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  1. E's ThermalRage Log, Sponsored by Primaforce
  2. Marlon's Sponsored CL Purple Wraath Log
  3. BL04's Sponsored Purple Wraath Log
  4. Methoxy-TST / TRN log sponsored by BioScience
  5. Rage's 2-AD Log sponsored by Anabolic Extreme
  6. warriors Anagen Log sponsored by Scivation
  7. Ultimate Performance Enhancing Stack - Sponsored by SNS and Controlled
  8. Dave's Sponsored Sesamin/Melting Point Log
  9. RBEliminator's Syntrax sponsored Hyper-H (Arachidonic Acid) Log/Review
  10. RBEliminator's Syntrax sponsored Hyper-H (Arachidonic Acid) Log/Review
  11. A Chick's Cuttin for Cabo-sponsored by Melting Point/Scivation Sesamin
  12. Stonecold's Shred-XS SPONSORED Log
  13. SoMdHunter's Palo Alto Labs Sponsored Paravol Tester Log
  14. Rusty319's sponsored Shred-XS log
  15. Dan's Controlled Labs GreenMAGnitude™ sponsored log
  16. xven's CONTROLLED LABS sponsored Green MAGnitude log
  17. Scorch/Vaporize Log..sponsored by MAN
  18. UNCnate's CL Black HOLE (sponsored) and AX Hyperdrol/Retain with DS Vigor
  19. warriors Black Hole Log Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  20. Envy's Sponsored R4W 5.0 log
  21. usp labs non sponsored Powerfull/cissus log
  22. Sponsored Diesel Test 2010 V2
  23. Sponsored Nitrobolic Extreme
  24. SoMdHunter's PRIMED and N'Gorge **** Sponsored Log
  25. latspread's sponsored "Controlled Lab's BLACK HOLE" 30-day log
  26. pumped into the BLACK HOLE sponsored by Controlled Labs
  27. Ice's Sponsored EPIC 8-BetaAnabol Log
  28. Sponsored **** N'Gorge & Primed log by Redvision
  29. My MAN Body Octane High-Volatge Sponsored Log
  30. Cordygen5 Test Run sponsored by Millennium Sport
  31. zootalors IntraXcell sponsored 30 day log
  32. MattMB’s AX Sponsored MassFX + Hyperdrol Log
  33. Sponsored: MassFX/Hyperdrol Log, Alpha Test. Time to get huge!
  34. Time to Adapt: Cordygen5 Log (Sponsored by Millenium Sport)
  35. Beast69's SteelEdge/IntraXcell Log, Sponsored by AEN
  36. JT's Sponsored Clout Log
  37. 60 day Controlled Labs WB @ Night sponsored Super Stack!
  38. AtomicLee's Sponsored Focus XT Log w/Xceed and Friends
  39. Kyle Hannah's Contest Preparation Mr. Natural Minnesota: Sponsored by CONTROLLED LABS
  40. Younglifter's Sponsored Thermolife E-bol Log
  41. The 20 Day high dose ECDYSTEN by Thermolife sponsored log
  42. El Pena's Semi-sponsored Clout Log
  43. Mick's Tearing it Up w/ Epic's 5-Tetra Sponsored Log
  44. Highwey's Sponsored Purple-K log
  45. CEL NOX Surge Sponsored LOG!!!!!
  46. BIG F@CE surgin' with CEL NOX-SURGE (sponsored)
  47. TheBigEasy - "Pumped up for CEL NOX-SURGE" (Sponsored)
  48. CEL NOX Surge Log by Vipor (Sponsored)
  49. warwithgenetics' CEL NOX Surge Log (sponsored)
  50. Chris' CuttingEdgeLabs NOX SURGE log (sponsored)
  51. ruffian's sponsored CEL NOX SURGE log
  52. Norways Cutting Edge Labs NOX Surge Log (Sponsored)
  53. jth16's Sponsored Hard Nutrition Pyru-CreX log
  54. Sherri's iSatori Curvelle™ Sponsored Log
  55. Fellowship of IntraXCell (Sponsored Testlog)
  56. Hard Nutrition's Revitalize X Sponsored Log
  57. Supa's *iSatori Sponsored* Soul Cuts
  58. Anth28's AE INTRAXCELL Sponsored Log!
  59. RAGNAROK by Millenium Sport - A sponsored Log by redvision
  60. Steve0178 tests THE EVOLOTION STACK from ALR industries *sponsored log*
  61. Hoss' **** Sponsored Evolution Stack
  62. ~PIMPimitsu~ - A log of Bad Ass Mass Production ! sponsored **** ™
  63. SoMdHunter's ALR Industries Sponsored Evolution (BAM-Jungle Warfare-Restore) Log
  64. Nathan78's **** BAM/Bad Ass Mass Sponsored Log
  65. Chris' quest for some BADASSMASS..a sponsored log.
  66. RWelborn7's Sponsored MassFx/Hyperdrol Log
  67. Adbusters **** Evolution stack [sponsored]
  68. BigNorg's Hyperdrol + Mass FX Sponsored Log
  69. Muscletech Aplodan (sponsored)
  70. CEL NOX Surge/Refuel Sponsored Log
  71. REFUELing the BEAST log, Sponsored by CEL
  72. Kemistry Labs Stone Dragon Sponsored Log!!!!!
  73. {{{Tara's Rampin' it up with Refuel!!}}} Sponsored log
  74. LSU's sponsored SNS Arginine E2 Matrix Log
  75. Sponsored Purple K Months Log!
  76. A Refuel log By Exnihillo..(Sponsored Log)
  77. ncangey's Sponsored Millennium Sports Technologies CARNAGE Log
  78. theshrink goes on SNS Phenibut XT (Sponsored)
  79. Applied Nutriceuticals: NeoVar/ IGF- 2 Sponsored Log
  80. My BF% is in Trouble!!... Troubled's Leviathan cutting Log (sponsored)
  81. IBE's Epitsane Log (Not Sponsored)
  82. Post Workout Nutrition Done Right- Sponsored CORE PWO Log
  83. Livinonlava Logs MuscleTech? Aplodan? (Sponsored)
  84. ZEUS LOG ( sponsored)
  85. SCT's Triathlon Training, Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  86. Matic's Sponsored **** PRIMED ULTRA Log
  87. ALR Sponsored Primed Ultra Log
  88. Garret's Sponsored **** PRIMED ULTRA Log!!
  89. El Pena's sponsored Primaforce Cissus Log
  90. primaFORCE Cissus log (sponsored)
  91. n-CREAse + Edge-NO Sponsored by CEL
  92. n-CREAse + Edge-NO Quest for MASS Sponsored by CEL
  93. sponsored primaforce cissus log
  94. **MillerTime's n-CREAse and Edge-NO sponsored log**
  95. Lee Preist Jr. Log Sponsored By Cel
  96. Mele421's CEL Sponsored Combo Stack: n-CREAse + Edge-NO Log
  97. Bill's Scivation vasoxplode Log (sponsored)
  98. LG Sciences' Trifecta Stack + RECEPTOR! *Sponsored by LG Sciences*
  99. BIG F@CE Millennium Sport Ragnarok log....(sponsored)
  100. J Rock's quest for ZEUS (un-sponsored)
  101. Justtryn's LET'S ROK - Millenium Sport - Ragnarok Log (Sponsored)
  102. HeavyWe1ght's HyperTEST log (sponsored)
  103. NON-SPONSORED - White Flood, Green Bulge, Purple Wraath, Blue Up and Diesel Fuel V12
  104. Lilmansi's AX Sponsored Hyperdrol X2 Log
  105. Colobb gettin HUGE VasoXplode and Anabolic Pump log (sponsored)
  106. Time to get jacked up on HyperTEST: by Axis Labs Sponsored log
  107. SoMdHunter's Palto Alto Labs Sponsored INCARNATE Log
  108. PYF's Nutrabolics Deca Stack Sponsored Log!
  109. Alex08's New/Improved Purple Wraath V.3 LOG (sponsored)
  110. CL Turns Dan Purple & Green: Sponsored Purple Wraath & Unsponsored Green Bulge Log
  111. Tastes Like Urple... AshyLarry's Sponsored Purple Wraath Log
  112. The Wraath (Version 3) of BJ is upon you! (sponsored PW log)
  113. Ed's Incarnate Log (sponsored)
  114. El Pena's Stayin Diesel with Diesel Test 2040 (sponsored)
  115. War Against The Machines: Controlled Labs Purple Wraath V3 vs. EMISGOD
  116. Road to Summer 6-Pack with Leviathan *Sponsored*
  117. CharlotteFreak's RPN Sponsored DCP Log
  118. Terra's Purple Wraath Candy Log (Sponsored) + White Flood
  119. SexyBack's sponsored Purple Wraath Log
  120. Benjuito's 60 days of SIZEON + INCARNATE (sponsored by PAL only)
  121. Wow Strong ****'s WTF Pump'd + Primed Ultra Sponsored Product Test Log
  122. 6 Week Halodrol Log By Ssw (sponsored)
  123. Silver & Black Muscle Classic & Southern Cali Champs Sponsored by CONTROLLED LABS!
  124. Zootalors sponsored TestFuel log
  125. ajk0519's Neogenix Amplitude Log (sponsored)
  126. Samoangirls sponsored Dialene 4 log
  127. AllGenetix's Neogenix Voluplex Log - Beta Alanine/CEE - Sponsored
  128. J2jud's "NHA Stack" by DS ( not Sponsored ) MASS ATTACK
  129. Rvman getting "redone" with Starmark Labs LipoRedux(sponsored)
  130. Dying to Get Lean w/Dialene - sponsored
  131. Rich's Road to the NPC Ohio State and INBF Nationals: CONTROLLED LABS SPONSORED
  132. PWF's Starmark Labs LipoRedux Log (Sponsored)
  133. Slayer_Apostle's Torrent/Animal Pump log SPONSORED BY ANIMAL!
  134. Final Review - Millenium Sports Ragnarok - Warrior Melon (from sponsored log)
  135. JUSA cuts with LEVIATHAN (non sponsored)
  136. Testing my limits CEL TESTFUEL sponsored log!
  137. Starmark Labs LipoRedux (Sponsored) Log
  138. Sappers-Amazing Supremacy by Neogenix LOG (Sponsored)
  139. Aries Turns Up the Heat with Thryotabs (sponsored)
  140. Im getting HEATED. (Thyrotab Sponsored Log)
  141. SAPPERS PUMPED EST Nutrition NO Xtreme! Log(sponsored)
  142. Amy's Smokin Hot Gaspari Thyrotabs Log (sponsored)
  143. FFDREBIN turns "PRO"-Anabol w/ Jungle Warfare ARL Sponsored log
  144. Omega Sports presents... T-FORCE! A sponsored Fadogia log!
  145. Gigg's Gett'n ripped with the help of GASPARI THYROTABS
  146. BJ gets anabolic on your azz with PRO-ANABOL!!! (sponsored Pro-Anabol log)
  147. Eric's Pro-anabol Sponsored Mass Log!!!!
  148. Jimmy's 4 Week Pro-Anabol Log (Sponsored)
  149. WilMan70's **** Pro-Anabol Sponsored Log
  150. Adapt, Migrate, or Die: Dan's Sponsored Pro-Anabol + Jungle Warfare Log
  151. warriors Sponsored T-Force Log(New Formula)
  152. Neogenix Supremacy Log (Sponsored)
  153. Bigdolf's guggulbolic and fyre sponsored log
  154. gresh's Orange Triad Log - Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  155. 6 weeks of Gaspari Nutrition's Thermogenic Thyrotabs-Sponsored
  156. CL Orange Triad sponsored Log
  157. Dr.Dave1 take on CLs Orange triad (sponsored log)
  158. Thug goes to battle with Blue Raz Ragnarok!!! (sponsored)
  159. Dalamara's Animal Pump/Torrent Log
  160. PROANABOL!! Vipersg123's Log Sponsored by ****
  161. Frtizer Busts Out Evo Stack: **** Sponsored Log
  162. Farsscf's **** sponsored Pro Anabol log!
  163. BigPHusers11's sponsored Carnage log time to get focused...
  164. GFriedel's: Put a Lightning Bolt In Your Supps w/ CL's Green Mag-Electric Lemonade
  165. --nyg99 Goes Green-- CL Green MAG Electric Lemonade Sponsored LOG
  166. DBC5 Gets Massive With GREEN MAG (New Electric Lemonade Flavor)[Sponsored]
  167. be my PAL!
  168. My Date With the Shredder! (Leviathan Sponsored Log)
  169. BPS, ~DD~ and NEW Electric Lemonade Green Mag
  170. RXRugbys experiencing some good times with Nootropics (Thanks to UNIQUE NUTRITION!)
  171. ajk0519 gets ripped on ADIPOKINETIX (sponsored)
  172. Scoot gets some Grande Bolas...Get Diesel's Diesel Test Harcore.(sponsored)
  173. Chrischap01's Fat Melting Plan with FORGE's Adipokinetix (sponsored)
  174. "Giving the Shaft To Genetics" Green MAG Electric Lemonade Flavor [Sponsered]
  175. 2 month fat burn with AdipoKinetics (sponsored)
  176. Road to the Nor Cal Push Pull SPONSORED BY CONTROLLED LABS
  177. New Section!!!!
  178. Chevy's IntraXCell Log/Review
  179. Sapper Attacks IntraXCell
  180. thesweetcove's SWEET IntraXCell log
  181. *KyleJones45 IntraXCell Log*
  182. I have some serious questions?
  183. Axle Goes on the IntraXCell!! (Sponsored Log)
  184. IntraXCell and Jamier11 team up! (sponsored log)
  185. MattyH7688 putting Green Mag(lemonade) and Purple Wraath to the Ultimate Test
  186. Designer Supplements ActivaTe Xtreme
  188. Dedicatedforlif's Unique Nutrition Sulbutiamine Log
  189. VaughnTrue's - Bold + SD GOING OUT WITH A BANG! stack
  190. Steve's Nootropic & Sports Log....Extreme!!!
  191. Satanonthebeech Goes Diesel w/ DieselTest Hardcore
  192. Riseboi by Design: An ActivaTe Xtreme Log
  193. Designer Supplements ActivaTe Xtreme log by RB12
  194. OhioUstud's Log of Activate Xtreme
  195. naturalguy does Activate Xtreme
  196. Warbird00's 20 Days of Mass with ActivaTe Xtreme
  197. Possessed By IntraXCell (4 Week Log)
  198. Buckeye's ActivaTe Extreme Log
  199. Nox Surge Fruit Punch 3 day review
  200. ActivaTe Xtreme and me!
  201. Gettin' Stronger with NOS ETHER
  202. A no BS look at Nos Ether
  203. Get Diesel Nutrition NOS ETHER Log
  204. Biceps18's IntraXCell Log: The Great Canadian Bulk
  205. An ActivaTe Xtreme log by ncangey0513
  206. NOS Ether Log
  207. War Against The Machines: AE Steel Edge & IXL + CL Purple Wraath vs. EMISGOD
  208. Envy gets DIESEL with NOS Ether
  209. 1quick1 is ready to tingle with Athletic Edge Nurtrition IntraXcell
  210. Nos-ether**jakkrk's Trip In A Diesel**
  211. Dinoiii Gets Re-ActivaTed: This Time Divanil has brought some Xtreme Friends!
  212. DrnkMnky's Activate Extreme Log
  213. Zachattack43's Activate Xtreme log
  214. Vegetarian Amazon?s IntraXCell experience
  215. Time To Get Dirty With EPIDROL!!
  216. Vegetarian Kat_investor's IntraXCell log
  217. NOS Ether log by TE (2007)
  218. Lighting's Getting Diesel the Hardcore Way
  219. Nox Surge Blue Rasberry 3 sample review
  220. Adida's War on Wt's armed wtih AEN's IXL
  221. Bloute's Activate Xtreme log
  222. IntraXCell humps my insides and leaves me tingly all over!
  223. Dialene 4
  224. Younglifter's NOS ETHER log
  225. Deserusan's ActivaTe Extreme, Thyrotabs, & Lean Xtreme Log/Review
  226. New Get Diesel NOS Ether log: ULTIMATE EDITION
  227. Coulaid's Activate Xtreme Log!
  228. Canadabboy's Activate Xtreme Log
  229. RoidRage300 takes a shower with Java Lather (*PICS*)
  230. Livinonlava Xtreme: Will ActivaTe make the difference?
  231. Solar takes on DIESEL TEST HARDCORE
  232. Shred xs HARDCORE log/review
  233. Brian Gets Shredded Hardcore Style!
  234. Time To Get Cut (no emo) With MST's Shred XS Hardcore
  235. Shred XS Hardcore: Bring it.
  236. Thrall's Sponsored Ultimate IGF-2 Log
  237. MST Shred XS Hardcore
  238. Dedicatedforlif Gets PUMPed Up With IntraXCell
  239. Designer Supplements ActivaTe Xtreme - A log by xxghostxx
  240. Scutterd's IntraXcell Log
  241. FawKin ExTreme!! -BigT does ActivaTe XTREME-
  242. Jud's Time To ActivaTe XTREME + N.O. LIMITS
  243. Thug gets Xtremely huge with Activate Xtreme!
  244. RPN's JAVA LATHER ALL UP ON ME (no homo)
  245. RxRugby is testing out ZMP SuperMax by Zima
  246. Lathering Up With RPN's Java Lather: Fitnessfever's Journey to Mark-less Bod
  247. my nox surge sample review
  248. RPN's Java Lather vs. Amanda's Stretch Marchiattos!
  249. getjacked33 gets FLOODED with White Flood V2! (Controlled Labs Sponsored)
  250. MikeyE3313's getting XXtra HUGE with iSatori's reformulated ISA-TEST