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  1. 90kg CnJ form check
  2. First squats in new shoes, critique
  3. Rogue Rubber Bumpers
  4. Snatch form - getting underneath properly?
  5. how to fix butt wink on squats/snatches?
  6. squat form critique
  7. Is this a good program for a beginner?
  8. I've lost weight but my lifts are stronger?
  9. Trouble cleaning with lifting shoes
  10. My week of prs
  11. Where do you guys put your elbows when you squat?
  12. Do pull-ups and benchpresses have a place in a OL program?
  13. Recommend me a pair of oly shoes for under 80$ (for a beginner)
  14. Anybody have experiences with cheap bumper plates?
  15. Knowledgeable OL'ers: Aware me on why I should split jerk
  16. Pendlay Bearing bar or Eleiko training bar?
  17. Need Help Power Cleans
  18. oly shoes
  19. Jessica Denney Snatches up to 70 kg, Clean and Jerk 95 kg
  20. Front Squat as a replacement for Olympic Squat
  21. Are/were any of you guys throwers?
  22. Do you guys do Plyos?
  23. FYI Nike Romaleos 2 in stock again at Rogue
  24. Adidas AdiPower Sizing
  25. Will you still be under the iron in 50+ years??! [2012 American Masters 70+]
  26. Pain in Hip Flexor Area...
  27. 17 year old olympic lifts with PRs
  28. Why should I buy the Adidas adipowers over the Power Perfect II shoes?
  29. Routine question
  30. Calling all Oly Lifters - Beware the Troy/VTX Bumpers!!!
  31. OL vs PL approach to squatting
  32. Need help! OW is destroying my poor body!
  33. Coffee's Gym video thread
  34. Foot issues/ Shoe Question
  35. Hitting higher contact point on clean
  36. Newbie wanting to start olympic lifts
  37. To little / to much. Program advice please
  38. I canīt find these oly training books to save my life...help me out guys
  39. Adidas Adistar 08 UK
  40. Weightlifting Gym in Long Island
  41. This is why most of us will never be an olympic athlete. (vid)
  42. Did any of you save that travis mash article?
  43. German Bundesliga Weightlifting AV Speyer Vs. TB Roding [vids]
  44. Critic my form plz.
  45. Popliteus muscle and knee injuries
  46. Strength
  47. Powerclean critique...I need "YOUR" help!
  48. Thumb injury and doing classical lifts
  49. I have a big problem with my snatch
  50. What are some advantages?
  51. Q: beginner oly lifting?
  52. best shoes for wide feet
  53. Olympic Lifting Routine/Workout?
  54. new to oly lifts and struggling
  55. bicep pain in clean position
  56. Snatch problem. Bruising Pubis Bone
  57. Power Clean - Jumping Forward
  58. 2 years of lifting
  59. Weightlifting Shoe Reviews
  60. Power Clean vs. Snatch
  61. Clean & jerk and snatch form
  62. Are my max ratio's off??
  63. 4yr old snatch. VID
  64. Training for O-lifting around an injury... best options?
  65. Full cleans/power cleans - getting over that 185lb - 225lb hump
  66. oly squat
  67. DB snatch or Barbell snatch?
  68. Is anyone here familiar with the Highland games?
  69. Power Clean Form Check...
  70. High bar back squat vs. Low bar back squat
  71. sprained thumb?
  72. First snatch ive filmed can you guys let me know where to go from here?
  73. How long before I can get to 160lb power clean from 95?
  74. OL'ers, What do YOU think of Mark Rippetoes teaching method on the Power Cleans?
  75. Video from competition this weekend
  76. Liao Hui is back!
  77. Hamstring exercises
  78. Another hang snatch am i bending my arms to much?
  79. Noob on his way to learn the snatch...vid
  80. Question about bailing on a power clean when too heavy no bumper weights
  81. Programming WL for a multi-sport athlete
  82. please critique my clean form
  83. Power Clean Help
  84. Training Mixtape. (VID)
  85. Your joints in the long run
  86. What do these terms mean?
  87. Clean critique/tips please (vid)
  88. Care to lend your eyes to an Oly dabbler?
  89. Weightlifting shoes help (measly reps)
  90. First Post. First Critique.
  91. Squatting Daily
  92. New Here
  93. Paused Front Squat Competition
  94. Back Squat Form Check
  95. Highest Weightlifting total of all time - 477.5 kgs unofficial WR
  96. How to hang clean?
  97. Back workout is it ok?
  98. Training Log
  99. Is there an Olympic Lifting equivalent to 5x5 or 5/3/1?
  100. Oly/Strength Training with a Heart Rate Monitor
  101. Overtraining???
  102. Belt & Knee wraps?
  103. Lift number down from last week and the week before????
  104. Clean Work Arms Straight Advise?
  105. Light Knee Wraps for squatting.
  106. Clean Form
  107. weird shoulder pain
  108. Snatch/C&J Critique & Advice - New Lifter
  109. oly shoe questions
  110. Why do weightlifters back squat?
  111. Alternative to clean?
  112. What would you tell a new lifter?
  113. Snatch Form Check
  114. Can't keep the bar level overhead
  115. Ilya Ilin casual Front Squat 250kg
  116. Why is Olympic Lifting dominated by Smaller countries ?
  117. Shoulder pain during front squat/push press
  118. New to O/L, front squat question
  119. Fat Loss
  120. What lifts do they do in Olympic style lifting?
  121. are high rep squats of any benefit to an oly program?
  122. Oly form check pls
  123. Olympic routine for beginners, help me choose.
  124. Olympic lifting combined with BB
  125. tips training program
  126. Im starting to get strong!
  127. High bar Olympic Squat
  128. High School Weightlifting
  129. Form Check Please.
  130. 2013 Arnold Online stream for weightlifting
  131. Weightlifting competition
  132. Finally hit 100kg clean, critique would be great.
  133. Reflections from the 2013 Arnold
  134. how do dress shoes fair?
  135. 315 Clean 17 years old
  136. Weightlifting/Powerlifting Camps?
  137. Losing snatch in the front
  138. Squat Form Check
  139. help for a beginner
  140. Making My Squat Better
  141. Hey Oly lifters, I need some direction.
  142. long torso + short legs = good at Oly Squat <<< this doesn't make sense to me
  143. Knee sleeve/wraps
  144. Front Rack Position - why is it easier with heavy weights ?
  145. Clean form question
  146. Some training videos
  147. Wanna train like an Olympian?
  148. Extra Pair of Shoes
  149. Trouble to squat ATG...how can I fix my problem ?
  150. Best belt for me? 105+
  151. Snatch tripple critique and couple of questions
  152. Super Slomo SNATCH - Mega Cool Vid !
  153. Sciatic nerve/tilted pelvis and lifting
  154. Having PR Problems...HELP
  155. CLEAN wrist question / oly lifting routine question
  156. Olympic Lifting Android Application
  157. Purple bruising on left bicep after hang cleans???
  158. GM'ing my squats
  159. Clean/Snatch Pulls v Clean/Snatch High Pulls ?
  160. Reviews on thes shoes? (HELP)
  161. 140kg pw C&J miss (press out). critique
  162. YOUR thought on strict pressing?
  163. Switching from High to Low Bar Squats
  164. Dr Hartmans 8 week competition cycle *log*
  165. Clean and Jerk critique
  166. Weightlifting Program Templates
  167. help with weightlifting and football
  168. Should I squat with plates under my heels until I gain flexibility to do it without?
  169. Anybody run Smolov?
  170. Any advice for starting snatch and clean/jerk?
  171. What is considered good squat at my BW?
  172. Video of me failing a 235 lb clean, what did I do wrong?
  173. Can i do oly lifting while on pling routine
  174. What to do when you're stuck at the bottom of the hole in a full clean?
  175. Beginner's workout
  176. Sore Calves
  177. Some improvement, need more
  178. Clean and Jerk Help please
  179. A quick question about weightlifting shoes.
  180. Best weightlifting shoe for the price?
  181. german volume training for olympic lifting
  182. Adding olympic lifts to my dynamic effort lower body day?
  183. O-Lift Routine Advice and Tips for MMA Athlete
  184. second week of olympic lifting
  185. power clean questions?
  186. Weight Classes and Beginner Lifter
  187. Problems with snatch
  188. 225kg clean and jerk
  189. What is your training week/routine like OLLY lifters? (pls respond?) (srs)
  190. First Weightlifting Meet!
  191. Getting a good body before starting OLing?
  192. Videos of my clean and jerk. Tell me what i'm doing wrong.
  193. Things you wish you knew when you first started
  194. Weightlifting in Hamilton Ontario?
  195. Soundtrack Thread
  196. Finally hit 135lb snatches for the first time, reps all around!
  197. Snatch Help
  198. Bar contact during snatch, help!!
  199. Beginner Help
  200. Power Cleans and Chucks
  201. Form Check: Power Clean
  202. SSPT Chinese Weightlifting Clinic 2013
  203. Los Angeles Olympic weightlifting seminar with Kendrick Farris & Derrick Johnson
  204. Annoying Full Clean plateau!! Stuck for about a month
  205. Romaleos 2 size 11.5 for sale
  206. Form Check: Snatch
  207. Power & Olympic Lifting Gym in Central NJ
  208. Week of PR's!
  209. When can I start learning Oly lifts?
  210. Your experience with the Pendlay nexgen bearing bar
  211. ma lifts
  212. snatch help
  213. Bumper Plate Repair (and what are they made of?)
  214. Weightlifting Shoes Adipowers vs Romaleos
  215. What is used to tape your thumb for hook grip?
  216. Hip flexor popped in the bottom of a squat...
  217. Rumbler Weightlifting Video Thread
  218. Clean/Press 225 @160
  219. Quad work on a sprained ankle
  220. Sickest clean & jerk ever! Must watch ^^
  221. Advice - new to OL
  222. How to train to drop faster under the bar | Also form check
  223. Squat Form Check
  224. Critique this routine pls
  225. Help me develop a 3/4 day a week oly routine
  226. Obliques growing from snatches and clean & jerks?
  227. Snatch, C&J, Squat form check
  228. Squat help
  229. How's my Front Squat?
  230. Learn to clean and snatch at the same time or separately?
  231. Making the switch
  232. Wanna know why the US lags behind China?
  233. Swinging the hips vs. pushing the hips
  234. trying to learn the snatch
  235. The Low Bar Squat is Not an Exercise
  236. Translation of Klokov's recent youtube comments
  237. how consistent am i looking
  238. Melbourne oly lifters where do you train?
  239. Snatch form Check
  240. Former Competitive PL'er, Completely New to OLY
  241. Jumping wider for power clean catch?
  242. Ganglion cyst hindering Clean and Jerk progress.
  243. good at 1rm, bad at working sets?
  244. Need advice: Contemplating a career path in oly lifting
  245. HELP!! Shoulder hurts!!
  246. Weightlifting gym in Vaughn (Toronto)
  247. after the PR
  248. More Isn't Always Better
  249. current supplement stack?
  250. how do oly lifters program the squat.