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  1. College football begins!!!!!
  2. Some cool pics
  3. Still doing the same old thing....(end of summer pic)
  4. Taking a break from the gym due to my tinnitus and shoulder
  5. My wife's cousin is getting a divorce due to their political views.
  6. How do you tell someone you are sorry but let them know you sincerely mean it?
  7. Burt Reynolds dead at 82.
  8. PH in the body
  9. Throwback pic 2001, any of you have some?
  10. Inspiring People and their Stories
  11. Mike Rowe speaks out about Nike’s Kaepernick ad
  12. Cub Scout Promise
  13. Coming to America
  14. Just when you think you've seen it all
  15. Fries and a drink is THE BIGGEST SCAM of the 20th/21st centuries
  16. Think I found a way to get to work without taking the train, beating traffic but
  17. Exercise clothing for a fat guy?
  18. The Summer World Tour is Over Time to Get Healthy and Other Observations
  19. Weatherman busted
  20. UFC 229 6 Oct
  21. Ask a PNBA Natural Wheel Chair Pro Anything.
  22. No taco for you!
  23. Shawn Rhoden beat Phil for the Mr. O
  24. So I bought my first head of kale yesterday
  25. SpaceX to announce private moon flight passenger
  26. I wasn't sure if I was going to do this... post, that is
  27. And so it happen, although it wasn't with me, but I got involved.
  28. Nintendo’s character Toad is in the news
  29. So for my friends on here, here is what I have been diagnosed with
  30. NIKE: post Kaepernick commercial
  31. Progression
  32. Pituitary Toomah
  33. question for those who ride motorcycles
  34. McGregor-Nurmagomedov press conference
  35. My Life with Pectus Excavatum
  36. Keeping my composure
  37. Learning , learning, learning...
  38. Sept 24th 1981 37 years ago today
  39. My friend/neighbor and me saw something last night
  40. Not contributing to the boards.
  41. My reason for seeking help
  42. Am I overtraining?
  43. RIP Charles Poliquin
  44. Witnessing two friends arguing in front of me, my nerves a mess
  45. My morning commute, so you get an idea
  46. Are midlife criseses really a thing?
  47. A horse wlkas into a bar
  48. Getting up to pee stunting my growth?
  49. Question for u folks
  50. Question for motorcycle riders on performing an 8
  51. Kavanaugh - help for survivors
  52. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends
  53. About to get 405 squat
  54. Difference in people.....
  55. Last Minute Trim/Cut
  56. Kanye has no friends
  57. Khabib"s message to UFC
  58. How Squatting Saves Lives
  59. Your opinions thoughts on this....
  60. Hundreds of 'natural' supplements contain experimental "stuff"
  61. LOL The Penalty Box Forum
  62. Robot does parkour
  63. Post up some funny youtube videos.
  64. Bluetooth Helmet and jacket
  65. Are y'all gonna kick me to the O35+ MISC?!
  66. Full gear, ready for the streets of Manhattan....
  67. The Scary Halloween Thread
  68. Skincare? Has anyone tried Skinceuticals products?
  69. The Walking Dead - Anyone still watching it?
  70. Calling My Real Muhrican Friends North of the Border
  71. Mega Millions Good Luck!
  72. Hard bloated belly, very little gain, long time gym goer, grueling workouts
  73. To all my long lost relatives and friends in South Carolina
  74. Hello boys!
  75. Muscle Loss in 2 weeks?
  76. Spare tire is not body fat! Can't get rid of it! Frustrated!
  77. OV35 life expentancy
  78. From my trainer days...
  79. How do you find women over 40 attractive in dating?
  80. So I heard that in my "absence", everyone thought that I was the
  81. So I heard that in my "absence", everyone thought that I was the
  82. Getting fat, me???
  83. Started out with just a helmet and gloves
  84. Parents With Dimentia?
  85. Shoulder replacement, anyone here had it and still lifting?
  86. All the big money is in MMA?
  87. Why do old men wear their pants so high?
  88. Any IT professionals in here? Need advice.
  89. Don't like being "older"?
  90. Ronnie Coleman - Netflix
  91. Lest We Forget
  92. 30th Anniversary today!
  93. So Mr Flexy bought another car...
  94. R.I.P. Stan Lee
  95. With all these sex changes, age changes identity changes
  96. Getting weaker not stronger
  97. 6 hour lay over in Newark airport
  98. Woman on the train actually told me to close my legs then tried to make me do it
  99. Do you shower at the gym, or at home?
  100. RIP Roy Clark
  101. Who amongst you Gents, still detail your own rides?
  102. Trump - credit where credit is due - he may be right about....
  103. Happy Almost Thanksgiving
  104. Sudden drastic strength loss in right arm
  105. Happy Thanksgiving...
  106. Happy Black Friday
  107. New lifting vid
  108. ‘She’s like herpes,’ they said
  109. Chuck or Tito?
  110. Brave or Crazy
  111. Visiting India - advice/suggestions?!
  112. NASA Insight Mars Lander
  113. You want Beef
  114. You know it's going to be a good day when...
  115. Any Tesla Model 3 owners here?
  116. HAVING too little sex increases the risk of a heart attack
  117. U mirin?
  118. RIP George H.W. Bush
  119. Hope everyone had a great thanks giving mine was awesome till the end..
  120. Officially back in the gym.
  121. Hit like a girl
  122. Does this make me superstitious?
  123. Company memo today
  124. Prolotherapy
  125. Look what I found hiding at the gym.....
  126. Squats and deadlifts super-set
  127. Self-Checkout
  128. Those pigs at Ohio State
  129. Use of the Safety Squat Bar, what I found
  130. Gray pubic hairs.
  131. Fun Father Moment
  132. Question to the OV35
  133. RIP Roger
  134. Bone spur removal surgery in the knee, debating pulling the trigger on this
  135. Is everyone ready for the holidays?
  136. Upper case letters
  137. Annie went to space
  138. Bruce Lee the Legend - Netwflix
  139. Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye
  140. Anyone else feel lightheaded watching these videos?
  141. Who did it better?
  142. I was once out strolling one very hot summer's day...
  143. This just happened and I am not happy
  144. Gas up that Tesla
  145. Just took the biggest, stinkiest poop.
  146. Ab work
  147. RIP Penny Marshall
  148. Flying Cars are Not what you Think
  149. Bent Over Rows, observation due to shoulder issue
  150. Noticing people are doing more squats and deadlifts more now than before
  151. Extremely Satisfying Video
  152. Happy Thursday, Misc!
  153. Do gym bros like drinking urine?
  154. Just Fork Me
  155. Was my son in the wrong..
  156. I'm eating pie...
  157. Can I use ceramic cookware as a pressure cooker?
  158. Biceps
  159. Thanks Plateauplower on the landmine presses for shoulders
  160. I will just leave this here for folks who ask "Am I too old to workout?"
  161. etet1919, is a woman, just in case some of you were thinking she/he was/is a troll.
  162. 50 year old co-worker dating a 21 year old. Creepy? (sorry no pics)
  163. Vasectomy: Satisfaction or regret?
  164. A happy and safe new year to the OV35!
  165. Tonight's New Year's Eve Party/Avoid Social Awkwardness PSA
  166. LOL the MOMENT you hit 40, your body starts to not GAF
  167. The Passing of our Hero... Super Dave
  168. kimmie Call Out Thread
  169. Should I stop?
  170. Deep thoughts while waiting for the doctor...
  171. Craigsliist Find
  172. Man attempts to rob UFC fighter Polyana Viana
  173. It's been awhile...
  174. Is it better to lose weight as you age regardless of muscle in terms of health?
  175. Don't lie down on top of bombs
  176. Great Robby Robinson video with great tips
  177. I heard of boot lickers but not this
  178. Have a slab on us
  179. Taillight Failure
  180. Diet...from a different perspective
  181. Test your Email
  182. Thanks Plateauplower for Nothing
  183. It's real - "All Gender Toilet"
  184. Went shopping and tried on some skinny jeans on today.
  185. Guess what day it is..
  186. Should I ask for the coat?
  187. Another "Big Misc" thread I think the 035 will enjoy
  188. Squats break at the hips or knees aaghh.
  189. got 12 reps on the landmine on my left shoulder with a 45lbs.
  190. These boys and thier clothes!
  191. These boys and thier clothes!
  192. Vertigo
  193. 33 years ago today
  194. FLEX still squatting like a beast!
  195. What was she thinking?
  196. In a way you've never seen me before...
  197. Super Bowl, who ya got?
  198. Thought I was out of orginal song ideas....but, I was wrong....again.
  199. The Day the Music Died (60 years ago)
  200. Rip
  201. My wife's company is doing a weight loss challenge (1 month)
  202. What's the deal with Jeff Bezos?
  203. The joy and satisfaction weightlifting can bring.
  204. Trump wins big.
  205. Valentines day tomorrow
  206. To Mark1T see you in New Hampshire
  207. Plenty of Trump fans in Atlanta.
  208. Surveys...for everything!
  209. Pig gets piece of ass
  210. Powerlifting Hero Saves Man
  211. Incline Bench 265x9 video
  212. Mark1T is mentally ill
  213. Crumbling Empire.
  214. Peter Tork (of the Monkees)
  215. Break Dancing as a sport?????
  216. Is Bumble Full of Fake Profiles?
  217. Colin Kaepernick is lame and h who only listens to his Muslim, Black Lives Matter GF
  218. Meanwhile, Who Is Protecting Our Coasts?
  219. UK protein supplier Asap
  220. What the hell happened to Bodyhard?
  221. Bob Kraft, deal or no deal?
  222. I eat chickens, cows, and pigs & I have a question for others who eat chickens etc
  223. Caption This
  224. you can only keep 3
  225. I love tabletop RPGs and I love to excercise...but...
  226. Arnold Classic starts today
  227. To those who have sex with chickens, cows, and pigs & I have a question for others
  228. Hello all, question from your boy Bodyhard...
  229. Has anyone in the history of strength training...
  230. RIP Mona
  231. Giving anything up (or doing something) for Lent?
  232. Bodyhard GTFIH
  233. Positive thoughts going out to those in Alabama and Georgia
  234. RIP Luke Perry
  235. A WTF Moment
  236. FB/Instagram vs here
  237. R Kelly Interview
  238. Good Luck Alex Trebek
  239. Let's just say that vampires did exist...
  240. Happy International Women's day Ladies
  241. Jan Michael VIncent RIP
  242. Your thoughts on illegals & our voting process...no virtue signaling allowed.
  243. No gains.. wrong brand of workout gloves?
  244. Don't try to slay your demons...
  245. dealing w/men whose masculinities are fragile.
  246. "it's their right to do so... what's it to you? Mind your own business"
  247. Handicapped / eldely seating and toilets.
  248. Why the late night shows are no longer funny
  249. I don’t want to sound racist, but
  250. Pets and Cloning [don't enter if you've lost a pet]