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  1. honestly... can i make it to the Olympics too?
  2. Need some advice
  3. Clips from today - Power snatches/CJ (squat jerks), clean pulls, etc. Feedback plz
  4. Any weightlifting halls in Shanghai and Beijing?
  5. how to go about getting into oly lifting
  6. PR Premonition
  7. c&j warmup duration?
  8. Q&A with Abadjiev
  9. Learning the snatch (getting under the bar)
  10. Why do I keep jumping bacwards on the smatch?
  11. pls critique my warmup
  12. Power clean w/ Sumo stance?
  13. C&J Form Check
  14. Your shoes? The best shoes?
  15. My snatch is gross - help needed.
  16. Help a novice with cleans?
  17. high school meet (bench and CJ)
  18. Race to a 150 sinclair with the push press?
  19. Can some one please critique my lifts, Snatch, Clean/Jerk, and Squat
  20. Olympic shoes for powerlifting
  21. Josh Gilbert of Average Broz Gymnasium - Crazy flexibility and 160kg front squat
  22. Cal Strength looking for new lifters
  23. Clean form check
  24. What are some basic Clean and Jerk tips to give to a new lifter?
  25. Slow power clean racking
  26. Front Squat Form Check
  27. Would an olympic lifting routine be ideal for an athlete?
  28. Power clean form check 140lbs
  29. How to combine OLY lifting & Bodybuilding?
  30. Who is the strongest man in the world right now? (arguably)
  31. Transitions from bodybuilding to Olympic lifting (personal experiences)
  32. Dumbest article about oly lifting i've EVER seen.
  33. Need help on PC and FS, vids. What am I doing wrong?
  34. form check
  35. Power clean to hang clean ratio?
  36. Staying on heels
  37. garage gyms - complaints of noise?
  38. hehe
  39. PanAm replacement, how to stay w/i the rules
  40. Euro's Stream
  41. Form Check: 2
  42. Does anyone Oly lift outside?
  43. Any good gyms around Daytona, FL?
  44. Olympic lifting Basic Lifts (Video)
  45. snatch form critique and help
  46. In Soviet Russia..........
  47. Vidoes of Chinese Nationals 2012, all classes from 69kg-94kg
  48. Training Videos At Coffee's Gym
  49. Are naturally explosive people better in weightlifting?
  50. Stuck @90Kg! A little help please?
  51. what is a good weight to db clean and press?
  52. Pulling to minimum height needed
  53. Jerk Form Help Please
  54. HD Video: MHP's Shoulders of Samson $1,000 OHP Competition (Ronnie Coleman Classic)
  55. Pat Mendes tested positive
  56. my recent snatch attempt at 168 lbs
  57. Powerlifter ---> Weightlifter
  58. Direct Back Work (Rows, etc)
  59. Assistance vs focus on c&j, snatch
  60. Deadlift advice
  61. Form check
  62. anyone know this guy's name?
  63. What type of split/program/whatever you wanna call it are you guys on?
  64. Incorporating hypertrophy + strength
  65. Best way to put on numbers on olympic lifts?
  66. John C. Grimek's Weightlifting Accomplishments
  67. Snatch form check
  68. benefits of olympic lifting
  69. Yo Bros. How do you stay hard, while in the snatch?(no homo) (Snatch Vid)
  70. Mark Rippetoe explains the main reason why we (the USA) suck at olympic weightlifting
  71. Quick Height Question
  72. Right Hand Pain (Large Images, Sorry)
  73. Trouble finding help with Olympic Lifting in Alabama
  74. Josh Gilbert facebook status
  75. Who's your favorite?
  76. THAT FLEXIBILITY. (Joshua Gilbert)
  77. Sick videos?
  78. Where can I find a 15 week training program?
  79. Ian Wilson, a new hope for USA weightlifting?
  80. Clean Form check
  81. bumper plate question
  82. Hang Clean Form Check
  83. Meanwhile in Kazakhstan...
  84. Where'd you learn to snatch
  85. New equipment came in today
  86. What does your routine look like?
  87. Flexibility Help + Shoe recommendations
  88. Olympic newb...
  89. Front squats question
  90. Help on snatch & jerks
  91. Cleans/Snatch Question
  92. Question about snatches
  93. Looking for videos of Coffee's Gym lifters
  94. The mental aspect of lifting heavy
  95. First competition today!
  96. tips on breaking bad clean habit!
  97. American open
  98. Snatch technique (vid)
  99. Why am i so inconsistent?
  100. Mixing O-lifting & Plifting
  101. New cool video
  102. Video of Coffee's Lifters at a Weightlifting Meet
  103. Looking for the weightlifting documentary 'School of Champions"
  104. 240KG/529lbs X4 REPS ATG Squat @87KG/18yrs (No belt, 100% RAW)
  105. Do weightlifters take pre workout sups?
  106. Cheaper alternative to Rehband?
  107. Anyone here been to Coastal Empire Weightlifting Club?
  108. Artyom Ivanov 94 kg unofficial world records (vid)(motherofgod)(gtfih)
  109. Who has Mark Rippetoe coached?
  110. 95kg snatch | my hs school record
  111. Anyone else get their neck messed up from cleans?
  112. Doug Hepburn - Olympic Press 1954
  113. This is magic for fixing knee pain
  114. Mental preparation before attempting a PR and competition
  115. converted to olympic weightlifting
  116. Anyone have these bumper weights?
  117. Kara Bohigan 1 Hand Snatch DB
  118. Shoulder dislocates..
  119. Help me choose a singlet
  120. olympic gym or coach in long island area
  121. Snatch/Clean critique
  122. Need help building my sched!! please!
  123. USA Weightlifting Certification
  124. KLOKOV FANS! -------------------------- Gtfih for the LOLz.
  125. Olympic Building Routine
  126. Great training video of Ilya Ilin working to 192.5kg snatch
  127. going from rack position to jerk position
  128. Does Poliquin still sponsor Pat Mendes?
  129. Fix My Jerk Please
  130. 125kg clean and jerk. 5kg pr
  131. Dynamics of Weightlifting
  132. muscle pharm products...olympic safe?
  133. I Busted my Balls doing PowerCleans, need help SRS!
  134. I is sad. console me brah...
  135. Cutting Back Squats?
  136. Outstandingly weak lower body - whatdo?
  137. Any advice for a guy wanting to get into Olympic Lifting?
  138. Yet another newbie lifts critique thread.
  139. How do you know you've worked out enough?
  140. I need help making a beginner olympic lifting routine
  141. Full Cleans
  142. 130.5kg Clean and Jerk HS Record
  143. Power/Clean and jerk form check
  144. Shankle poster
  145. orthoscopic knee surgery soon
  146. Akkaev 210 kg Snatch
  147. Can you split jerk with both legs?
  148. Do oly lifters ever break at the knee first ( back squats)
  149. When can I workout again? super sore
  150. Edward Baker Behind the Neck Jerk - 160 kg
  151. Bar oscillation is so sexy....... Klokov slowmo from Paris, absolutely perfect form.
  152. how does my squat look
  153. Snatch / Overhead Squat flexibility
  154. Help increase power clean/ hang power clean
  155. Lowering Body Fat as an Oly lifter
  156. Breathing issue after clean
  157. Push Press to Power Jerk Ratio
  158. Ken Patera - Heavy Lifting - Videos
  159. Best place to buy Olympic style equipment?
  160. Hang clean form check
  161. Hows this for a routine?
  162. Coffee's Gym Past and Present Video Preview
  163. Weightlifting Great John Davis - Cleaned & Jerked Apollon Railroad Wheels - Video
  164. Want powerclean to increase
  165. Olympic Lifting + PowerLifting ??
  166. How to be faster under the bar in the clean
  167. Rouge Bar write up!! "NOT TO GOOD" time will tell!
  168. My workout vid/youtube channel
  169. chinese weightlifter Lu XiaoJun snatch pull 290kg(pics)
  170. Travis Cooper CJ's 170kg/Edward Baker behind the neck jerk's 175 kg
  171. Injured rotator cuff
  172. Help me fix my jerk (video included)
  173. Snatch form check
  174. Getting my Jerk on - Check please
  175. Problem with the second pull
  176. Now my Snatch in slow motion
  177. Why doesn't the IWF adopt the 2011 IPF weight classes?
  178. form checks
  179. My new platform plus another tough workout
  180. stop bruising!?!
  181. Expensive equipment
  182. Third week of Oly lifting and....
  183. Power Cleans Form Help
  184. Critique my form on power clean & power snatch
  185. Klokov prepares for the 2012 OLY (new video)
  186. Body Fat and Core Strength
  187. Knee Sleeves HELP
  188. Strict Press Tips/Secrets?
  189. Pure oxygen O2 for workouts "discussion"
  190. Oly lifting power shrugs
  191. Please Critique My Form - Power Clean
  192. Pendlay Berring Bar 439.00
  193. Olympic Lifting Boise, ID
  194. deadlift help?
  195. Olympic Squat + Power Clean FORM CHECK
  196. Russian Nationals 2012 Results
  197. Ramadan and Olympics are the same dates this year.
  198. Snatch + Clean and Jerk check
  199. Hang Clean Form Check
  200. Wrestling Highlight Video
  201. These squats...
  202. Need some advice on my routine
  203. Pendlay, Shankle, and others moving to South Carolina
  204. Snatch form check
  205. What's Good OLY CREW.
  206. Anyone else do behind the neck snatch grip push presses?
  207. How do you guys taper for competition?
  208. Just started doing clean and jerk
  209. Snatch form check.
  210. motivation - lifting for a mate
  211. power clean form?
  212. Squat Form Check
  213. Need Help with hang/power clean form
  214. Being a garbage man is great for Oly lifting
  215. Medal Predictions at London by Nation
  216. Looking to buy Oly Lifting Shoes
  217. Weightlifting training session
  218. powerclean/ clean with bands
  219. Weightlifting seminar this Saturday in Maine at Risto Sports
  220. Forms Check - Greatly Appreciated
  221. The Long Road to Competition
  222. Would these help in things like squatting?
  223. looking for help
  224. Cheryl Haworth interview - Strong!
  225. Coffee's 2012 Video
  226. The Artisit and the Olympian
  227. Olympic weightlifter Lu Xiao Jun and 370kg barbell
  228. Pulled muscle- Help!
  229. Coffee's Gym Webcast
  230. Hang Clean form
  231. So how strong do you have to be to get in the Olympics?
  232. Belt recommendation
  233. New to these lifts, can you check my form?
  234. Most Aesthetic Lifter?
  235. Olympic weightlifting programmers for beginners/intermediate
  236. Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting
  237. Oly lifts + SS
  238. Livestream - MDUSA Training at 3pm EST
  239. Do you think a smith machine can actually be useful to a weightlifter?
  240. 2 month plateau
  241. Clean and Jerk form check (100kg)
  242. Snatch check (50kg)
  243. A few lifts up for critique!
  244. List of male athletes for this years olympics?
  245. training video of new MDUSA team
  246. Best method to learn Olympic Lifts
  247. Travis Cooper Snatches 145 kg, Clean & Jerks 185 kg, and more
  248. correct my front squats form please ??
  249. Snatch and Squat Cleans at University gym
  250. How did you Olympic brahs make the transittion