that's my first post.. and i thought of bringing something new here.. dont know if it's new or not.. anyways from the looks of the forum.. it looks like everything is weights weights weights.. and i have heard like lots of people telling me bodyweight exercises dont work and all that bull****.. but i downloaded the charles atlas course... i guess everyone knows charles atlas.. and tried his dynamic tension exercises.. and they really do seem to work.. i was getting great results in my first two weeks.. but then i got really lazy and i'm defenitly going to start again... anyways give it a shot... it's been said that atlas never actually used to weights to train.. but only used them to test his strength.. and his physique is actually great.. anyways the course is great even if you dont do the exercises.. it's just a great read.. and he really motivates you..

download here:

leave comments .. tell me if you believe that Dynamic tension exercises work..