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  1. BBD sleeps with ZMP Supermax by Zima
  2. XcriticalbenchX's Activate Extreme Log
  3. Jhicks3301 is DOING WORK on GFH with Animal "X"
  4. PMTAF and White Flood V2
  5. G Diesel Hits the "X"
  6. Animal X Alpha Tester Getting Bulked
  7. 5-6's Conquers Again With White Flood v2
  8. Leafs43 + product "X" = GFH
  9. Burnin' it up with Neogenix Thermocharge
  10. RXRugbys 50 days and nights of the White Flood V2 (Sponsored by Controlled Labs)
  11. CAnnon's White Flood Assault -=-=- sponsored by Controlled Labs WHITE FLOOD v2
  12. RBEliminator's iSatori New Formula ISA-TEST Log/Review
  13. MRM Relax-All Log
  14. CoLoSSAL LaBS SaVAge LOg
  15. B n D Sets it OFF with Avant Labs Napalm!
  17. Konvicted's NOX Surge 7day Sample Review
  18. USPlabs P-Slin Review
  19. CEL Nox Surge 7 Day Log/Review
  20. NAPALM tester log
  21. Matthor At Large & In Charge
  22. Resixpromo Log for Avant Labs Napalm
  23. Napalm!!
  24. Getting Wet And Sticky Thanks To Asianbabe!
  25. Feeling the burn with AdipoKinetix!
  26. The Sexual Chocolate Monster Stack Log Thingy...
  27. murphs napalm log
  28. Rolling with Applied Nutriceutical's IGF-2
  29. Knocked up with 3 kids in 16 months and THIS is what I get....
  30. CAnnon's ThermoCharge Meltdown
  31. Cortisol Destruction - My Last Stand Against ASAT With Napalm
  32. Palo Alto Labs "Leviathan & Incarnate" Log!
  33. Nick's Activate XXXtreme log!
  34. Avant Labs NAPALM Log by HalleluYAH
  35. ONE-MORE'S Hard Nutrition Mass Stack log
  36. Eightpak's post cycle Controlled Labs Stack
  37. Lookout - Its White Flood V2
  38. Little Rambo's Monster Stack sponsored by Colossal Labs
  39. NAPALM Log/Review
  41. FormulaLT1poweR's Sponsored CL White Flood V2 Log
  42. kknecht1_Zima ZMP Supermax(sponsored log)
  43. Hard Nutrition's Lean Stack
  44. AllGenetix Kreaceps/Carnage Log
  45. MRM Digest-ALL Log
  46. Colobb's journey to 240lbs, Powered by iforce+bold
  47. Konvicted's Sponsered SNAC ZMA NightCap Log!
  48. ajk0519's ZMA Nightcap Log (sponsored by SNAC)
  49. PaintPir's SNAC Nightcap Log
  50. MRM Relax-All Official Tester!
  51. Lunatic's Sponsored ZMA NightCap Log Thanks to SNAC
  52. JW's Applied Nutriceuticals IGF-2, Neovar, RPM Log - Its Bulk Time!
  53. Peter's Java Lather Log
  54. MoreMsclXXL SNAC Sponsored ZMA Nightcap LOG
  55. Bubba's blue raspberry NOX Surge log!!! (First log on bb.com)
  56. 60 Day Transformation via Palo Alto Labs
  57. Aniracetam log
  58. PWF's Sponsored SNAC ZMA Nightcap Log
  59. AClb5's Nameless Sponsored Log of NOX Surge by CEL
  60. How do I get in on these Sponsored Logs???
  61. Unique Nutrition L-Dopa log
  62. Napalm
  63. DriverDan's iForce Bold, Testabolan, NitrACE, and iPower Log W/ Blood Tests
  64. Hausheer769's VPX Redline Review
  65. Doing HARD-TIME with the MASS Stack :
  66. Dojomaster's L-Dopa Log (Compliments of Unique Nutrition)
  67. cialis Online from US Pharmacy for the best price.
  68. A Powerlifter's Transformation?!? PAL Leviathan/Incarnate Contest Log
  69. X's quick review of NOX Surge
  70. Sapper aims to DO WORK and GFH and plans to do it with iFORCE!
  71. skircus7's P-Slin/Anabolic Pump Log FTW!!!--->
  72. Gettin UNIQUE with some Aniracetam NUTRITION.
  73. zi bars and redline gel caps
  74. Palo Alto Labs Transformation Contest (60 days to MASS)
  75. Amoney1986's Double Team Transformation with PAL
  76. Haiz Recovers from surgery with Purple Wraath and GreenMAG
  77. Palo Alto Labs 60 Day Transformation Log
  78. BroncoJunkie gets mentally ripped w/Aniracetam
  79. OhioUStud's UN Aniracetam Log
  80. Unique Nutrition Aniracetam log by Bloute
  81. LJ57's Isatori IsaTest Log (New Formula!)
  82. naturalguy gets Hardcore with Diesel Test
  83. Sponsored USP Labs P-Slin 10 day sample
  84. Midnight Lifter's Unique take on Aniracetam (Unique Nutrition sponsored log)
  85. MRM MetaMeal Review
  86. Diesel Test Hardcore AKA "Grande Bolas"
  87. Haiz Recovers from surgery with Purple Wraath and GreenMAG
  88. P-slin 10 day mini-log
  89. Backa53 Hard Nutrition Athletes Stack
  90. Biceps18's Back to School Green Mag and White Flood V2 Log
  91. DTH is Doin' Work on GetShredded
  92. The Legend of Diesel Test WAS WAY Hardcore!
  93. JHICKS3301 Doing Work on SUPERDROLng
  94. Will Aniracetam make Saku smart?...This Log will tell.
  95. Alec's 8 week Trinity Stack by Neogenix!
  96. P-Slin 10 Day Trial
  97. Applied Nutriceuticals -RPM - Log
  98. Segansational's 10 Day P-Slin Mini Review
  99. Ben gets cut and bleeds REDLINE (no emo, unless no success)
  100. Fates_Child03's getting big and ripped powered by Superdrol NG and Mass FX!
  101. j_neatherlin gives P-Slin a shot
  102. Hockey4Life28's 10 Day P-Slin Mini Log
  103. Outside backer Tests HARD NUTRITION's Athlete Stack in korea.
  104. Bubba's 10 day PSLIN mini log
  106. SUPERDROL ng and MASS fx WOOOOOOO by bigbridrol
  107. Applied Nutriceuticals Program
  108. Commonpremier21 Gaining lean mass with Superdrol-NG
  109. Diesel Test Hardcore...Darkman's at it again!
  110. SUPERDROL NG + Mass Fx (Phase 1)
  111. dtrain and Superdrol-NG FTW!!!
  112. Pslin 10 serving log
  113. P-slin 10 day review
  114. P.Tanninger's Sponsored IGF-2 Log
  115. EST Propadrol, Ana-Pro, NO Xtreme Log
  116. Get Diesel Nutrition Diesel Test Hardcore Log
  117. NO-Shotgun, Exotic Fruit 10-day log
  118. punksurfer pushed to the limit.....aerobitine and vitalyze
  120. Angelina jolie nude in foxfire
  121. Little Rambo Add's Some Color to His Workouts With Controlled Lab's WF & GM!!
  122. I'm having a baby. Let's see if WRAATH helps (sponsored)
  123. Lean Xtreme 2: A Daily Siege On Cortisol by Nsaladino
  124. *Dean's 10-day blast w/NO-Shotgun: Exotic Fruit*
  126. CVTSBOSS' Designer Supplements Lean Xtreme 2.0 Log
  127. Getting Cut Up with Lean Xtreme 2.0
  128. Leaning out with Lean Xtreme 2.0 by Designer Supplements
  129. *BigNorg And The Ultimate PreWorkout Stack* (Aerobitine & Vitalyze)
  130. Getting Lean with Lean Xtreme 2.0
  131. 1devil's sponsored Neovar log
  132. Travis' EST Propadrol, Ana-Pro, NO Xtreme Log
  133. Nimbus Nutriton is seeking 2 testers to run logs on ABYSS!
  134. NO-Shotgun New Flavor! 10 day thread
  135. LAB RAT RECOMP: Anabolic Xtreme Superdrol NG (NEXT GENERATION)
  136. STAYING LEAN WITH LEAN XTREME 2.0 sponsored by DS
  137. Savage & Lean Xtreme 2.0 - Together at Last!
  138. Superdrol
  139. SNAC and Saku, Aerobitine and Vitalyze
  140. EST and Dedicatedforlif GFH with Propadrol, Ana-Pro and NO Xtreme!!!
  141. MarkAnthony "LiGymRatt", Sponsored Controlled Labs Athlete
  142. Finishing off cutting with DS Lean Xtreme 2.0
  143. Help taking Supp.! Please
  144. Sponsored NEOVAR log + DRIVE.
  145. X-Factor/Drive/Neovar/?
  146. The Great Konvicted's Nimbus Nutrition Abyss Log!
  147. War Against The Machines: Xtreme Formulations Relentless vs. EMISGOD
  148. Mhp Sarm-x "selective Androgen Receptor Modulator"?
  149. From Reading Others Threads
  150. Brazilian guy on Epithin-E log
  151. Getting Ripped with Lipotrophin-AM by Applied Nutriceuticals
  152. RICH'S MISSION: NATURAL PRO CARD 2008 (Controlled Labs/Max Muscle Style)
  153. BigStew's Sponsored Log of Unique Nutrition's Oxiracetam
  154. Jet's 2 Week Test DRIVE
  155. MRM (I will DIGEST-ALL) Enzyme
  156. Gobigandgohome with oxiracetam
  157. Lean Xtreme 2.0: Fight_Prof Cuts Up!
  158. TMZ's Drive to Sexiness with 3-AD and MRM's DRIVEN!
  159. skircus7; Into the Abyss---->
  160. Mo'Ria's Lipotrophin-PM journal
  161. DD2INXS' sponsored journey with Lipotrophin-PM
  162. LDragon's Studious Oxiracetam Log
  163. Riseboi by Design: Ridin' the Train to Lean & Xtreme
  164. :) my first sponsored log :) Lipotrophin PM
  165. Applied Nutriceuticals RPM/DRIVE Log
  166. Secret_Hope's MRM Relax All log
  167. Coolio10's Makin It Rain w/ POSEIDON
  168. Younglifter's Gettin diesel w/ new trib test extreme & new R4W caps
  169. dt13 + Regenesen = ????
  170. BPS gets into an Anabolic State w/ X-Factor and Mass FX!
  171. ATK Gets big with Millennium Sport Technologies!!!
  172. RA Builds A House, This Is The Foundation!
  173. MBSowards gets 2 Shredded with Beast Sports Nutrition
  174. *BigT Takes On POSEIDON*
  175. P.Tanninger's sponsored DRIVE + RPM Log!
  176. Hardestgainer gets a break with L-Theanine thanks to Unique Nutrition
  177. BEN gone done it again with POSEIDON...w/ video updates!
  178. Driver's Education 101 A Sponsored X-Factor and Drive Log
  179. kent read, kent write, kent focus...."f"it lets try Unique Nutrition's L-Theanine
  180. time to mold myself into the couch with L-Theanine and Unique Nutrition.
  181. Jhicks3301 needs to Chill the Fawk Out with L-Theanine Thanks to Unique Nutrition
  182. AmphetaLean Sample
  183. Aries Takes a Chill Pill Thanks to UN's L-Theanine
  184. Fall=Apple picking season...so KSUJOSH6 decides to pick an AEN IntrAbolic fresh apple
  185. Meth DRIVES on the left side of the road
  186. MRM Driven Review
  187. Drive /RPM
  188. Holy nEuphoria Batman! - Sponsored by Controlled Labs
  189. 1devil's sponsored Drive/RPM log
  190. BigStew's Review of MRM's Driven
  191. Coug42's "Drive to Survive" Log (AN Sponsored)
  192. Mikeye3313's tearin up World Gym in Cbus with X-factor and P-slin baby!
  193. Its the SNAC Pack Stack Attack!!! Aerobitine & Vitalyze
  194. Cloud Strife Gets Chill with Yellow nEuphoria!
  195. nEuphoria 30 Day Log
  196. FGCUCody's Yellow nEuph:)ria Log
  197. X-Factor and Superdrol NG sponsored log
  198. Dedicatedforlif Gets Frisky and Happy With SNAC's Vitalyze and Aerobitine!
  199. Alec stops playing xbox 360 and studies with Unique Nutrition's L-Theanine!
  200. ZMN-iQuad- Yellow nEuphoria sponsored log
  201. Intrabolicious Log
  202. Putting the X back in Factor with poseidon
  203. JOakman In the Clouds with Yellow nEuphoria Gen 2
  204. Gigg's Personal Exploits starring X-FACTOR + DRIVE
  205. Spectra Force Research Thermophoric Diet Caps
  206. JM41KT's log of Controlled Labs Yellow nEuphoria
  207. Colossal Labs turns ADM793 into a Monster
  208. Externational's Yellow Neuphoric (2) Trip (Controlled Labs)
  209. Savage: Elation! (Yellow nEphoria Gen II)
  210. VaughnTrues MegaDosed Oxyguno Log
  211. Study better? Improve Multi-tasking? Pyritinol: A Derivative of Vitamin B6
  212. RPM/DRIVE log sponsored Applied Nutraceuticals
  213. Can Pyritinol help RxRugby graduate from Pharmacy School?
  214. Activate Xtreme and X Factor: The Fatless Bulk
  215. NOX Surge Review
  216. The COMPLETE Intra-Stack log by the dogg
  217. IntrAstack attack: Intrabolic And IntrAxcell: by bbd
  218. Stressful Times Outside Backer goes Round 2 with Yellow nEuphoria Gen.2
  219. Blink Get's UNIQUE: Pyritinol Style!
  220. DBC5 Mutates with X-FACTOR and P-SLIN
  221. Little Rambo's Getting Jacked While IntraStacked!! Sponsored By AEN.
  222. GFriedel's MHP Dren Log
  223. startin' a trend with a lil' yellow friend (CL nEuph GEN 2)
  224. KSUJOSH6 shows school pride with CL's Yellow nEuphoria Gen2
  225. Fates_Child03 Pushing to the limits with Poseidon
  226. The New BluePrint of MAN's Ego: 40 Days With The Holy Grail
  227. Sponsorship
  228. getjacked33's WHITE FLOOD v2 FINAL Review
  229. I'm So High and I Don't Mean Off of Drugs - Sponsored by Spectra Force Research
  230. X-Factor + Acitvate Xtreme
  231. CEL Refuel Mini-Review
  232. How do I get sponsored?
  233. Yellow_nEuphoria_Gen2 - Be happy !
  234. IntraBolic + IXL + SE + BJ = Green Apple Splatters (Steel Xcellularbolic Style)!!
  235. AEN's IntrAstack VS Sapper564 The Rematch!!!
  236. JackDano's Proglycosyn log
  237. Midnight_Lifter's MHP DREN Sponsored fat loss log
  238. CEL REFUEL Mini Log
  239. My Zyflamend Bodybuilding Recovery
  240. AEN's IntrAbolic/IntaXcell, Performance boosting log. Saku Style.
  241. Drew Lifts in Color: Purple Wraath, Orange Triad, and White Flood
  242. Sponsored RPM/Drive Log
  243. Mr. Aries Logs AEN Intrabolic/IntraXcell/Steel Edge
  244. fffizzz's OxyGuno / Thermophoric stack..
  245. MAN Blue Print Log by RB12
  246. gupunkitar2004's oxyguno log deal
  247. yCat's MAN Blueprint Log
  248. MattyH7688 Gettin' Huge Off X-factor and Activate Xtreme
  249. A Sponsored DRIVE (plus RPM)
  250. FaceThePains 30 Days To Become A Beast Log