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  1. Please critique my form.
  2. Maybe you oly lifters can help me out (squat)
  3. what's wrong with my squat (video)
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  6. Do olympic lifters do isolation?
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  8. Reps and sets for oly lifts
  9. Yearly gains for lifters
  10. Stupid question but....
  11. Oly lifting in Buffalo/WNY area?
  12. Front Squat Form Check - Video from side and back
  13. it's be 14 months since i did some olympic lifting. Hows my clean form?
  14. High Bar Squat Form Check?!? (video)
  15. Nationals Live Stream
  16. Squat Clean advice
  17. Nationals 77kg battle
  18. Help me ASAP
  19. Neeed help
  20. Anyone here have a serious back injury?
  21. Please recommend me a oly shoe
  22. Looking for certain dramatic oly video but can't find
  23. New to weightlifting, advice needed!
  24. Best running shoes for running/lifting
  25. pretty things for sale
  26. Increasing vertical?
  27. Determining Optimal Heel Height on Oly Shoes
  28. Oly Lifting Shoes: Pro/Con of Heel Height and Heel material
  29. Snatch vid. Thoughts?
  30. Form check needed
  31. Snatch Critque please!
  32. Once a Week Olympic Lifting routine
  33. Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoes
  34. Form check + advice needed
  35. Russian Squat Routine question
  36. Help with a OLY program
  37. Too much cardio to gain strength/mass?
  38. Precision athletics in Vancouver
  39. powelifting meet
  40. Critique my snatch.
  41. Critique my power clean!
  42. Most Common Weight Class?
  43. Best Upper Body Lift?
  44. Xiaojun vs Pyrros . Whose lifting do you prefer?
  45. Form Critique
  46. knee pain/discomfort under knee cap during oly squat
  47. Awesome competitive Video. KLokov vs Akkaev!
  48. I want to SNATCH!
  49. Rep Range for Heavy Lifting
  50. Bar vs Knob
  51. 285lb Power Clean (Please Critique)
  52. Snatch Form Critique
  53. Lu Xiaojun Fun Day August 2013
  54. Good starting lifts?
  55. My training partner snatching 250lbs
  56. Form Critique: Hang cleans, Full Cleans, Back Squats, Bench Press
  57. 335 Front Squat PR, 320 Clean PR at The Mecca
  58. Got some Pendlay weightlifting shoes (Pics)
  59. Critique my squat form (video)
  60. My training partner failing to snatch 257 lbs then succeeding video!
  61. need help on hip drive. working on my snatch
  62. Newb in Atl, GA area.
  63. I need some guidance please
  64. Critique my Snatch please
  65. Anyone here use the York Barbell Courses/training methods?
  66. Snatch pull feedback and injury question
  67. Whether to olympic lift or not..
  68. Olymic Squat 315x20 & 455X2
  69. Problem jumping back in powerjerk
  70. First heavy snatch session since Injury
  71. Successful weightlifter w/o back squat
  72. European U-23 Championships in Olympic Weightlifting @Tallinn in Estonia (Stream)
  73. Me practicing the "Snatch" and failing.... Video
  74. Klokov hip pause snatch. wat?
  75. First time doing squat cleans
  76. Benchmark Day!
  77. Critique my jerks anyone
  78. Do I need Olympic weightlifting shoes to squat ATG?
  79. American Weightlifting
  80. Lu Xiaojun. best lift i have ever seen
  81. Snatch , A poetry in motion
  82. Where to buy used bumpers?
  83. Help on training?
  84. Squats for jumps
  85. Some S, C&J and FS form check footage
  86. My First 500 Pound Oly Squat
  87. 395 Front Squat
  88. I Love Olympic Lifting!
  89. owning multiple pairs of oly shoes
  90. working out in cold weather.
  91. URGENT: Need help
  92. Why is my squat terrible?
  93. 4 year old weightlifter. wait wut?
  94. Core exercises that olympic lifters do
  95. New Liao hui and Lu Xiaojun Worlds 2013 training!!
  96. Entry totals World Weightlifting Championships
  97. help/feedback on snatch form
  98. Clean check. Thanks :)
  99. Hang Power Cleans for Athletes?
  100. Snatch Critique
  101. How does one improve powerclean max?
  102. Where can I watch the IWF world championships?
  103. Liao Hui Sets Clean and Jerk + Total World Record in World Championships 2013
  104. Choosing a Sport
  105. Wtf were the chinese c0aches thinking bringing ta0 in 85kg?
  106. VIDEO: Tatiana Kashirina Clean & Jerks 419 Pounds For A New World Record!
  107. To Cut or Not to Cut
  108. 260 CJ by Salimi
  109. Who are the three WL-trainers from China?
  110. Anyone heard of these bumperplates? Northern Lights comp bumpers
  111. Critique my snatch please (video)
  112. Buying WL shoes, what website should I get it from?
  113. How to avoid heels coming off the ground during front squat?
  114. Max weight on the Eleiko Olympic WL Competition Bar, women?
  115. Transitioning from Power Cleans to Full Cleans
  116. Oly squat form critique (Vid)
  117. Knee Sleeves
  118. Oly Back Squat Form Check
  119. Do i have a future or should i quit?
  120. Florida Weightlifting Meet (Tampa Bay Area)
  121. starting out
  122. Adding training days to Pendlay's Beginner Program
  123. weightlifting inspiration
  124. Arizona - Best gyms for Olympic lifting
  125. Anyone else do this lift?
  126. Routine Recommendation?
  127. New Weightlifting Club in Manhattan
  128. Check my Snatch :p
  129. Why is this happening?
  130. New to Olympic Lifting
  131. Anybody lower the weight instead of dropping?
  132. Clarence Kennedy retired?
  133. Am I hurting myself by focusing on squats and cutting the lifts?
  134. Road to the Olympics.
  135. oly squat form
  136. Polish Olympic Weightlifting Methods & Techniques (1970s, english subs)
  137. My 142.5 kg Clean
  138. Wrist Wraps?
  139. weightlifting and bench press
  140. Certified USA Weightlifting gym
  141. Stopping feet from flaring out.
  142. high bar squat. Break at knees first?
  143. Form Frustration
  144. Girl Power, Going For Gold 2012
  145. American weightlifting: The documentary
  146. Squatting Everyday: Desperation
  147. Staying Stiff From Stretching?
  148. Squatting stance
  149. Is it normal to have better form on the front squat vs. back squat?
  150. Feeling weak
  151. Knee wraps
  152. Are there any powerclean programs out there?
  153. Olympic Lifters? Looking for advice on my clean and jerk
  154. romaleos 2?
  155. My First Snatch Attempt
  156. spilt jerk vs push jerk
  157. Wrist Flexibility?
  158. How to go about starting Olympic Weightlifting?
  159. First Power Cleans, Fail, then Make
  160. 225 Power Snatches (Form sucks)
  161. 135lb power snatch good?
  162. Split jerk help
  163. complexes routines
  164. 5KG Technique Plates
  165. Getting bigger via Oly lifting
  166. WTB eleiko bar and keep it richmond olympic oval
  167. Grip on the bar
  168. Elbow pain after Olympic Snatches
  169. Snatch PR! Coach is gone for a month, need critic!
  170. Dreams Shattered
  171. Hitting depth for snatch
  172. Fairly New to Oly Lifts how to develop good habits from the start with no coach?
  173. Power Clean and Jerk form check
  174. Power Clean Form Help
  175. power vs full lifts
  176. Is an olympic bar necessary?
  177. 347 kg Front Squat
  178. Can Someone Help Explain This Program?
  179. Clean form check!
  180. Hand care after lifting....
  181. Squat form check
  182. 245 LB Deadlift Form Check
  183. Any suggestions online for olympic lifting TIGHTS?
  184. NEW Nike romaleos 2s
  185. Need help with sizing for adidas power perfects 2 /powerlifts 2.0
  186. Any tips on making the hook grip less painful?
  187. Clean and Jerk form critique
  188. California's Strongest Hands and Mas Wrestling Tournament
  189. How come 4 plates in kg(blue color) is 396lb but in lbs, it's 405lbs?
  190. Intermediate OLY
  191. Knee sleeves
  192. Where do I "bounce" off of in a clean?
  193. Columbus, OH
  194. some beginner questions on snatch and clean
  195. When do you use a belt?
  196. High bar squat check
  197. Just a few specific questions about oly lifts
  198. Tracking Progress......
  199. Guides to learning the snatch movement?
  200. Incorporating OLY lifts
  201. Any tips for conditioning the wrists?
  202. Adipower sizing
  203. What %'s to use on a Bulgarian style program?
  204. Holy sheet, at the speed of his weightlifter!
  205. Lu xiaojun- making 140 power snatch look like paper
  206. Adipowers vs romaleos 2
  207. Returning from back injury
  208. Bulking vs Constant Weight?
  209. how cal i snach more weight?
  210. Weightlifting belts
  211. wrist wraps
  212. Clean Form Check
  213. F**k YA 300+ club
  214. What shoes do you guys use?
  215. C&J practice, after constructive criticism
  216. Adipower sizing (no clue)
  217. Help support an up and coming college oly team! Buy some sweet gear!
  218. Online Coaching?
  219. wanting to start olympic lifting?
  220. Are weightlifting shoes necessary? (will rep)
  221. Lu Xiaojun...
  222. Hit me with some criticism and tips on lifts
  223. Too old?
  224. How do Olympic weightlifters train?
  225. ILYA ILIN 200 snatch
  226. The Chinese Olympic Weightlifting thread
  227. question about high pulls
  228. New book for Olympic champ Galabin Boevski, sentenced for cocaine trafic
  229. 146kg snatch/ 182 kg clean & jerk - Jared Enderton
  230. Olympic lifting a good place to start?
  231. C&J PR. 210lbs @177BW
  232. Training Session Vids
  233. Pyrros Dimas training in Childhood!
  234. Tips for starting out
  235. Your oly shoe collection
  236. Inability to form calluses
  237. learning snatch technique- pvc pipe too easy, 20kg bar too heavy
  238. Seeking OLY L gym
  239. oly squats
  240. fastest snatch you will ever see!
  241. Squat form check
  242. Olympic Weight Lifting Gyms
  243. Possible Squatting Injury?
  244. Question on snatch "catch" phase
  245. Olympic Weightlifting routine for beginners
  246. Investing in a pair of Oly Shoes (UK)
  247. Snatch Form Check
  248. Izzylifting - Canadian Female Weightlifter
  249. Programming query
  250. Need nutrition advice