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Thread: Lacrosse

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    Anyone know of ne good lacrosse workouts? Thanks
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    I would think lacrosse to be similiar to maybe a soccer, hockey, or football workout .. Focus on speeed, agillity, and power ... sign up using the referral 'mcseals' for bonus
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    Cool From a D1 spreadsheet so its jumbled, but it's an idea

    Back Bridge Side Elbow Bridge Alt. Accordians
    Forearm Bridge Lying Trunk Twist Alternate V Twist
    Box Jump w/ Stick Heiden w/ Stick Long Jump w/ Stick
    1 Leg Line Hop w/ Stick 1 Leg Lat Line Hop w/ Stick 1 Leg Box Jump w/ Stick
    MB OH Throwdowns MB Seated Chest Pass MB Front Twist
    BB Snatch Hang Clean Bench Press
    DB Incline Press Pushup Hold Jump Squats
    Front Squat 1 Leg Eccentric Squat *half racks
    1 Arm DB Row to Hip Med Grip V Grip Pullups DB Incline Row
    2 Leg Bench Butt Bucks Glute Ham Raise DB 1 Leg Bench Squat
    w/ Roller
    DB Shoulder Press check tempos
    *underhand grip
    Bench Shoulder Circuit
    T's Seated External
    BB Bicep Curls Y's Rotation
    *if light, bump up…tempos! W's no heavier than 7.5
    Rope Stretch Foam Rollers Static Stretch
    Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
    Back Bridge Knee Lift Pushup Bridge Supermans
    Reverse Crunch Superdogs Elbow Obliques
    Tuck Jumps w/ Stick Heidens Continuous Long Jump w/ Bounce
    1 Leg Mini Hurdle Hop 1 Leg Lateral Hurdle Hop Power Step Ups
    w/ Stick w/ Stick MB Alt. Front Twist
    Staggered OH Throwdowns MB Seated 1 Arm Chest Pass

    Wide Grip BB Snatch Clean Bench Press

    *5 Vertical Jumps after

    *3 clap pushups after sets

    of 3
    DB Steep Incline Press
    *3rd hole not in week 3
    Explosive Pushups
    hands and feet off of ground Static Jump Squats
    Front Squat *pause for 1 at bottom *hold for 5 seconds
    wt. in kilos

    *5 Squat Jumps after sets
    Medium Grip Chinups
    of 3 1 Arm DB Row to
    Not in week 3

    1 Arm DB Row to 1 Leg DB Step Ups BB 2 Arm 1 Leg SLDL
    *half racks

    DB Shoulder Press Glute Ham Raise
    *palms face ears *use wt if possible E-Z Bar Skull Crushers
    *bar weighs 15
    BB Bicep Curls
    1 Leg Inverted Row DB Reverse Lunges
    *use wt - plate on belly
    *overhand grip
    1 Leg Bench Bucks
    Scap Circuit Floor Y's
    Pushups T's Combo
    Dips Face down on floor
    1 Arm DB Row perform x# y's, then x# T's
    Rope Stretch Foam Rollers Static Stretch
    Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
    Continuous Dynamic Continuous Dynamic

    Core Core Core
    Forearm Bridge Knee to Elbow Side Elbow Bridge Abduction Back Bridge Knee Extension
    Side Hand Bridge Side Elbow Bridge Reach to Butt Elbow Bench Oblique

    Plyo Plyo Plyo
    Tuck Jumps Continuous Lateral Box Jumps Long Jumps Continous
    1 leg Mini Hurdle Hop 1 Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops 1 Leg Tuck Jump w/ Stick
    Continuous w/ Bounce MB Side Pass
    OH Throwdowns w/ Step MB Standing Chest Pass

    DB Snatch Clean Bench Press
    to floor

    Front Press
    *pause for one on Altitude Pushups
    shoulders drop off box or bench Jump Squats
    *stop quickly *reset b/w reps
    Front Squat *hold for 5 at bottom *land in power position

    Medium Grip Pullups 1 Leg Good Morning
    *5 seconds down
    *use wt only if you can
    do perfect reps
    1 Arm DB Rotational
    Row to Hip 1 Leg Squat on Box DB Pushup Row
    *hold 5's in your hands

    2 Leg Ball Butt Buck
    w/ 1 Leg Lower Glute Ham Hold to reps DB Lunge Walk
    *5 second hold; 3 sec down *hold for 20 seconds, then 5 reps
    Alternate legs *use wt if you can
    Alt. DB Incline Press
    *2nd hole Alt. Grip Inverted Row Weighted Dips
    *use wt if you can

    BB Altitude Curls
    *drop and catch Ball Shoulder Circuit ScareCrows
    *keep everything tight T's/Y's/W's/L's *pinch shoulders back

    Rope Stretch Foam Rollers Static Stretch
    Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
    Continuous Dynamic Continuous Dynamic

    Core Core Core
    Hyper Hold Side Elbow Bridge Flex/Ext Pushup Bridge Knee to Elbow
    *use weight Forearm Bridge Alt. Leg Feet Bench Oblique
    Bench Balance Crunch Raise

    Plyo Plyo Plyo
    Hurdle Hops w/ Stick Zig Zag Bound w/ Stick Squat Jump w/ 1 leg Stick
    1 Leg Diagonal Hop & Stick 1 Leg Lateral Hurdle Hops Arms by your sides
    @90 Degrees continuous 1 Leg Tuck Jumps Continuous
    1 Leg OH Throwdowns MB Standing 1 Arm Chest pass MB Side Pass w/ Step

    Wide Grip BB Snatch Clean Bench Press
    *20 seconds rest
    *wt in kilos *rest 30 seconds b/w clusters b/w clusters

    *5 Vertical Jumps after

    Front Press sets of 2 or less reps *3 Clap Pushups
    after sets of 2 or less

    Rebound Pushups
    Front Squat hands and feet come off ground Jump Squats
    explode continuously Continuous

    wt in pounds
    *5 box jumps after Medium Grip Pull-ups

    sets of 3
    1 Arm DB Row to Armpit

    E-Z Bar Skull Crushers
    1 Arm DB Ball Row to 1 Leg Squat w/
    Hip Cross Behind
    *hand on a swiss ball *cross back leg behind
    as you squat - 5's in hands DB 1 Arm 1 Leg SLDL
    DB Incline Press
    Glute Ham Raise
    *fast/ use wt
    E-Z Bar Reverse Curls DB 1 Leg Bench Squat
    Inverted Row Hold to Jumps
    *underhand grip/use wt *hold for x time, then 5 jumps
    then switch legs/drop DB's for jumps
    1 Leg Ball Butt Buck Scap Circuit Incline Y's
    *foot on ball/other leg up Pushups T's Combo
    *2 sec hold at top Dips Face down on incline bench
    DB Shrugs perform x# y's, then x# T's
    Rope Stretch Foam Rollers Static Stretch
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