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  1. Don't go into that church you stupid bitch
  2. This article makes my head hurt.
  3. Those damn Texas cops.
  4. Work and Play selfies - BH way!
  5. Dinner with some great folks at the RPS meet - pic
  6. This will make you blow your shorts...
  7. Bodyhard is a lady's man for sure...pic inside.
  8. Got the go ahead to start walking again
  9. ok jimmyjonny
  10. Curling in JTBNY home Gym with Bando
  11. As of today, I can offically post in here
  12. Personal Trainer is unreliable, so friend suggested I ask here :)
  13. To the OV35 folks who live in Texas.
  14. Everyone please take a positive part in this thread
  15. no videos or pics BUT..
  16. Have a question for the OV35 folks.
  17. Do you guys think Trump was too hard on Megan?
  18. Look at the dates on this list (ww2, korea, vietnam pows/ mia)
  19. Glaciers gonna glacier
  20. How come people whose jobs are roofing/plumbing/tiles are in general over weight?
  21. Danzig Lyrics I've Misheard for the Last 25 Years
  22. BodyHard and NorwichGrad Fall Itinerary
  23. chest help
  24. chillin in Italy.
  25. Thrown under the bus by my EVP - Long Read
  26. Working out in the bat cave
  27. Selfies / Psychopaths
  28. Co-ed bathrooms what say you?
  29. I Saw A Young Couple On A Bench Being In Love How Do U Old Farts Deal With This?
  30. Choice of music, if any, you would want to hear while dining out with friends.
  31. OK ladies answer me this - Why do some of you love babies so much?
  32. should i lose weight first
  33. Asian Brahs I need your help
  34. NorwichGrad & Jbizzlechizzle (and anyone else in PA) - meet up
  35. Yo BH
  36. Getting past a "wall"
  37. My apartment seems to be the go to place for mistaken deliveries.
  38. Its final today
  39. Advice - lies and relationships
  40. Landlord asked if I was on medication
  41. Found my Candidate.
  42. Calling out ID!
  43. 15 Years of Marriage, Brahs.
  44. Ola
  45. Today is national men's grooming day
  46. Booked my hotel for Texas! So-Tex OS you better not Silverlight me!
  47. Spring Vacation.
  48. Funny T-Shirt at Gym
  49. Dat feel when you find a quarter!!
  50. For No Particular reason: Blue Oyster Cult
  51. Meow... :D
  52. Anyone here close to Chattanooga Tennessee?
  53. Back To School!
  54. Feedback please...
  55. Oil is 39 bucks a barrel....
  56. Reporter and Cameraman killed on live tv, terrible...
  57. Super Fitness, ever heard of it?
  58. Prenup agreement...should i sign it?
  59. So how did any of you married/engaged peeps propose/get proposed to?
  60. So, who wants to meet up? "Don't Silverlight me bro"
  61. Texas deputy shot dead, chit is getting crazy....
  62. Which weighs more???
  63. Pants/jeans suggestion
  64. And this is WHY I hated English Class!!!
  65. i bet i'm the unhealthiest person here
  66. Cant say how happy I am to get rid of an Iphone!
  67. 50 years ago….
  68. Not staying true to yourself...
  69. Yalalalalalalala
  70. R.I.P. Dean Jones.
  71. Fix my handle
  72. Colorblind people, check this out.
  73. Hopefully these videos that are surfing will provide clues to the cop killing
  74. We Are All Syrians Now
  75. So now you go to prison if you are religious??
  76. Suspecting how someone you know online sounds like on the phone.
  77. Anyone else getting bombed tonight?
  78. Egg prices are crazy
  79. For all us old folks.
  80. Morning all..couple gym shots from today
  81. My only daughter having a baby, it is a girl, me last night
  82. Handgun Holsters
  83. Is this justified? Sportsmanship at its best
  84. Im Crazy About Her.
  85. Acting out in emotion without thinking.
  86. I've located Cowboybiker!!!
  87. I used to be the youngest guy in the gym, then one day i looked
  88. Being pretty isn't easy according to this average looking female
  89. Awe-inspiring
  90. Got a bit of a problem here...
  91. When I was a kid
  92. Calling Out Geeks - Windows 10
  93. Steven Colbert show
  94. Calling out Deaks!
  95. Got to set the record straight on waterboarding
  96. The Greatest sport on Earth begins tonight!
  97. 9/11 Never Forget.
  98. Please aware me on running a convenience / liquor store
  99. Any good FLAC media players??
  100. Bodyhard, Mrs. BH and NG Meet Up
  101. good arm workout today one lil pic
  102. Had some eggs today.
  103. How About Them Ducks?
  104. B.R.O.'s -
  105. In love with a married woman.
  106. The problem with this world.
  107. Follow up/Update on my boy
  108. Looks like Kai Greene won't be winning the Olympia this year.
  109. An Example of Government Overreach - Personal Trainers
  110. Had Bacon Wrapped Dove Wrapped in Bacon and Stuffed with Serrano Peppers. Pics
  111. What do you think??
  112. UK male suicide rate at an all-time high
  113. Looking for some advice from the OV35, serious responses please if at all possible.
  114. New drink recipe
  115. Mountain loses in arm wrestling
  116. My New Leg Training
  117. Thanks to NWG and JTBNY - got my squats sneakers today!
  118. The difference between a good nights sleep and a restless one
  119. This says it all.
  120. Ronda Rousey makes alot of sense.
  121. breakfast after breafast before lunch..
  122. Screenname -> First name
  123. Pretty much tasted heaven just now..
  124. really happy about my workout today.
  125. The paradox of the extreme right-winger.
  126. Having Hernia Surgery Today
  127. Company event - some pics
  128. Conquering your fears/phobia...
  129. Jeff Dunham tour
  130. Why do older folks feel the need to talk about their chronic pains/illness
  131. Australia is for Bird lovers
  132. Got banned from a free speech forum
  133. Super Dave- American hero
  134. This aint something you see every day. Border of India and Pakistan
  135. How many minutes can you withstand it?
  136. Meet Up with Jbizzlechizzle and Friend at a WL Meet
  137. Go Pack Go
  138. driving from Atlanta to Greenville SC
  139. Don't rob banks in Michigan, and this won't happen to you.
  140. Don't rob houses in Ohio, and this won't happen to you.
  141. Which of these two bands is better?
  142. A lil update on things
  143. Hi I'm Marie and I'm new to the 35+ misc
  144. dropped 500$ on my friends mom for her birthday. her husband confronted me
  145. Bad Dad!!
  146. RIP Yogi Berra
  147. What did you do before lifting?
  148. Remarkable Discovery!
  149. The roundest object in the world.
  150. C4 + the ripper from cobra lab
  151. A heart warming story.
  152. 34 years ago today
  153. Just Dropped $200 on DATNEWNEWNEW's Mom
  154. I never learn
  155. TGIF What is the OV35 folks up to?
  156. In the next two weeks I will be out in Texas, next state is?
  157. For no apparent reason.......The Doors
  158. Hernia update (Chinese Hospital)
  159. What would you do if you could not lift anymore?
  160. Total lunar eclipse tonight: Americas and Europe
  161. What Do You Guys Do To Keep Your Energy Up?
  162. What would you do if you could not post anymore?
  163. Remove the sign or leave the sign?
  164. Had a great 35th
  165. Spoon Pics
  166. Should I be offended?
  167. Arachnophobic gets revenge on spidey with gas pump, hilarity insues
  168. I am offended
  169. Hiking the Last Chance Range
  170. Instagram, what the hell is it?
  171. its kinda funny
  172. Do I diss her or no? What say you?
  173. Trump says "If elected he will send the Refugees back to Syria"
  174. I need to get this surgery sooner than later, incident last night.
  175. I'm a Tree Hugger, Bros
  176. 10 Dead, 9 injured at a college, just another day in America
  177. Gun killings, my perspective
  178. Come at me bro!
  179. Training for 60 year old
  180. Had to help a dude that was getting jumped.
  181. :D Come at me bro! II
  182. Good deed turns out to be a f'ck up on my part.
  183. Personal question
  184. Let's play a game! 5 years worth of change...
  185. The 2nd amendment & others, Conservative vs Liberal...Civil Discussion
  186. High School Football in Texas is Serious Business
  187. So long regular misc
  188. Why do Automobiles cost so mcuh these days?
  189. Scary Charts and Graphs
  190. The Martian
  191. My family is way too f'cking big!!!
  192. Moved in new house
  193. My company hired what appears to be a female bodybuilder, she is f'cking hot.
  194. Bacon and eggs everyday FTW
  195. ... and I thought doing squats is painful!
  196. Ban the Police
  197. Headed to Texas tomorrow - These Mo'fer's better be worth this commute!
  198. 99% of the people in the gym have headphones on
  199. One Adam 12...One Adam 12... Final Goodbye
  200. Background check for job
  201. Texas meet up pics, SoTex, OS, Johnnyburst and BH
  202. In need of ADVICE!!
  203. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians eh!
  204. Piriformis Syndrome :because of rt calf smaller then left ...
  205. My experience and thought on my Texas weekend . (sorry long read)
  206. an update on things
  207. Happy Birthday To All My Naval Brothers and Sisters!!
  208. RIP Rowdy
  209. So I was told today was national braless day, but I did not see any nipples
  210. This is what pisses me off about people.
  211. What the hell are people doing in the gym?
  212. People these days are UNBELIEVABLE!
  213. what the hell are people NOT doing in the gym?
  214. How many of you have stopped training (anyone still training no need to reply)
  215. UofM vs MSU Who You Gonna Pick????
  216. Central Texas fires....
  217. Almost had a "BodyHard" moment, brahs
  218. Was at the eye doctor yesterday and he gave me both a compliment and a diss
  219. Episode VII Really holding out hope this kicks ass.
  220. Then and now 34 years apart (pics)
  221. Lamar Odom
  222. Canada Votes, eh
  223. Craigslist score....
  224. Hah! Suck eggs!
  225. Cooking with a pressure cooker?
  226. Who likes my profile pic?
  227. DocHoss and his ten-incher
  228. House Cleaning
  229. Is there a doctor in the house? MRI question
  230. Been a little over 3.5 years
  231. Which Profile Pic Would You Choose?
  232. This thread is only about...
  233. Calling out mirroroferised. Troll phaggot. O35 gtfih
  234. Anyone from....
  235. Goodbye (for real).
  236. MSgt Joshua L. Wheeler
  237. Streaming tv options opinions please
  238. For those in the know in IT.
  239. Staying in "shape" regardless of age
  240. From 185 to 240 due to disability...need advice please
  241. My new gym in progress
  242. Overhead Press
  243. Thank You BB.com! One Year!
  244. Processed Meat Warnings
  245. Always a manlet....almost man
  246. Old threads from the past - Over 800 pages worth!
  247. Calling Marylanders & Pennsyltuckians
  248. I should have learned to drive stick a long time ago....
  249. The Myth of the Myth of Body Types
  250. Almost Engaged A "Threat" Last Night