I have decided to also do some energy drink reviews, while I sort through the rather long list of supplements I have tried. Again, the same format will stand through review to review. I will also be doing all the entries from all the companies at once.

As I mentioned in my other reviews, I am pretty highly conditioned to drugs in general, so if something works with me, chances are very good that it will work with more "normal" people as well. There is a pretty big knock on energy drinks in general, casting them as little more than glorified soft drinks, but I have used them while bouncing, on long road trips, before workouts and just for a little pick-me-up and I can tell you that if they ARE indeed soft drinks, they are a higher octane version than what regular Coca-Cola or even perennial favorite Mountain Dew is churning out.

Review: Marketing is fun. Case in point, a company that licensed the Nitrous Oxide cannister logo from the manufacturer of the car accessories. Since there is a sincere and hardcore devoted following of high performance automotive products, surely slapping a logo that basically exemplifies speed will surely translate into not only that market, but everyone else that sees it automatically buying the drinks, right? Right?

Maybe not. There can be no brand confusion here. NOS cannisters for a car actually work, whereas this rather sweet and syrupy slop does not too well. I don't know who came up with the idea of dumping fruit juice into energy drinks, but I have yet to find one instance where it works and here is no exception. All the usual ingredients, save caffeine, oddly, appear on the nutritional label. This drink is not too terrible in terms of taste, but it is a bit thicker than I find enjoyable. I will not say it doesn't work outright, but the effects are low to negligible.

Verdict: As an energy drink, not so hot. As a change of pace or just because the advertising appeals, perhaps it might work better, but as an energy drink, it fails about as much as one can. AVOID.