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  1. Animal's Training Log + Training Videos (Kurt Weidner)
  2. sleestacks STFU & TRAIN log
  3. 2008 Naturalmania Heavyweight Champ's Journey to the WNBF Worlds
  4. >>Blazed's 50 Week Journey To The Stage <<
  5. Joe Go's Long Journey
  6. WhomperFit's Preparation for First Steps on Stage
  7. B-Neva: it's big it's heavy it's wood (LOG)
  8. Quelly Joins the Pro Ranks 2009 Contest Season.
  9. Ambers road to Figure Stardom!
  10. kmasters quest to obtain FREAK conditioning and a open/masters win.
  11. NaturalLoco's dieting regime for competition in 2010 what??
  12. STAYFIT2008 back for some more 2009 comp!
  13. Time to B-U-L-K UP
  14. TQ is coming to getcha! - 2010
  15. Relentless 2009-2011: Eric Helms forging a physique that leaves no doubt.
  16. It's GROW Time! Bnizzle's journey to monster mass!
  17. Blood All Over the Iron Part 2; The Redemption
  18. Roo's 2010 Season of Glory
  19. Oak's Rock'em, Sock'em, Master Blaster '09 Season Thread
  20. Bigger & Better Things: Rich's WNBF Journey to 2011
  21. 2010: Jked's Journey to the Stage
  22. Phase I: BULK!
  23. The Aspiration to a New Breed of Natural Monster: Training with Sporto
  24. Wills GROWING Off-Season
  25. ★☆★debrovnik's bodybuilding expedition★☆★
  26. Tattoos and Figure Comp.
  27. He won the Pro card!!!
  28. !!Rehabilitated, relocated, and recreated: Liftjunkie is reconstructing for 2010!!
  29. My Come Back.
  30. Sporto's Contest Prep: If You're Going To Beat Me, You'll Have To Bleed To Do It!
  31. Colobb: No excuses - Going the DISTANCE!
  32. Switching from figure to bbuilding
  33. Started Cut Today..too early, too late?
  34. Oak's "I think ill go pro" training log....
  35. My transformation
  36. INBF Missouri All Natural BodyBuilding & Figure Championships **WNBF Pro Qualifier**
  37. Cure's Journal to His First Competition
  38. My name is Matt and I enjoy lifting heavy things.
  39. Heavy_Weight's journey to NPC Novice HWT Winner
  40. Taking the Plunge
  41. March to the mash
  42. IT JUST GOT REAL!-Greg B's Offseason Journal Leading To The WNBF Stage
  43. Pacman's Pursuit to Perfect Peaking with Dr. Joe
  44. Time to re-focus and stay positive
  45. ZSize's Road To Glory May 2010
  46. Follow my contest preperation journey!
  47. Zcholla- 20 weeks to Glory
  48. Pro journal-david trantham pro natural bodybuilder with atlargenutrition
  49. late meals
  50. Chuckles Contest Prep Journal for 2012
  51. Next Compeition 9 Weeks: Spring Break PL Mash March 6th Peabody, Ma
  52. Joe's pre-contest log.
  53. CALI INVASION 2010 : Luke's Back
  54. My 12 week diet
  55. First Contest Prep
  56. Mass Attack with P/RR/S, 1st phase in 2011 prep!
  57. Who wants to help me with my first contest prep?
  58. 38 weeks of HELL!
  59. Capt's Quest to the 2010 Ohio Natural's!
  60. Gym journal: Arnold figure amateur prep- leg training
  61. First Comp
  62. Greg & Josie -- Two Pros road to the stage!
  63. Costa Costa show "precontest diet" 18 week countdown
  64. Fitness Atlantic Joins Forces with WBFF
  65. 270 to Shredded....16 week prep (pics, vids, etc)
  66. Kevin 'The Specimen' Schosek's Journey to a Natural Pro Card
  67. DKH's Bulking Log for 2010 prep
  68. exa123's INBA and ANB 2010 contest season assault
  69. From fat to fit to show to pretty fat again......
  70. Advice ... Want to Compete After College
  71. Arnold Classic Role Call!
  72. My 16 week road to reach 5%bf for fitness modeling work and maybe even a show.
  73. "I won't give up, shut up, let up, or slow up," my contest prep log
  74. 10 Weeks out from the Canadian Atlantic Classic
  75. *Lets Do This!* - My First Contest - Prep Log
  76. Psychoholic's October 2nd Natural Debut Prep
  77. jth16's Contest Prep Log, whee...
  78. 7 Weeks left until my first competition
  79. my precontest cutting plan. advice appreciated
  80. Sh*t just got real-My getting back on the HORSE log
  81. My Prep for the 2010 NPC Jay Cutler Classic
  82. DKH's 35 week Contest Prep
  83. Bringing It All To The Stage
  84. Its Show Time!
  85. Central Midwest Prep
  86. My first steps toward stage...
  87. Franco is like a child, and I am his daddy: 20+ Weeks of contest prep
  88. Rearick Strength: Getting Strong(er) Together
  89. MarkVI takes it to the next level - Quest to the stage!
  90. prep for my first IFBB Figure show
  91. jth16's Journey to a Natural Pro Card, Sponsored by Cellucor
  92. There's a First Time for Everything
  93. Tyler's Countdown to Contest with Dr. Joe!
  94. Makin' it count
  95. Apes cutting/recomp log
  96. Nori's Fitness Prep
  97. 9 Days Out.
  98. Win or Lose, I Will NOT be Outworked, Ian's 12 week log
  99. Shawn's gettin ready for the rest of the season thread
  100. A Manlet's Journey To The Stage!
  101. 2 and 6 weeks out
  102. Stone's First Contest Prep...
  103. 16 weeks of guts and glory
  104. Amyfit's road to the Cardnial Classic....
  105. Layne Norton Reloaded: Back on my feet, like a freight train I'm coming!
  106. 6 months out.
  107. 12 weeks out from first contest
  108. Whitefiberz getting peeled with 3D Muscle Journey!
  109. ironjim's 26 week quest to get to 230 pounds of monster mass
  110. 118 days to my first show! any and all advice/criticism welcome!
  111. Squatting, the correct stance
  112. BIG Things....Ben and Tommy's joint log
  113. "The Freak on Wheels" Prep for the 2011 "Buckeye Classics Wheelchair Nationals'.
  114. My 2nd comp.. prepared to win!
  115. Trapzillaoo7's Off-Season/Contest Prep Journal and Quest for that Natural Pro Card
  116. Cure's Contest Prep Log - 6 Weeks Out
  117. Putting "JACKED" into JACKEDRABBIT - My 2010 Offseason Journal
  118. 2010 Transformation Bodybuilding Contest
  119. Dallas's First 16 Week Contest Prep Log! - Come in & Support Me!
  120. 10 days till my first contest
  121. Betancourt Nutrition Athlete RJ Perkins 2010 Pro-Card Journey......"Believe & Become"
  122. Ryan B's Road to BNBF Final.....
  123. 1 week left!!!
  124. Contest Date Finally!
  125. Video Blog!
  126. I'm Scared, Hold me: K8Stop's 1st Figure Comp
  127. 40 Days to ANIMAL Status!
  128. Offseason - 2012 contest prep
  129. 14 weeks out pics. Feedback appreciated
  130. BZ's Offseason Log to 2012
  131. Locked & Loaded: The Train's journey to the stage.
  132. Losing My Competitive Virginity w/ Team Norton!
  133. My first Bikini/Figure comp! Sep 18th & Oct 16th 2010!
  134. the wrkoutfrq's journey to prove his namesake
  135. JHICKS3301'S OffSeason/Contest prep. Road to the Show
  136. Goddess Athlete's Pre-Contest Training/Nutrition
  137. Psychoholic's "I ain't wearin no grass skirt!" log - Team Norton!
  138. First Time Go Around
  139. Dusting Off My High Heels and 2 Pc Suit
  140. Third times a charm!
  141. COUNTDOWN --> 750 days to IFPA pro status
  142. Back to the stage after a 6-year break.
  143. Aaron Orton, Oregon Natural Bodybuilding
  144. ||Augmented's 2010 contest prep log||
  145. Jim's not so cleverly titled prep log
  146. NaturalLoco's Contest Prep: Pain is for pussies - 11 Weeks Out!
  147. PURE ADRENALINE - Offseason Journey into Contest Season 2011
  148. Max.marek 2010-2012 fst-7 offseason plan
  149. healthybodies, 3DMJ and AST Sports Science - In it together for the 2011 Season
  150. First contest prep, my journey to the stage
  151. 2010 Arkansas Figure competition
  153. B-Neva: Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal with 3DMJ
  154. Drooks10's First Contest Prep: Time to ROCK THE STAGE!!
  155. Jay Reinvented
  156. Phrak's Road from Lanky to Jacked
  157. First Figure Competition.. Petrified...
  158. Muscle_G's road to Powerfull!!!
  159. Mike's Long road to the stage w/Prep By Alex!
  160. NPC TeXAs StaTE ChamPionShips*** All DamN DaY!!
  161. Spices in Competition Dieting
  162. Prep Log: IDFA/ Fitness Model/ Novice/ Nov 6
  163. Chronicles of a Washington Natural Freak : Prepping for the IFPA Natural Pro stage
  164. The Solution's Saga to Collegiate Nationals
  165. Big Coz's Contest Prep to 3 Pro Cards.....Natural Freak. Team All American EFX
  166. Contest prep for my first show
  167. Jked's Journey: The Saga Continues
  168. Team Striated Glutes: Paul and Bretts excellent adventure to the Pro Stage!
  169. 20 Week Shred
  170. After all... tomorrow is today
  171. Countdown: 22 days, First contest log
  172. Round II - The 2011 season is underway...
  173. 7 months out
  174. 5th and 6th abs problem
  175. Colobb's quest for PRO Status
  176. Getting ready for November, posted vids
  177. Areya2005's 1st Ever Contest Pr3p....Next Stop: NPA Tri-City Regionals
  178. From Baseball to Bodybuilding ... 1 Year Out from First Show
  179. Humble Beginnings - My First Journey to the Stage
  180. "Pursuit of Perfection" Journey to the 2012 WNBF Natural Buckeye Classic
  181. My Log
  182. Operation Manlet Mass Monster: Being 5'4 doesn't mean I can't GROW!
  183. PREP to the FINISH!
  184. Kmaru 2011 Prep
  185. FREAK; Figure Comp - March 19th, 2011
  186. IFPA Pro RJ Perkins "Where One Journey Ends Another Begins"
  187. My Trials and Tribulations to the stage
  188. A Teens Journey to the Pro Stage
  189. 24 Weeks to Redemption: Speedgtr90's Road to the 2011 NPC Mr. Buffalo
  190. Wtbgame's first contest prep
  191. 16 Weeks to my first contest
  192. [** Paul's Balls to the Wall First Contest Prep! **]
  193. GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!! 2011 contest prep journal
  194. Coming to a Stage near You!
  195. T-Rex in Ef-X, Journey to 2011 Pro Card
  196. Meat Head Nation__Journey to the INBF
  197. My Contest Prep for Spring 2011
  198. Bnizzle : 2011 - My Time To Shine!
  199. Matt's 2011 Contest Prep Log
  200. Marshall’s Road to the Natural Western US championships in Arizona.
  201. Brad's Spring 2011 Competitive Season: I'm back!
  202. My contest prep video journal
  203. ~Exceed Expectaions~ J Bo's AAEFX/3DMJ Style Offseason Mission
  204. IFPA Pro & Scivation Athlete Tommy Jeffers ~ The Never Ending Quest To Be The Best
  205. BPS preps for a return to the stage
  206. Now or Never: The Specimen's Journey to the Jr. USA's
  207. BWelch's 2011 Contest Prep Journal
  208. 19 week first contest prep
  209. Winning my First Show - BNBF Welsh Qualifier July 3rd 2011
  210. IFPA Pro Joe Franco workout journal to competition for 2011
  211. Ultraflexed preps for 2011 Contra Costra
  212. KC's taking a trip to the stage with 3DMJ!
  213. West Texas Classic 2011 - First Competition!
  214. Joe Rich - When Bad Genetic's Meets Hard Work
  215. The road to my first show
  216. The long journey to becoming a World Champ
  217. From 6 pack to 6 pac
  218. Journey to becoming a Natural Pro Bodybuilder
  219. DieselHeartbeat's 2011 Xformation Contest PLUS
  220. Doing it in Texas: First competition.
  221. All IN!! No giving up or stalling!
  222. NO CRYING! My Climb to the TOP!
  223. Josh Niemi..."The Journey"
  224. Russell Sadang's Contest Prep for the INBF Northeast America
  225. Stonerz' First March to the Stage-
  226. Losing my bodybuilding virginity: My First Contest Prep!
  227. AustrianOakJr's journey to SHREDVILLE!! 2011 with Team 3DMJ
  228. N01SYtZ's FIRST EVER contest prep!
  229. NismoTech's Journey from mediocrity to GREATNESS
  230. The Stone Tablet of My War in the Iron Sanctuary!
  231. Myo15801's 20 week quest to step on stage with the help of Dr Norton
  232. Matt Jansen's 2011 contest prep
  233. Assault on RAW powerlifting records AND off season prep Natti Bodybuilding
  234. STAYFITS Contest Prep! **** just got real...
  235. Road to 2011 NPC Natural
  236. My journey back to the stage
  237. No Excuses, Its show time!
  238. Operation Emaciation: Slovations contest prep log
  239. Jared's Path to Stepping on stage again (TIME TO stop looking at everyone else)
  240. The Push: Eric Helms 2011 Contest Season
  241. Project Perpetual Improvement: The Road to 2012
  242. My Journey to NPC Natural Ohio 2011
  243. Helenawf 2011 Contest Prep
  244. GAME TIME decision - Young9
  245. Climbing My Way To The Top
  246. Zac Holland - Year 3 - All or BUST!!!
  247. Brandon's journey to his first comp in May
  248. TheHeirApparent's log... i guess.
  249. Cheryl's Pro-Debut Journal and Sponsored Athlete of Team 3DMJ
  250. BigKRich going for win #3 and pro card this time around!