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  1. Licensing of Personal Trainers: SPEAK UP!
  2. The Worst Personal Trainer Certifications
  3. Anyone here who owns a gym?
  4. Trainers I need your feedback
  5. aussie trainers in NSW, what's the market like?
  6. Is NASM really that great??
  7. Membership Consultant Position
  8. Websites with CPT study info
  9. Personal Training- Basics?
  10. Is it possible to be a personal trainer just in the summer?
  11. Ncca
  12. ACSM Personal Trainer Exam difficulty level Versus ACE Personal Trainer Exam?
  13. If your a good trainer I need your advice
  14. Any good free online NASM study resources?
  15. Legal without Certs?
  16. Lazy clients...do you make the workouts easier and easier for them?
  17. NASM as second certification
  18. How is business for you lately?
  19. Survey - are you full time or part time personal trainer?
  20. Studying for ACSM Cert - How Long?
  21. Looking for trainer in Greensboro, NC
  22. Nasm
  23. Young personal trainers??
  24. how is this routine/diet?
  25. How to Put DVD/Video on iPod, PSP, Computer, Zune, Xbox (Mac/Windows)
  26. If You are a good trainer, please help!
  27. Is this supposed to hurt so much?
  28. Few questions you guys can help me answer
  29. Is internet training worth while?
  30. looking at being a CPT when i get out
  31. Need a Pro bodybuilding trainer in San Clemente, CA
  32. Personal Trainer Course Australia
  33. Personnal Training Opportunity
  34. need online trainers
  35. Proper diet in Afghanistan,
  36. Who has a degree?
  37. Body Fat/LBM, POF Formula with using Calipers
  38. Advertising yourself as " The county's top personal trainer?????? "
  39. How do you market yourself?
  40. Biceps Brachii Tendon
  41. need opinion
  42. Is this legit?
  43. NASM exam
  44. Independent and In Home trainers
  45. Disappearing Clients
  46. Nfpt?
  47. Exercise Question I on Cert Exam.
  48. Would a Psychology degree help?
  49. training with curvature
  50. A few questions
  51. Gettin my business off the ground.
  52. Nsca-cpt?
  53. Advice Please
  54. Wanting to be a personal trainer.....Certifications??
  55. can you weight lift in water and gain mass!
  56. Passed the NSCA CPT exam.... moving to Chicago soon....looking for advice
  57. need advice on the squat
  58. can you get a good deal for ivanko and iron grip
  59. Any Aussie PT's?
  60. My Arms Will Not Grow!!
  61. What do you think about this regimen....
  62. I need an online personal trainer! (I'll pay) Help me
  63. chest advice!
  64. Looking for a good online personal trainer
  65. What would you touch on...?
  66. How many of you fear becoming independent?
  67. Recovering from eating disorders
  68. What are your top secrets for your clients success????
  69. a career or job?
  70. anyone else is 5.4 feet
  71. Transforming my Body care to help?
  72. PT's...recommend what organization?
  73. Need some knowledge minds please
  74. Family member has a neck injury and can't workout
  75. Does personal trainer usually know how to help people train for a sport?
  76. Training a beginner
  77. looking for workout routine
  78. Need help
  79. Can someone with experience make me a workout or give me some tips?
  80. on average how much do personal trainers make??
  81. How to rip DVD, convert video, transfer iPod music and make iPhone ringtone for Windo
  82. HELP cramps please
  83. calipers or bio-impedance analyzer?
  84. need new chest exercises for woman
  85. Am I too Old To Become a Personal Trainer at 44?
  86. Back Muscle
  87. ISSA online.com
  88. TRX Suspension Trainer?
  89. Gains/Loss
  90. STUDYING for the acsm. i would leove some tips.
  91. I need a website Designer
  92. How can my friend get abs?
  93. Recently certified personal trainer...
  94. Psychological Aspects of Training Women
  95. Issa?
  96. so I got offered a job at Ballys and at a high end Sports club..which??
  97. How do you guys close potential clients?
  98. NASM Promo Code
  99. Want to Hire
  100. highschool
  101. Liabilibty Insurance
  102. Career Bind
  103. Basic Training Injury
  104. Do you have a unique or interesting website? I may be interested in promoting it.
  105. I've been asked to run a bootcamp for a friend
  106. can i be a personal trainer without actually being certified
  107. Stair climbing machine
  108. NESTA Certification
  109. Help please
  110. certification then getting hired
  111. So i'm a qualified PT in a week. Now what?
  112. Claiming other trainers clients?
  113. What's up PT's :)
  114. Your websites?
  115. Need PA Mech Trainer
  116. How can I market and take advantage of this situation?
  117. what kind of jobs can you get with a bachloret in "Health, Leisure & Exercise Science
  118. Bikini Bootcamp in Mexico job
  119. $49.99 - $49.00 - $50.00
  120. Physiology of muscle development
  121. personal trainer forms?
  122. Ohio Personal Training jobs / gym jobs
  123. Mailing List?
  124. Training someone with tendonitis...
  125. Booked my NSCA exam...is this a joke?
  126. Training male 62 years old with Parkinson's diseae
  127. PTing programs for laptops
  128. Internet Pesonal Training
  129. How/Do you use the internet for your business?
  130. As a customer would you hire an obese PT?
  131. Your best advice
  132. Personal Trainer Jobs
  133. New Online Personal Training MegaSite
  134. Gym instructor/Personal trainer pros and cons?
  135. Firefighter workout program
  136. Iron Radio With Guest Lou Schuler
  137. PT cert...how long does it take?
  138. ACSM's Texts
  139. Hardest thing to get clients to change?
  140. Getting the Newbie to come in?
  141. Frustrated
  142. I think im loosing too much weight and loosing very little fat
  143. Need Bodybuilding coach in Houston
  144. Personal Training and Scope: How much nutritional advice can you give?
  145. What to wear to a PT job Interview?
  146. Training Attire
  147. PT Website - How to get one started
  148. Pos & eft
  149. Looking for PT in Worcester,MA area
  150. I want to be a Personal Trainer..
  151. PT wanted in PA
  152. ACE Personal Trainers...
  153. Help form all u FITNESS MASTERS.
  154. Help from all u FITNESS MASTERS.
  155. ACSM exam
  156. Info about being a personal trainer
  157. how much do 24 hr fitness personal trainers get paid an hour?
  158. workout for middle aged couple
  159. Am i working out to much?
  160. Would You Say that How You Look Is Your Best Sales Tool?
  161. Can someone take a look at my workout?
  162. Does this routine look okay for my client?
  163. Massage Therapy as an Adjunct to Personal Training?
  164. "don't worry, its just pain. It's not dangerous." - A doctor
  165. what % of your max?
  166. Cheats meals for clients.......
  167. Just got my packet from ACE. Man it's a lot of stuff!!
  168. How to Put DVD/Video on iPod, PSP, Computer, Zune, Xbox (Mac/Windows)
  169. How to get more clients.. Hang out at the gym???
  170. business cards
  171. Convincing a family member to engage in diet/exercise?
  172. Weight Watchers
  173. *REPS* Asking personal trainers a Question
  174. Nautilus Pullover
  175. 8 Pack questions!
  176. To anyone who is a Personal Trainer please help
  177. Career Path Advice
  178. Career path help
  179. splitting my work out
  180. When do you do cardio with your clients?
  181. Mesa
  182. NASM CERT - timeframe
  183. Any of my fellow trainers agree with this?
  184. Old man, getting injured with current trainer
  185. please help
  186. Need Help with chronic overtraining
  187. Help needed training a girl
  188. looking for some knowledgable advise
  189. Nutrition Certified???
  190. Anyone know anything about shoulder joints/injuries
  191. Female trainers wanted in Dallas, TX!!
  192. Personal Training Software
  193. what kind of job could one get with BS in business and NASM cert
  194. certification
  195. Job as an Instructor with a criminal record (in the UK)
  196. Hot Dog Eating Contest
  197. triceps issue
  198. How did you know personal training was for you?
  199. Lipo6 for under 18 years old ?
  200. tracking income for independent trainers
  201. question about speed training for soccer
  202. Becoming a Personal Trainer in Canada
  203. Herniated Disc's and boxing
  204. supersets, dropsets, plyo, etc question
  205. Little advice needed from trainers more experienced than I
  206. NHE Certification Study Guide
  207. Consultation Questions
  208. Other certficiations and speciltiest help
  209. Accurate body fat Scale?
  210. Need some expert advice on a lower adomen pinch
  211. A couple of questions about ACSM Certified PT process and PT in general...
  212. What to expect?
  213. oh **** moments on the NSCA exam
  214. i got pwn by my gym
  215. Deadlift/Squat split?
  216. Can someone help me?
  217. Circuit Training & Other Methods.
  218. Music During Training Sessions
  219. Looking for PT in UK
  220. Becoming a personal trainer in Canada
  221. I feel the pain inside me. Teach me the right program for my body.
  222. Stuff to do in the gym to attain clients?
  223. Hired at LA fitness and High End Sports Club..Which Job should i take? HELP!!
  224. Two-thirds of Aussies overweight or obese?
  225. EFT - Yay or Nay?
  226. Kettlebells in the UK
  227. Jobs with Strength & Conditioning Qualification
  228. Dualing degrees
  229. double major?
  230. Training at your personal gym?
  231. CSCS exam @ the end of the month...any final suggestions?
  232. ACE Personal Training Books
  233. Personal Trainer Flyers?
  234. ACE exam
  235. Careers in fitness/nutrition other than personal training
  236. After one week...
  237. i want to be a trainer
  238. Ab question
  239. exercise science
  240. Any good resourceful links???
  241. Is afaa NCCA acredited??
  242. Advice starting my own gym/fitness center
  243. What has worked best for you (marketing)
  244. I want to be a trainer
  245. Blood Pressure.....
  246. anyone do "In-Home" personal training?
  247. NEWBIE ALERT LOL - Questions regarding personal trainer certification
  248. training regime for 18 yr old girl
  249. Anyone worked for Equinox or Fitness Formula Clubs
  250. NSCA-CSCS Book/Exam Materials