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  1. Trump just keeps burying himself deeperr, accused of saying to shoot Hillary
  2. Got my Trump Rally tickets
  3. Imagine Sports - Diamond Mind On-Line Baseball
  4. Any Yankees fan sad to see Arod go?
  5. Bill Murray is BRILLIANT!
  6. My son was at his first 4 alarm fire, 3 firefighters hurt.
  7. Anyone else think phelps is a.
  8. Chick fil a chicken strips loaded with protein
  9. Relaxed shot, impressed with my shoulder development.
  10. If Trump ditches the Debates, then he is a coward and I can not vote for him.
  11. Olympic lifeguard, best or worst job ever?
  12. I'm nearly 33, how do my arms look?
  13. SRV...because he deserves it.
  14. Deadlifts with a Trap Bar
  15. I am getting a feeling that Trump feels defeated.
  16. Long read, ending confession...
  17. Why people never listen?
  18. R2D2 dead.
  19. Your legacy
  20. Your opinions on this female Olympian.
  21. A positive realization ..
  22. I'm so hoouge clothes dont fit thread.
  23. Olympic Glory
  24. Question re. weight/size and lifting strength
  25. Dramatic Rescue......True heroism
  26. Does anybody else hate the word "They" at work?
  27. Another Trap-bar deadlift thread, how much do they typically weigh?
  28. UFC 202 Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz
  29. John McLaughlin of 'The McLaughlin Group' dies at 89
  30. Oh no..........Not on my train..."graphic"
  31. Abs are over rated? Not according to my wife Patty...
  32. Investment Brahs: $10k/10 years, what vehicle should yield most growth?
  33. Breast Feeding in public..
  34. New thread....new territory.
  35. Fruit flies
  36. auction' of NSA hacking tools
  37. So did Lochte and co get robbed or not?
  38. Some US Olympic swimmers in over their head!
  39. Where are they now and are they still training...
  40. looking to spend my $31 amazon credit. What should I buy ?
  41. $36.69 amazon credit. What do I buy ?
  42. An Apology from Trump?
  43. A good friend of mine is upset at me, because HE got himself knocked out!
  44. 22push-up challenge, an old member from here nominated me.
  45. Politcal polls are such BS.
  46. Progress pic's but more importantly a point I would like to make.
  47. Lifting with Butt Holes
  48. Are Americans all washed up?
  49. NYC Taxi drivers no longer required to speak English
  50. Trump looking to get the black votes, going about it the wrong way.
  51. He fell for her
  52. Will be in Orlando Florida Sept 2nd - Sept 9th.
  53. Loss of overhead lifting strength
  54. Dee & kids with cancer
  55. Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?
  56. Finally, scheduled surgery for my left shoulder.
  57. National Dog Day
  58. Question on eating trying to maintain my size while recovering after surgery
  59. I'm going on a cruise next weak...
  60. Back in the day...
  61. UFC fight night vancouver
  62. What’s your all-time favorite movie scene?
  63. My wife confuses the F out of me!
  64. The goalie robbed him.................
  65. RIP Gene Wilder
  66. What do you think about Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem
  67. Low kick gone bad...{graphic}
  68. So anyway
  69. Vehicle Question: 4 kids
  70. Root canal treatment
  71. Once again I find myself asking the mature OV35 for advice.
  72. And the confusion continues..
  73. Long read: Full autistic meltdown at my daughter's school this morning
  74. Another FB thread
  75. TUF 24, anyone plan on watching?
  76. Am I crazy?
  77. The election
  78. GSP is coming back!
  79. Got a sorta fukked up personal question to ask.
  80. Another fresh College football season is upon us!
  81. Some Florida Pics -
  82. How many of the OV35 folks would get on this ride?
  83. Lose Stomach Fat & Gain Muscle
  84. First time ever at a gun range, got a head shot, mad fun!
  85. Scheduled for shoulder surgery tomorrow, have a question.
  86. new member intro
  87. Maryland Muscle Machine
  88. Serious question I would like to ask Hillary
  89. Surgery went well, now the recpvery
  90. So Hillary says half of Trump supporters fall into deplorable bucket.
  91. 48 yr old novice mayhem
  92. Horny like a MoFo
  93. Never Forget.
  94. Look like the UFC isn't for Punks
  95. Happy Birthday So-Texx
  96. Hillary has "medical issue" at 9/11 memorial.
  97. Close up of Hillary video - wth was that thing?
  98. Nerve Damage?
  99. Miss America
  100. This is the BS I deal with
  101. Does Hillary have Parkinson's Disease
  102. Nutrition help please
  103. Whats up with these clowns!
  104. UofM fans please step forward
  105. Weight loss results and my new life
  106. Double Charging Donors
  107. 29% of Mericans can't find the Pacific Ocean on a world map
  108. My boy Dennis passed by last night.
  109. Is the rebel flag just a piece of cloth
  110. Mr Olympia 2016 prejudging night -
  111. When is desecration acceptable? Why are these acceptable?
  112. Two bombs in NY one in NJ - Suspect on the loose
  113. Wife is a monster!
  114. Trumps best refugee analogy yet
  115. How man of you feel this piece of sh!!t should have rights?
  116. Women and their "signals"
  117. I'm still stressed, and still need a distraction...
  118. I am sure by now everyone has seen this video, but I have a question
  119. It's a sad day when the BB.com admin. emails you...
  120. Holly hell a self made bomb found in my old hood where I hang.
  121. Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up
  122. Funniest story of the day.. No racism before Obama.
  123. We're out of fashion guys.... heaven help us all...
  124. Two weeks after surgery - removing my stitches
  125. LOL Lying Ted Cruz now endorses Trump!
  126. How About a Santana Appreciation thread
  127. Presidential Debate Predictions
  128. Boston meet-up!
  129. RIP Arnold Palmer
  130. What do you guys think of this?
  131. Who would you like to see win the debate or at the very least get the upper hand?
  132. Losing weight so quickly....
  133. I'm going to be 40 in four days
  134. Tomi Lahren on the debate.
  135. Training over the years with a messed up shoulder led to an imbalance
  136. The Hillary Shimmy Song
  137. Watching Hillary on the stump in NH, as I type this
  138. Comment your favorite
  139. My first grandson :)
  140. How well do you know the OV35 folks and will you recognize them if you see them??
  141. On vacation, have fun debating
  142. Dealing with Psychological Trauma as you age.
  143. Out of these news networks which one do you think its pretty honest?
  144. 80/20 rule?
  145. How about some good old fashioned North Korean documentaires
  146. Release of tax returns
  147. Did Hillary Clinton use ' American Psycho | Restaurant Scene' script during Debate ?
  148. Congress Votes to Override Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill
  149. Hey Cass
  150. Luckiest guy in America, maybe!!warning graphic
  151. Stranger things in my thigh ;)
  152. What is your best guess?
  153. A short motivational video.....
  154. Need input from the intellects with scientific knowledge on how the body works
  155. Damned Nazis
  156. Hurricane Matthew, evil image.
  157. Top Golf as office outing /w drinks
  158. Exciting new development in the race to the White House
  159. I don't mean to sound like Archie Bunker.....
  160. Trump supporters, answer me this question.
  161. Pence
  162. Bisping vs Henderson
  163. Happy Thanksgivng to my fellow Canadians
  164. ANother question from me, this one on Republicans
  165. 2nd debate in the belt, how do you have it?
  166. No flies on the Donald during that debate.
  167. General Workout Plans
  168. Donald and Hillary - I've Had The Time of My Life
  169. Conor McGregor fined $150,000
  170. Do I look mean, upset, pissed off, ready to beat someone up in this pic?
  171. I am not feeling Trump on this TAX issue.
  172. This made me laugh.
  173. How does one wear the same clothes everyday??
  174. Women having babies in their 50's
  175. Why you should vote for Trump even if you don't like him
  176. Trump accused of raping 13 year old.
  177. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, put them down ladies!
  178. Who removed height and weight stats?
  179. Attn: Iceveins
  180. And will another shoe drop or... maybe not...
  181. I Got a Letter from Immigration and Naturalization Services
  182. Happy Birthday - 241 yrs
  183. Belize or Costa Rica?
  184. View the sharks they said! It's safe they said!
  185. What is your first thought when you see this?
  186. Looking for a fitness doctor in dallas
  187. Bob is a Rascist
  188. Democrats answer me this...
  189. Refused to spot someone in the gym tonight....How to make friends at the gym
  190. UFC 205, one hell of a fight card, any predictions?
  191. Why is it that supporters for each candidate wont accept their candidates flaws?
  192. Offensive costumes.
  193. Debate 2 SNL style
  194. More folks I've met from the OV35 this weekend!
  195. Julian Assage has hit a nerve
  196. For the over 50 crowd...what tunes do you listen to when working out?
  197. Am I losing mass as I age?
  198. Return to Flight!
  199. Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity
  200. 3rd and final debate, who you got?
  201. Apparently I'm weird...
  202. Big ups to my brother Nelson....
  203. Ok all you Bad Hombre's, who's winning this election thingie?
  204. CNN focus group after the debate.
  205. So, you are sitting in the gym when 2 bodybuilders walk in...
  206. What happen to men, why have they become so feminine?
  207. Pink Elephants
  208. Some Hillary Irony
  209. Last night at Port Chester NY (long read)
  210. Walking Dead starts again tomorrow!!
  211. Tonight UFC - Who You Gots?
  212. California Soldiers Must Repay Enlistment Bonuses
  213. Social Media - Hillary's numbers -vs- Trump's numbers
  214. attn: iceveins
  215. November 9th.
  216. Cubs V Indians who ya got?
  217. Calling out Trev71
  218. Wikileaks Director Dead
  219. Does it get any better? self driving beer truck
  220. Thinking about getting myself a motorcycle.
  221. Might need a second surgery on my shoulder :(
  222. Forced "Break" from lifting
  223. My boy Trump is closing in on the polls, ohhh sh!t!
  224. Michael Moore on Trump
  225. Halloween is gone to the dogs..
  226. This can't be true...
  227. Thinking about getting myself a motorboat.
  228. What happen to men, why have they become such whiny bitches?
  229. FBI to Relaunch investigation into Hillary Clinoton Emails
  230. Thinking about getting a Trolling motor for my Motorboat.
  231. Obsessive focus on food
  232. 6 yr terms.
  233. Wtf?
  234. Those of you divorced
  235. POTUS Polls, it's 1980 all over again...
  236. Don't look now, but Trump just pulled ahead
  237. Just saw CaptChip40 on Fox25 News!
  238. Taking selfies in the voting booth
  239. Politicians + Lack of self awareness...
  240. Feel the Johnson!
  241. Hey Ice
  242. Meet and Greet OV35 in 2017
  243. Two updates on my life long read
  244. This guy is pretty funny...
  245. The strangest e-mail released yet...
  246. Post hernia op blues
  247. What are the next steps if Hilary...
  248. Why are people in the gym so insecure?
  249. You have to admit Trump is looking presidential!
  250. Obama has lost control of his people...