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  1. Clean and Jerk form check request
  2. Some proprietary research into %'s of elite lifters
  3. Can't get under the bar fast enough on squat cleans
  4. Heel inserts for minimalist shoes = poor man's weightlifting shoe?
  5. Front Squat Form Check
  6. Wanna do a meet just to wear one of these...
  7. Can you give an example of a oly/bb split?
  8. Romaleos 2 v Adipower Width
  9. Selling my size 12 Ironwork III's
  10. Weightlifting logs
  11. Clean and front squat form check
  12. Critique my power snatch!
  13. Amount of time between reps for Power Cleans?
  14. hysen pulaku is back!
  15. aware me about the pulls
  16. New C&J PR (230lbs) at 175lbs (VID) It's ugly.
  17. How badly did I butcher these.
  18. who is the best oly lifter ever existed?
  19. I have forgotten how to power snatch.....
  20. First Pair of Oly Lifting Shoes...Advise requested
  21. supplements for weightlifting
  22. oly gym around zip code 90640
  23. T69M snatch 135 kilos
  24. Back squat grip width in relation to upper back tightness
  25. Just got the 2008 Adistars
  26. How to fix huge lean on snatch bottom?
  27. Why is there no weightlifting at the 2015 European Games?
  28. Open Gym Barbell Dallas
  29. Olympic squat form help
  30. 115kg snatch @85kg
  31. Power clean form check
  32. 88kg snatch (PR) at 80kg
  33. Power Clean Form Check
  34. Transitioning from powerlifting/general strength to olympic weightlifting
  35. clean form check *video*
  36. Pound by pound
  37. Oly program feedback- shoulder and knee pain :(
  38. Gyms in SW Houston?
  39. Kang squat
  40. Form check - both lifts
  41. Feet width in receiving position.
  42. OL gyms in central New Jersey/south Jersey area?
  43. Transitioning from the clean to the jerk (hand positioning)
  44. Stuff I should do
  45. A question for you guys here
  46. High Bar Squats Sport Specific Only?
  47. Building a foundation to start olympic lifts. Do's and Don'ts
  48. Max clean attempt worth watching
  49. Looking for good weightlifting/Olympic gym near Westmont, IL
  50. Attention All New England Lifters
  51. Strength and conditioning project
  52. How to afford transportation and stay at Comps
  53. Form problem methinks - any tips?
  54. WL shoes >0.75" heel height?
  55. new guy question with the power clean
  56. Form Check: 95/130 @ 85
  57. Vertically challenged garage gym flooring question
  58. Bumper Plate suggestions?
  59. Power clean form 200 lbs check
  60. Form Check on Heavy Cleans
  61. Power clean form check
  62. Can't find weightlifting gym
  63. Wish I could find these Adidas in 8.5! Best ones I've ever had
  64. Effect of "bulking" on weightlifting
  65. Power Clean Form Check
  66. Knee Pain
  67. What's up with Pendlay forum?
  68. Not a lot of talk about Mendes
  69. This look good?
  70. Ankle mobility problem
  71. Big biceps and rack position
  72. If there were any lifts you could add...
  73. NickLittzi Health & Fitness
  74. Mart Seim 320kg x10 squat! 10 rep squat challenge anyone?
  75. Form Check for all the lifts
  76. 100kg Snatch (225lbs)
  77. 113kg Clean and Jerk @ 62kg
  78. Clean form check
  79. deadlift & squat form question
  80. 200kg Total PR @ 62kg
  81. Losing weight while oly lifting
  82. When you catch a clean, should your thumb
  83. Snatch grip deadlift to back squat ratio
  84. which OLY lifts should i start with if
  85. de mobility problem solution
  86. Any weightlifters in Toronto?
  87. recommendations on WL shoes and where to get em!(need help)
  88. Will a bar designed for Olympic lifts give a noticeable improvement over a cheap bar?
  89. 202kg Total PR 62kg Weightclass
  90. Breaking in?
  91. Help me tweak my second pull pls!!!(Snatch)(vid)(5.5k reps)(Form check)
  92. Please critique my clean and jerk 200lb @ 160 BW
  93. Getting into olympic lifting (HELP)
  94. Clean deadlift vs. "traditional" deadlift
  95. Addicted to Power Cleans
  96. Liao Hui 200kg C&J
  97. Some questions about clean (form and grip)
  98. Help with legs spreading too far on cleans
  99. Power clean programming
  100. Form Check and Advice Needed
  101. singlet question
  102. Issues with Snatch technique - bar too heavy
  103. First time Hang Snatch. Critique please
  104. snatch going up, C&J suffering
  105. Thinking about putting a gym in my garage
  106. Is set up posture important? *video*
  107. High Bar squat stance (long femurs)
  108. Should I focus on strength more?
  109. COMPETITIVE weightlifter, I need your input !
  110. Should I compete?
  111. Trying to make a serious go at it, need critique and advice (videos)
  112. oly gear
  113. Hey Fellow Weightlifters
  114. Hook grip
  115. squat first and lift later or the other way around?
  116. High bar squat and pushing the knees out question
  117. I just want to Lift
  118. Starting to do olympic weightlifting
  119. What is the standard strength of olympic lifts ?
  120. How do I stack up?
  121. Mobility for Oly Lifting
  122. ATG bad for lower back
  123. 315 form help
  124. New Lifter Struggling With Knee Problems Needs Advice
  125. Why can't I get into a good position?
  126. Core work.. necessary?
  127. is power snatch/clean bad for your knees?
  128. Shoe Size help! Adidas Adipower
  129. A mix
  130. Weightlifting Data Collection
  131. Critique my program, pull day or no pull day?
  132. LA Fitness or Titanz Fitness
  133. Competition
  134. do you use powerlifting shoes?
  135. Oly shoes
  136. my maiden high pull and push press session
  137. Help me max
  138. Warm up routines/complexes
  139. Please crtique my clean form
  140. Snatch balances into overhead squats
  141. JTS Article
  142. Shoulder blade pain.
  143. 5 Week Olympic Training Program
  144. Athlete Interview - Jared Enderton
  145. Greek Weightlifting Team Training
  146. Snatch, C&J and Total PRs!
  147. Can someone recommend me a beginner oly program?
  148. Advice please.
  149. Adidas Adipower Sizing Questions!
  150. Fifth time snatching, feedback?
  151. How high is your vertical jump guys?
  152. Need help on power clean form!
  153. Strange knee pain
  154. What's your bench to jerk ratio?
  155. Is it necessary to do snatch balance to get stronger snatch ?
  156. Beginner to Olympic Lifting wants to compete.
  157. overhead squat as squat warm up
  158. how's my form?
  159. Clean and Jerk form check
  160. Active Release Technique and weightlifters
  161. Olympic lifting and scoliosis
  162. Squat check
  163. Hi all I wanna try my hand at Olympic Lifting
  164. Anyone wear compression tights during squats? Should I get these?
  165. Deadlifting in Oly shoes?
  166. Power jerk question
  167. Rotator Cuff / Shoulder Surgery - Recovery level
  168. Front squat and hamstrings
  169. What could my C&J and snatch be?
  170. New to olympic lifts- where to start?
  171. Five Online Olympic Weightlifting Beginner Programs
  172. Increase bench results?
  173. Olympic lift for soccer
  174. I need some help with my goal
  175. 140kg Clean PR
  176. Split full body work outs 6 days 2 rotines
  177. New to Oly lifting and my wrists are being dumb
  178. coatch my squat clean
  179. Deadlifting
  180. To change a Deadlift Regime or not? That is the question
  181. WarmupGen - Olympic Lifting
  182. Please critique my jerk and snatch form/grips (Pics)
  183. 48kg Comparison - Sibel Özkan (Turkey, 82kg) v Genny Pagliaro (Italy, 81kg
  184. instead of back extensions,wut?
  185. IWF ''Lift the World'' Weightifting Documentary [VIDEO]
  186. wut about upper body?
  187. My Lifting Program
  188. Trying to get back in the swing of things.
  189. KLOKOV new training vid -just up loaded-
  190. Is Olympic Lifting the next Youtube thing?
  191. should i try yoga?
  192. How to avoid and fix quad dominant Hang Clean??
  193. Just got a 140 kg set of Bumper plates and Bar !!!
  194. Putting squats first: good idea?
  195. How is my power clean form?
  196. sad day - 2004 Adidas Adistars died
  197. Interview with Nat from Hookgrip
  198. Geting back into lifting: some questions
  199. Help finding a club/coach in Texas
  200. How to improve lifting speed?
  201. How to Power Clean (instructional video)
  202. Form check please! Competition in a week!!!
  203. How to weightlifters stay in a weightclass yet gain muscle and lose fat?
  204. Awful Power Clean Form {VIDEO}
  205. Front Squat: Lower back pain, dropped the bar - start focusing on speed over 1RM?
  206. Fingertips before Jerk
  207. Adidas Power Perfect II or Adipowers ?
  208. Olympic lifting and Bodybuilding program
  209. training in Las Vegas
  210. Starting oly lifting this week, not giving up BBing
  211. Snatch help!!
  212. Snatch form check please
  213. Oly weightlifting and bodybuilding
  214. New to this, a couple questions
  215. SNATCH form correction
  216. Seventeen and Transitioning from Traditional Bodybuilding
  217. Hang clean help
  218. Selling Nike Romaleos 2 Size 8.5(9/10 condition)
  219. Looking for a gym in Hendersonville, TN
  220. Incase You're Interested
  221. Struggling to progress on the snatch - form check
  222. Is a 20kg clean jump possible in a month?
  223. Snatch Form Check [vid]
  224. Sergey Bondarenko (Russia, 450/510 lbs. @235+): Useful Articles, Q&A, Form Check etc.
  225. Getting back into weightlifting at age 31. Set new training maxes (form check vids)
  226. Power Clean Form Check
  227. Snatch seminar
  228. Yet another form check - Power Clean
  229. Shoe Heel Height?
  230. dan john program
  231. New to Oly
  232. Elbow, Bicep, Shoulder pain
  233. Top Canadians weightlifters training session
  234. Highbar Squat
  235. Olympic weightlifting
  236. incorporating oly lifts
  237. Starting Catalyst Athletics 12 week basic cycle (Day 3)
  238. Aleksey Lovchev 264 KG (582 lbs) Clean & Jerk (and total) World Record
  239. Clean Pull Form Check
  240. Probably get flamed but ? on back squat and Low Bar
  241. 290lbs Power Clean PR!
  242. Video of a friends ascension in weightlifting! (must watch)
  243. Anyone here use ROMWOD?
  244. How to change grip when doing CJ
  245. Beginner question about the second pull?
  246. Olympic weightlifting gyms in DC
  247. How much of OLing leg work is moderate-high rep?
  248. new guy right here
  249. Crossfit shoes for olympic lifting?
  250. any benefits from doin pull ups?