle?
  89. Where's DDon been hiding?
  90. Read the stickies! Tempted to neg
  91. Official Nut Misc Chicken, Rice and Broc**** thread
  92. Official NutMisc Randomness/Chat Thread
  93. Never full people GTFIH
  94. Yoga can kiss my ass.
  95. Food porn: Baked goods edition
  96. football sundays
  97. Mind=blown
  98. your natural weight
  99. Is this weird?
  100. Sleep/Recovery
  101. Hey nutrition section
  102. Cars Driving Now thread
  103. Official Nut Misc Munchies Support Group
  104. Seems Legit...
  105. The body females really want. Aware me. Female NMiscers get in here.
  106. I Lost My Eating Challenge Virginity!
  107. Due nmisc thanks..
  108. Best hot sauces?
  109. Thread for daily nonsense stories!
  110. ITT: Always Sunny season 7 preparation
  111. Man v Food
  112. Anyone else watching the US open final?
  113. Are you neat or messy?
  114. NutrMisc Porn Stars!
  115. I'm biased towards genetics in women
  116. What form of Cardio do you do?
  117. ITT: Post your last purchase (no food please)
  118. 3 wishes
  119. *Official Dexter Season 6 Thread (Showtime)*
  120. Runners... ASSEMBLE
  121. For those Unaware.. (Favorite Pre Workout drinks)
  122. reddit.com/r/fitness
  123. Where the hell is Shred?
  124. Anyone else...
  125. Aragon Quiz in October's issue of Men's Health
  126. Official iPhone 5 Thread
  127. U guys myron my purchase?
  128. this sound crazy to you?
  129. How will a 14 hour plane flight affect my catabolismz?
  130. Bf estimate??
  131. Celebrities with no eyebrows
  132. So nobody is going to be in Vegas this week-end?
  133. ITT post your most embarrassing gym moment
  134. Dirty bulk vs clean one fat vs lean muscle...?
  135. Rob Riches is such a bro.
  136. Attention floor planners & designers alike!
  137. Ask a guy who walks 6-8 miles a day while intermittent fasting anything
  138. U jelly, NMisc?
  139. Calling out Lvisaa2!
  140. dutch Nmisc brahs, check out this full thread of broscience, omg
  141. Ask a guy who doesn't give a f*** that you don't give a f*** anything
  142. Official Laptop/Desktop using now~
  143. Calling out ErickStevens
  144. Ice Cube said it best...Today was a good day.
  145. Prepare your eyeballs
  146. Anyone else seeing the CrossFit games on ESPN2?
  147. calling out all macro counters
  148. Why are you stupid? (nutrition/fitness related)
  149. Imagine....
  150. Getting nosebleeds, do I need to adjust my macros or try to get more micros?
  151. ITT:Rate my dunking skills/10
  152. Floyd Mayweather follows IIFYM
  153. BRB Legs day
  154. Ex-Marine receives the Medal of Honor today
  155. Charles Poliquin even has the supplement forum thinking he's nuts
  156. how much would you pay.
  157. Love insanely vivid dreams---gtfih
  158. Robert Furgeson=black Alan Aragon
  159. 1 thing you love, 1 thing you don't like
  160. GYM Pet Peeves
  161. Epic Gym Day
  162. So as far as I know... (High Caffeinated Sodas)
  163. Glycemic index and insulin spike
  164. Show us Your Nut Butter Stash!!!
  165. Crossfit fun
  166. Unable to bear the main nutrition board
  167. 2011 Olympia thread - this weekend
  168. Main Nutrition Forum Surveillance (BroWatch/Alert Thread)
  169. Daily Show last night
  170. heels raising in squat
  171. We talk about the Universe (Nutrition experts GTFIH)
  172. Aware me....what happened to All The Whey?
  173. Things you wanted as a kid
  174. **Attention Feelsg00dMayne**
  175. Do not care what she is saying!
  176. ITT: We post pics of our favourite Kitchen Gadget
  177. How do you like your bacon?
  178. The Greatest Fitness Video of all time
  179. What happenned to Spak?
  180. ITT: I show you how to get rid of ice cream that doesn't FYM
  181. Let's Discuss past relationships...The Good/The Bad/The Funny!!
  182. Pumpkin Hershey's Kisses?
  183. Cutting foods: delicious yet calorie-sparse
  184. Thong, boy shorts, g-string & now this??
  185. ITT: post your favorite band/musical artists
  186. Anyone getting Gears of War 3?
  187. Calling out PhiSig
  188. So I just discovered...
  189. Who owns your gym?
  190. Man calls 911 because Taco Bell wont serve him...
  191. ITT - we post our favourite song (one only)
  192. Thinking of applying for a job @ "Nutrition House"
  193. In on a Friday night with a sick girlfriend..
  194. how you deal with your fat gained while on bulking?
  195. Guys aware me on Charles Poliquin....
  196. Lady Gaga have a dick
  197. wanna get wrench but hammer watdo?
  198. Nut Misc - Fave TV Show Edition
  199. the bro survey
  200. The BioMechanics Argument: Please Chime in!
  201. Reduce size of posted images?
  202. BCAAs
  203. NMisc - Post Your Lifting Vids (bragging, form check, w-e)
  204. Calling out Ven33
  205. Calling out WonderPug
  206. will 100 pushups get me ripped?!
  207. O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a
  208. ITT: We post links to research journals and articles for weight training
  209. Lack of income options for ginger ninjas
  210. Floyd Mayweather is a b!tch!
  211. NMisc, how to lose water weight to fit my weight category while bulking?
  212. ITT: mottos/philosophy/morals that you live by...
  213. ITT: philosophical and ethical discussion
  214. ITT your ideal physique
  215. Reload web page when going back on Chrome
  216. The Official NutMisc Wet T-Shirt Contest
  217. Alcohol sticky
  218. Is it weird if I eat my nuts
  219. B&J Consumers, GTFIH.
  220. Favorite Movie/TV one liners
  221. ITT Favs cooking/nutrition related shows
  222. Grocery strikes just ain't what they used to be.
  223. ITT: We post our top 5 Cereals.
  224. Scariest halloween costume this year?
  225. Favorite Team Sport Poll - Nutrition Misc. version
  226. Form check please..
  227. Help Ven pick a new Workout program
  228. ITT: Throwback Hip Hop + Veres that blow your mind.
  229. ITT- Your favorite restaurant
  230. Itt
  231. Im tired of juiced lifters giving advice
  232. Anyone doing the Pale Yo diet?
  233. How do you deal with a motivational crisis?
  234. NMisc Should I purchase the new GoW3 XBOX 360?
  235. Calling out WonderPug Part II
  236. Calling out WonderPug part III
  237. Scumbag bodybuilding.com
  238. ITT: Truth or Bro?
  239. Fried Rice, the Perfect Diet Food?
  240. Forearms
  241. ITT: School
  242. Found a brotastic video I know the Nut Misc will enjoy...
  243. I have a poll I'd like everybody to look at
  244. Suddenly I feel very thin...
  245. Post Your Favorite Podcasts
  246. Lil guy needs some help
  247. Unofficial NMisc Gaming Thread
  248. I drew the duck blue because
  249. Foam Rolling?
  250. Show me your pickle