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  1. Chris Johnson owners: Sit him week 2 vs ravens D????
  2. How hurt is steven jackson?
  3. Does my team have any hope? Lowest scorer in week 1
  4. Week 2: Find me a TE!
  5. WW Help (3k reps!)
  6. Love when this happens
  7. ITT: Darren McFadden's non-TD 47 yard run cost us the win this week.
  8. Holy **** this guy in my league has wayyyyyy too much time on his hands
  9. Who would you start this week: Joseph Addai or Fred Jackson?
  10. I need advice on my fantasy team
  11. Give a.bradshaw and s.smith for m. turner and v.jackson?
  12. Devrey Henderson yay or nay?
  13. Waiver help
  14. Who should I get on the waivers?
  15. Loaded at WR in a PPR league-how do I strengthen my team.
  16. Thinking about starting Newton (dont flame)
  17. Yahoo Salary Cap Football
  18. Best site to host a company league?
  19. desperatley need a tight end. waiver wire help
  20. Foster owners....
  21. 1st Pick on waivers... Help me pick(2k+)
  22. Redskins, Browns, and Texans D/ST: Who to start, sit, and drop?
  23. need some suggestions
  24. Do I start AJ Green over Percy Harvin?
  25. Scott Chandler or Cadillac Williams?
  26. Some guy just offered me.........
  27. Maclin for Lynch?
  28. Is Aaron Hernandez going to get a WR/TE Tag?
  29. Knowshon Moreno
  30. Need some trade advice!!!
  31. Anyone wanna join BB.com FF league for fun/bragging rights, draft tomorrow
  32. is foster still a legit top 3 pick?
  33. Name the probable top waiver wire pickups this week...any and all suggestions
  34. ITT: We have a injured Hakeem Nicks and are worried. Lets find a replacement! 3k+REPS
  35. Fantasy Rugby World Cup Discussion!
  36. Who to pick up from WW
  37. Newton, Sanchez, Fitzpatrick?
  38. I have 1st priority....Who should I drop first?
  39. Week 2 RB Hightower or Charles
  40. Justin Bieber wears womens pants. (Link)
  41. Question about ESPN FF waiver rules - REPS
  42. DeAngelo Williams or Jordy Nelson?
  43. Misc, who do I start? Freeman, Romo or Fitzpatrick?
  44. Starting lineup advice (5.3k reps)
  45. Flex this week. Standard Espn.
  46. which WR should i start?
  47. Anyone draft Steve Smith and deal him after week 1?
  48. Drop Brandon Jacobs?
  49. Maclin, Harvin or Burleson for my WR2?
  50. Who to start this week? (pic)
  51. Fred Jackson or Jason Witten for Week 2?
  52. Potential Trade
  53. Very quick, Devery Henderson (chicago) or Jordy Nelson (carloina)?
  54. Start Ingram or Meachem?
  55. Fred Jackson or DeAngelo Williams?
  56. Should I try to get a better WR? (pic)
  57. Would you trade away Arian Foster for Calvin Johnson?
  58. Help me put together a trade
  59. Should I compose a trade?
  60. Should I try to upgrade my team? (srs)
  61. Line up Help lost first week
  62. Forcing a trade
  63. Who should I start? Pierre Thomas or Joseph Addai?
  64. I'm thinking about sitting chris johnson, pick three RB's
  65. Dropping Addai, who should I take up
  66. need rb2 for week 2...pick up tate, starks or sproles?
  67. If you drafted today: #1 RB in PPR (keeper)
  68. Does your league have veto power over trades?
  69. Rate my Trade 4 reps
  70. TE help
  71. Attempting to trade Reggie Wayne
  72. A Rod for Roethlisberger & McCoy
  73. dez bryant steve smith n moreno for jones drew should i do this???
  74. Who to give up?
  75. Pick 2 RB
  76. Help me trade for a QB
  77. HELP! Need To Trade For a QB (2.5k reps)
  78. DatAzz bb.com fantasy football league discussion
  79. Flacco/Jermichael for Britt/Beanie
  80. Who to start: Matt Ryan v Chad Henne... wat do
  81. Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco?
  82. Rate this team (measly reps)
  83. Am I stupid?
  84. cam newton and steve johnson for vincent jackson?
  85. Who to start? 2 different leagues.
  86. Fitz, Stafford, or Grossman for Week 2?
  87. Help me choose 2 RBs to start
  88. You're draft pick and how you draft has nothing to do with you're success in fantasy
  89. cam newton and steve johnson for vincent jackson?
  90. Cam vs Greenbay or Rivers vs NE?
  91. Woodhead or GreenEllis against SD this wkend...
  92. Help with this trade (reps)
  93. Gore, Hightower, Bush,Miles Austin, Burleson...
  94. Which RB and D to start?
  95. Trade Help
  96. Need some suggestions on what to do with my roster
  97. Flex and QB options
  98. RB Ben Tate @ MIA or RB DeAngelo Williams vs GB (non-PPR/standard)
  99. My Team - Any advice/comments would be appreciated brahs
  100. Few Start 'em/Sit 'em's
  101. Non PPR shonn green for reggie bush?
  102. Tolbert over blount
  103. Why does no one think Tolbert can put up good numbers again?
  104. Which WR should i pick up off this list?
  105. Anybody starting Jerome Simpson
  106. Need RB/Flex/TE Starters
  107. always nervous about trades, i have a question
  108. Big trade: Romo for Gore?
  109. Newton: start or sit?
  110. Colt Mccoy or Matt Ryan (srs) Reps
  111. meachem or nelson in flex??
  112. need help on who to start
  113. add/drop?
  114. 3 teams in the semis, all about to be eliminated
  115. trade LeSean McCoy for Jamaal Charles and Aaron Hernandez?
  116. Who to start at RB2?
  117. Brady VS sd or shoub VS dolphins. Non ppr
  118. need help with flex
  119. Spot starter for Saturday: Drew Pomeranz or Jeanmar Gomez?
  120. L. Tomlinson or Ryan grant?
  121. R. Fitzpatrick..big ben..cam newton..or kolb? Measly reps will be given.
  122. Grossman or Cutler?
  123. got a side bet on week 2 fantasy!!!!
  124. Receiver Help! ( REPS )
  125. Which QB to start week 2?
  126. Starks, Gore, Best or Wells? (BIG Reps!)
  127. Marshawn Lynch and Austin Collie for Carnell Williams
  128. Trading Steven Jackson + Future pick for Mendenhall???
  129. Need input on trade. will rape
  130. Which team is better?
  131. I just traded RB Ryan Grant (GB) for WR Mario Manningham (NYG)
  132. Donovan McNabb vs Grossman?
  133. Trade: Mcfadden and Austin Collie. Thoughts?
  134. Which WRs to start? And should I try to trade a HB?
  135. Ben jarvus or Mcghaee if moreno doesnt start?
  136. Fred Jackson or Cadillac?
  137. Official Sig Bet Thread 2 - Huse vs. Greg1983
  138. Bowe or Blount flex? PPR
  139. Need help with who to start.(reps)
  140. Steve Johnson or Nate Burleson?
  141. Is this trade worth it?
  142. which 4 of these 5 would you start this week?
  143. Should I due this trade? Involves Megatron!!!
  144. My team: who to start?
  145. Manningham or Meacham?
  146. should i start both green ellis and woodhead....or one of them and f.jackson?
  147. brees or cutler this week
  148. A. Hernandez or D. Clark?
  149. Moss, Manningham, Starks, Jones, or Caddy
  150. Who to start? (reps)
  151. Eddie Royal, AJ Green, Brandon Gibson, or Devery Henderson at WR?
  152. Help (reps)
  153. Grossman or Schaub???
  154. Jerome Simpson vs Den or Ryan Grant vs Car
  155. Romo/Schaub and Chris Johnson/Beanie Wells ?
  156. Ingram for Tate
  157. freeman/moss for romo
  158. Bowe or Henderson this week?
  159. Maclin or Burleson?
  160. Mike Tolbert or Felix Jones or should I start both and pull S.Johnson or Manningham?
  161. Vick or Stafford?
  162. Starks or C. Williams tomororw
  163. Misc fantasy hockey leage
  164. Marcedes Lewis or Jermaine Gresham: who to drop?
  165. Who to start at rb?
  166. Pick a DST for Week 2
  167. How am I looking for week two?
  168. meachem or bowe?
  169. Bowe or Smith (carolina)
  170. LAST MINUTE flex dilemma
  171. Pick two of the three
  172. Pick my RB and WR's to start....
  173. FLEX Help
  174. QUICK! Tell me who to start.
  175. WR? Maclin, Branch, Bowe, Jacoby Jones... ?!!!
  176. HALP! Pick 1 WR...
  177. WR help
  178. WR Help
  179. WHat WR should i play? PPR
  180. Start Deangelo Williams vs GB defense
  181. looking for lineup input (26k)
  182. Bowe @ Det or Manningham @ STL
  183. Cam Newton or Matt Schaub
  184. flex spot... F. Jackson or Branch (ppr)
  185. nicks owners gtfih
  186. BGE or Woodhead?
  187. Week 2: How is your team doing?
  188. Jamal Charles it out...
  189. Felix Jones @ SF or Mike Tolbert @ NE (3k reps)
  190. blount??? WTF
  191. quick last minute sub???? help! (lotsa reps)
  192. ITT we picked up devery henderson before the game
  193. fitzgerald baby!
  194. ESPN fantasy down?
  195. itt: we benched blount after last weeks failure
  196. Looking to join a fantasy league
  197. Good website for fantasy football?
  198. Replacement for Jamaal Charles?
  199. panthers play the jags in week 3
  200. ATTN: The Bertstares aka commisioner of 20 man misc league
  201. Hakeem Nicks or Jeremy Maclin?
  202. ITT: We are Miles Austin owners.
  203. No good RB's in my fantasy league
  204. WTF is Antonio Gates doing?
  205. Mathews >>>>>>>> Tolbert
  206. itt we have miles austin
  207. I need LeSean McCoy to outscore Alex Henery by 12.6 pts...
  208. Keep Starks or pick-up Daniel Thomas/Ben Tate
  209. Trading for some WR Help - 2 Options
  210. Check out my sweet team
  211. David Nelson Denarius Moore or Eric Decker?
  212. Manningham or Nicks: non-PPR. I can only play one for Monday. Help me Obi-Wan.
  213. Vick is KILLING me with these fumbles
  214. hows my team looking? should i try any waivers?
  215. ITT we dropped Tony Gonzalez for Brandon Pettigrew
  216. Propose Trade Help
  217. I just lost my fantasy baseball semis as #2 seed because of berkman
  218. ITT: We share fantasy nightmares
  219. MJD for Jahvid Best? Deal or no Deal? PPR League
  220. What do you need to win tomorrow?
  221. My Fantasy Football Season is over because...
  222. New Team Name
  223. Itt - 0-2
  224. ITT We Drafted LeSean McCoy
  225. Are we starting Cam Newton next week?
  226. injuries
  227. ITT we started Fred Jackson (BUF)
  228. Dropping Charles...Who to pick up?
  229. Who wins this trade?
  230. 0-2 need advice
  231. Release Cutler and pick up either Fitzpatrick or Newton (non-ppr)
  232. Cam Newton Help!!
  233. Thoughts on AJ Green? reps
  234. rb help?
  235. What is better in this NHL fantasy trade?
  236. 0-2 Help me rebuild my team and get repped twice
  237. Thoughts on this mega trade.
  238. AJ Green, Maclin, Beanie Wells for CJ and Miles Austin
  239. Fuk you Giants, why did they give jacobs all the carries in the 4th?
  240. Thoughts on Mark Ingram?
  241. Need help badly 0-2 right now!! $$$ 3AM IS Wavier!!
  242. picked up buffalo's TE
  243. Denarius Moore will do good things.
  244. Cam Newton for Chris Johnson
  245. Trade help needed!!
  246. Mike Tolbert & Willis Mcgahee for Chris Johnson...
  247. Cam Newton Trade
  248. Who to start at TE, Gates or Gronkowski?
  249. I own Hightower, should I drop Mike Thomas for Helu?
  250. Rate this trade/10