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  1. 1st?
  2. Need some advice on my upcoming CPT exam
  3. Best Gyms To Work At?
  4. What do you get paid for training people?
  5. Which personal training cert?
  6. any other long time trainers?
  7. Independent Trainers?
  8. Careers
  9. personal trainer needed urgently
  10. looking for some advice....
  11. Personal trainers - Study Thread
  12. Thank You BB.com
  13. other income streams
  14. the offical "how i get clients thread"
  15. Want to become a personal trainer. Need help & advice.
  16. Your opinion on how to train a swing, as im baffled
  17. PT will i make a decent living
  18. Certifications...
  19. Everything to know about PT for beginners
  20. Canadian Personal Trainers
  21. Image?
  22. pls help me pik my personal trainer
  23. Codes of Ethics/Conduct... How you Train?
  24. UK personal trainers!
  25. Getting into the profession?
  26. i want to be an atheletic trainer for football players. but HOW??
  27. anyone take the nasm test?
  28. average age of trainers?
  29. diet compliance. how do you get them to eat right?
  30. Studying the art of bodybuilding
  31. Currently studying to become a P'Trainer..
  32. What NEW CLIENT intake forms do you use?
  33. A question for all you PTs out there...
  34. how to get ur clients to resign
  35. Can-Fit Pro Courses
  36. Help me use my talent
  37. What all do you need for an ISSA certification?
  38. training a client who has one arm
  39. What to do with my life..
  40. How to deal with typical 35-45 year old Joe Schmoe without motivation or dedication??
  41. Training
  42. Personal Training Poll. (serious please)
  43. STALEY- ULTRASOUND BODY Composition Call
  44. Some advice
  45. Im Certified!
  46. video of some our clients
  47. U.S Career Institute
  48. Anyone else studying for the ACE cert?
  49. Best School in Michigan for PT?
  50. NASM question
  51. feeling back/chest
  52. Will bb.com reclaim this thread??
  53. Being a PT and your own Personal Appearance?
  54. Training on a Cruise ship.
  55. Interested in this field. Information anyone?
  56. Person Trainers, A Question For You
  57. Yes..another "Question for you PT's" thread
  58. ok pt's
  59. what courses would u recommend?
  60. Looking for a personal trainer
  61. any one a s&c coach (college or pro )
  62. about to take my issa test
  63. Want to get my cert
  64. Halfway through Certificate 3 in fitness (Australia)
  65. ATTENTION: personal trainers
  66. I want to get certified, best options?
  67. certifications for the working man
  68. Is there any really good money in personal training?
  69. National Gym Association, INC
  70. question for certified ACSM trainers?
  71. would i be good at this ?
  72. Question for Aussie Trainers
  73. Poor College Student, Part Time Job, Needs Help
  74. intimidating clients?
  75. Upcoming NSCA test
  76. What would you do...
  77. In-home personal training. Which type?
  78. Anyone here CSCS???
  79. HAve you heard of this diet?
  80. Question on ACE cert
  81. Have we discussed this? how do you determine your rates?
  82. Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer.
  83. ISSA or reebok?
  84. Best Online Certification?
  85. Qualifications in the UK
  86. ISSA Cert
  87. Question about NASM-CPT
  88. Thank You Bodybuilding.com
  89. When did you know you were ready to train?
  90. I'm selling my new ACE personal trainer package
  91. Hi how are you
  92. certified personal trainer here to answer your quetions
  93. Who has a nutrition certification?
  94. What do I put on a resume geared toward a personal training job?
  95. Becoming a PT?
  96. final video of female clients
  97. What's a good low coordination required whole body exercise?
  98. ACE Certification
  99. Seeking PT in Minnesota
  100. ok fellow trainers...what about YOUR own training?
  101. where do you get your CEU's from???
  102. How should i get Certified
  103. How to get started....
  104. At what age...
  105. NPTI - Orlando
  106. Training clients on the beach?
  107. Independent trainers! question on insurance, percentage to the gym, and prices!
  108. PT back routine
  109. How much do you pay your gym?
  110. How many of you immediately found work after getting your cert w/o college?
  111. ready to start on my certification, looking at ace. bootcamps? NEED INFO NOW!
  112. Need Personal Trainer!!!!!
  113. Exercises for older gentlemen?
  114. Anyone freelancing?
  115. For those studying to be a PT, or anyone who wants to further there knowledge!!
  116. Question! Need advice!
  117. What a new PT should do to get hired?
  118. LA fitness.
  119. Employee or Indep Contractor question?
  120. Waivers, Par-Q, Physician Consent forms
  121. Payment, packages, deals etc
  122. Trainers Do You Have Another Job?
  123. Kinesiology and Health Science majors/graduates
  124. Equinox Trainers?
  125. College student, got some questions..
  126. Is this a good plan?
  127. i wanna be a pt.
  128. screening potential clients
  129. training high blood pressure clients
  130. This Forum is in need of change I believe
  131. Was asked by the gym ...
  132. Looking for Major Health Club Horror Stories!!!
  133. Starting PT this month! Please help with all advice! Thanks!
  134. Is This Dream Possible?
  135. Walking advertisment.. For the trainers not in great shape, Whats your excuse?
  136. Training multiple clients at once
  137. Looking for some advice
  138. Independent Trainers, Gym Owners - Supplements for your clients?
  139. What's the best Certification for being a PT?
  140. Any Las Vegas Trainers?
  141. Creating an "atmosphere" during a PT session...??
  142. ACSM CPT exam re-test
  143. Please Help: Can't get client to drop LBs
  144. Hooking up with your client(s)?
  145. Where do you guys get your workouts for your clients?
  146. Golf related Exercises?
  147. How long does it take you to get to your gym?
  148. Unique exercises for Golfer
  149. Most of you PTs will enjoy this
  150. Need PT help.
  151. Which certification can I get while still in high school?? (Age 18)
  152. What Can I do at 16 to become a Personal Trainer
  153. Question for you Personal Trainers
  154. NASM certification
  155. Why so much BS in my ACE manual
  156. Training clients on a bowflex?
  157. Recommendation for Certification
  158. Picking a second certification
  159. Easiest Cert?
  160. erhhh client gained size
  161. Looking for a further cert to tie in with PT online, help needed!!!
  162. I'm a new personal trainer
  163. about the can-pro certification exam
  164. Need help with total body workout
  165. When should SPLIT ROUTINES be used?
  166. attracting higher $$$ clients
  167. Recruiting Clients
  168. I want to become a personal trainer :)
  169. I want the CSCS from the NSCA
  170. I need some inspiration
  171. NSCA-CPT question
  172. info on bally's trainers?
  173. The Official Best Gyms to work at thread. .
  174. I need a great career/job badly, I have the passion, what steps must I take?
  175. Common % to pay gym/employer
  176. Fitness Boot Camps
  177. Article for those who want to become a trainer
  178. help me
  179. just started
  180. Help: Client has loose skin from weight loss
  181. Can you PT without a cert?
  182. is this an ok work out
  183. getting NASM-cpt. i have some questions
  184. help a newb
  185. So I just found out I'm officially NSCA certified!!!
  186. Meal plans...
  187. Possible to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously?
  188. Why is this certification so easy?
  189. Incompetent manager
  190. Dropping Clients?
  191. What a BS day....
  192. 8 weeks enough to become ACE certified?
  193. workouts ti improve strength and build muscle for my client
  194. RE: TV casting for personal trainers-Downtown Toronto
  195. Continuing PT
  196. Training Clients in a Public gym
  197. advertising....everyone has advice....what about examples??
  198. Any Trainers In Mass?????
  199. Sales tips
  200. trainers can you give me some insight
  201. Im so freeking sore
  202. Personal Trainers in Sacramento, CA
  203. Do PTs feel that their clients are more important?
  204. Mid-training Questionaire
  205. Beginning fitness as a career
  206. How do personal trainers feel about having a client who...
  207. Becoming a personal trainer??
  208. Blown Rotator Cuff
  209. They are Trainers, but not employees?
  210. Functional Trainer Vs. Weight Training
  211. training programm
  212. ACE Question
  213. PT For Only Form
  214. Decent Website
  215. Nutrition Certification
  216. Just got certified, few questions
  217. The ACE Exam (kinesiology)
  218. **For all you Trainers** You have 15 minutes to train someone. what do u do?
  219. Easy Cert?
  220. Friends "problem" with a client
  221. Nesta cert.
  222. Becoming a trainer on the side?
  223. Becoming a PT after Highschool
  224. Motivation vs. Instruction
  225. LLC and Taxes?
  226. MAT in Dallas
  227. How much can I charge per hour as a CSCS?
  228. MBA with Fitness
  229. Independent Trainers
  230. A question for Personal Trainers
  231. It takes more than being a trainer
  232. Which Certification?
  233. Question for all you Personal Trainers!!!
  234. prehabilitation!
  235. NFPT Exam
  236. Looking for a trainer in Southern CA
  237. Passed the certification exams!!!!
  238. School advice needed
  239. Active Rest Exercises
  240. Just got my NSCA study material....
  241. Want to be a PT
  242. Looking for personal Trainer in Onatrio!!!!!!!
  243. Exercise analysis - assistance required
  244. Okay guys, got a idea, will probably get negative responses though
  245. Just became a personal trainer, couple questions
  246. How Many Clients A Week
  247. Help Training tag-team clients!
  248. Any Aussie Personal Trainers/PT Students?
  249. The personal trainer I just hired...
  250. PROPTA Cert