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  1. Finally! A video-game dedicated to us!
  2. Just started olympic lifting (vids) (critques pls)
  3. Lu Xiaojun's twitter image dump
  4. Intro to OLY lifting, care to answer some questions?
  5. Hang cleans for HIIT?
  6. Parking at the Olympics
  7. 5th week Oly lifting... Critique my form, please
  8. MDUSA Team Tryouts Happening Now On Ustream!!
  9. Want to become a competitive Weightlifter
  10. Summer sucks, who agrees?
  11. Whats with the "squat down" in preparation for a lift?
  12. Hysen Pulaku Best Lifts
  13. Looking for constructive criticism - Learning to Snatch
  14. Street Olympic lifting?
  15. [Beginner] Some questions
  16. Female beginner (powerlifting/oly lifts)
  17. What tights/half-tights do you use?
  18. Wei Rui shoes
  19. help on purchase
  20. How much do you front squat vs. clean pull and what is the ratio?
  21. Basic question regarding weight categories London 2012
  22. Balancing the snatch
  23. What mobility/flexibility work can i do to achieve a great bottom position in squat
  24. Lapikov snatches 215kg
  25. Mdusa training livestream - newest member lifting today!! 3pm est
  26. Can you snatch 60kg+ without coaching?
  27. Livestream: Mdusa training happening now!!
  28. Athlete Bios/List of All London 2012 Competitors up now on IWF site
  29. REPS for some Hang Clean Advice
  30. Clean and jerk PRs!
  31. Lithuanian Aurimas Didzbalis (94kg) out of London 2012
  32. Looking for video: Snatch overhead press from atg squat (reps)
  33. Cholakov 325 kg Squat
  34. Horrible power clean technique with big weight
  35. Coffee's Webcast 7/21/12 at 12 PM EST
  36. Paused front squats
  37. Flexibility Exercises
  38. Team USA Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Tips
  39. Snatch Critique
  40. Team Klokov vs. Team Akkaev
  41. July Training @ Coffee's Gym
  42. Catching Clean Wide
  43. Live streams of Olympics?
  44. CLEAN - issue w/receiving the bar
  45. Hang Clean - tips, catching the bar and bone bruising
  46. Snatch Frequency
  47. For those that squat multiple times a week
  48. Overhead squat (hands/wrist/grip)
  49. Weightlifting Shoes
  50. Training video with voiceover
  51. Hip Drive on Squat?
  52. Any reason not to lift just after waking up?
  53. Power clean + Jerk form check 75kgx2
  54. Check out my speed development over 18 months (vids)
  55. Basic Complexes?
  56. Goodnight Sweet Hysen Pulaku
  57. Rocky Mountain State Games
  58. Olympic lifting contest? Inform me pls
  59. Qualifying lifts for Olympics
  60. Olympics - List of who is lifting when?
  61. 2012 Olympic streams/vids here plz
  62. Program combination
  63. Meet Videos
  64. Wtf??
  65. 3x BW Clean & Jerk
  66. 225 Power Clean, How's form?
  67. Power clean form check (235lbs)
  68. Fingers slip during clean
  69. Help my overhead squat
  70. Super narrow squatting, is it bad?
  71. Catapult Clinic Coming to DC/MD/Va Area
  72. Any lifters in the Nashville area here?
  73. First post and needing some advice
  74. Some Chinese secrets.
  75. Question about Olympic lifts.
  76. where to start with oly lifting
  77. what does it take to make it to the olympics?
  78. Help please
  79. How often do you PB/PR?
  80. USA Olympic Lifting
  81. Racking the Power Clean...
  82. Snatch Flexibility Help Needed!
  83. Crossfit
  84. quistion about snatches
  85. Form Critique on Snatches & Cleans
  86. Olympian broke arm doing snatch.
  87. Check Squat form please
  88. London 2012 Predictions (Men's 85, 94, 105, 105+)
  89. Could I qualify for the 2016 Olympics, starting training now?
  90. Power Clean form check, please
  91. cant oly lift anymore :(
  92. Akkaev & Klokov OUT of Olympics .
  93. Anyone know how to improve balance for oly lifting?
  94. Please critique my New routine.
  95. Oly lifters want to win some free stuff?
  96. Akkaev Back in!
  97. Jerking and snatching with uneven grip
  98. Reasonable price for Olympic Lifting coaching?
  99. Quote about Klokov
  100. Any videos of the medal winners so far? or just videos in general?
  101. Hips constantly extremely sore and tender
  102. Men's Weightlifting 105+ A Group Chat Thread
  103. Nooby at OL
  104. For those interested, here is a documentary on Cheryl Haworth
  105. Help a girl out on her form :)
  106. Most dissapointing 105 and 105+ at olympics in quite a while?
  107. Props to World's Strongest Man: Behdad "Burger King" Salami!
  108. Do I have patellar bursitis or patellar tendonitis?
  109. Power clean foem check
  110. Why are Iranians so strong?
  111. Front Squat Critique(Video)
  112. Nike Romaleo 1 question
  113. Places for olympic lifting in syracuse or binghamton
  114. Ilya Ilin's approach
  115. Georgia Games 2012 08/11/2012
  116. good vid of Klokov and Akkaev
  117. Storage Unit Personal Gym Question
  118. Old Pendlay Bar Maintenance
  119. Hang Snatch form check
  120. Selling my Nike Romaleos
  121. Tailbone pain during front squats
  122. Wrist pains when cleaning/snatch
  123. I have a question about the regular Deadlift
  124. is it worth getting into oly lifting if you cant get a coach?
  125. Pre-comp meal
  126. Soviet System Certification
  127. Schools here!
  128. New Book: A De-Masculinization of Strength
  129. Need your help! Vote for STRONG!
  130. Speed/strength off the floor?
  131. Snatch and Clean plateau
  132. Left Clavicle Bruising, Hindered in Rack Position
  133. High definition videos of all London 2012 sessions
  134. Can you Squat (oly style) without weightlifting shoes (raised heel)?
  135. weightlifting
  136. New to the forum and to the lifts, questions on cleans
  137. Oly Lifts Iowa City, Iowa
  138. Is the use of belts and wraps necessary????
  139. Can you please critique my squat form? (video of squat inside)
  140. weightlifting equipment, apparel- general
  141. Patella knee wraps?
  142. Recent Pr's
  143. Switch to Oly lifting ?
  144. What kind of shoes do you guys wear for weightlifting?
  145. Clarence0 Weightlifting fix website is out!
  146. Beginner Olympic lifting routine.
  147. clean and jerk form check
  148. Beginner help
  149. Locked Pelvis
  150. Power Clean - Form Check Please
  151. M0st impressive back squat ever f0r 0ly lifter
  152. squat form check
  153. Are these Oly Squats?
  154. Rubber matting?
  155. Is there an Olympic equivalent to SS?
  156. What does your oly lifting schedule look like
  157. How much would a 5'7 guy squat max at 130lbs and 180lbs?
  158. Pursuing advanced fitness without a coach
  159. Oly Squats without shoes
  160. another first meet thrad hehe
  161. Form Check: Clean&Jerk. Snatch.
  162. Form Check please? (C&J and squat)
  163. Clean form check and other Q's
  164. Form check for a noob - C&J
  165. Whenever a weightlifter demonstrates great strength, he is an exception
  166. new aspiring oly lifter need help
  167. Snatch form check
  168. TKbK shipping?
  169. Are there any other squat jerkers in the house?
  170. Do olympic lifts really increase your speed?
  171. Adding O-lifts
  172. Hook grip
  173. full body mobility work for a newb oly lifter?
  174. Weightlifting Group at UGA
  175. 1st time doing Cleans - form critique
  176. C&J form check
  177. Rate my routine, will rep
  178. Any Shredded Olympic lifters?
  179. Olympic Lifting And V taper
  180. Deadlifting
  181. General questions I've been stocking up
  182. Problem going low with power cleans
  183. More heavy pulling from Igor Lukanin 330x 3
  184. dont have a platform, is it dangerous to always lower the weight?
  185. Lifting routine for the Fall and Spring
  186. Gym that has olympic weightlifting platforms around San Jose, CA
  187. Hang clean form
  188. New to weightlifting... Should prehab advice?
  189. Hip torque and mobility
  190. How often to get coached?
  191. Rate Squat please? Thank You
  192. Snatch form check
  193. Ilya Ilin does 196/ 240 in training
  194. Please show some support for olympic weightlifting
  195. Just a dumb oly lifting question (srs)
  196. Anyone ever try relearning the squat?
  197. snatch for critique (vid)
  198. Oh sweet Jesus I should stick to PL.
  199. (OH) Squat leaning forward - flexibility/mobility issue?
  200. Back again - CJ From Check!
  201. power clean check
  202. Can you gain weight/get big by doing a olympic lifting routine?
  203. Want to start olylifting[measly reps]
  204. C&J and Snatch form check
  205. Do you guys train your cleans and jerks together or separate
  206. Max Squat
  207. Just got a pair of Adipowers today!
  208. How to imrpove my power clean wieght?
  209. ***Olympic weightlifting nutrition***
  210. Difference between a 2 layer and 3 layer platform?
  211. Knee sleeves/wraps
  212. Lifter efficiency and coaching the catch
  213. New Gym Thread
  214. Knee sleeves
  215. Opinion on this workout?
  216. Anyone heard of SKINS?
  217. Racking cleans feels like hands breaking
  218. I want to begin Olympic Lifting....have debated long time and come to this conclusion
  219. 105kg Clean form check please.
  220. Catalyst Athletics Book of Programs (E-book)
  221. Any ideas for dampening the sounds of weights dropping to the platform?
  222. Clean Form
  223. Ouch!
  224. Coffee's: Edward Baker CJ 167.5 kg, and more
  225. liao hui's ban ended nearly about three weeks ago
  226. too much weight for Adidas PoweLift Trainer shoes?
  227. Daily squatting question
  228. RDL form check
  229. So I finally broke 100kilo jerk!!!
  230. ATG form check?
  231. Texas Method style squats with Oly routine?
  232. dont feel like going to the gym?
  233. Need halp
  234. What Happened to my Speed :(
  235. Rate my C&J form please.
  236. Pulling under confusion
  237. Snatch check
  238. Power Clean Form Check
  239. Snatch critique
  240. front squat questions
  241. Quick squat question.
  242. Upper body relaxing under weight?
  243. Training Update with video
  244. Rachel York Snatch - 76 kg Edward Baker CJ - 170 kg Daniel Barnett B. Squat - 220 kg
  245. Training Partners- North of Dallas
  246. Knee Sleeve CAUSING Patella Pain
  247. Competition gear requirements?
  248. Training partner in West Phoenix
  249. TOS: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  250. 3 things you would do if you had to start over